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Chapter 1

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Back on tour.

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Gerard’s POV
10 minutes until the My Chemical Romance tour bus came and picked me up for our next tour. 10 more minutes until I could look at Frank’s beautiful face. 10 more minutes until I am yet again reminded that all the dreams I’ve had of Frank will never come true, and that I can never really have him.
It’s only been a few years since I fell in love with Frank, and every day since has been absolute torture knowing that Frank would never want me because he was married… and straight. I loved everything about him, his beautiful hazel eyes, the way he looses himself in bliss while playing guitar, his chiseled body, his… Okay I need to stop myself, the last thing I need is to show up on the bus with a boner.
I finished packing the last of my show makeup when I saw the big black tour bus roll up in front of my house. I took a deep breath, smiling on the outside but screaming on the inside. I opened my front door and as soon as I began walking down my driveway Frank ran off the bus and jumped on me embracing me in a very painful yet pleasing hug causing me to drop my bags. He giggled and helped me with my bags.
“God I’ve missed you so fucking much! I am so stoked for this tour. So how you been?” He said excitedly, shooting me one of his breath taking smiles.
I blushed. “I’ve been great buddy. Has Brian said who we were going to tour with yet?” Brian was our manager and had been holding out on telling us who we would be sharing the stage with.
“He’s on the bus right now actually and was going to tell us as soon as we got you. He’s riding with us to our first show just to make sure nothing went wrong. Like anything would happen” He said, rolling his eyes playfully.
We stowed my suitcase in the under compartment of the bus and hopped on the bus. I was greeted with friendly smiles and hugs from Mikey, Ray, and Bob. The next 5 minutes consisted of mindless chatter about girlfriends, wives, music, and the “exciting new tour”. I decided not to interact; I just sat down on the couch and put my head in my hands. They all seemed to have everyone they wanted, whether it was a wife or a girlfriend, and I had no one. I was the one struck with killing loneliness. No matter how much I tried to find some one I just couldn’t. No one could match up to Frank, but he would hate me if I ever told him how I felt. I wouldn’t intentionally ruin our friendship like that.
My thoughts were interrupted “So what about you Gerard? Are you seeing anyone special?” Mikey asked.
I scrambled my thoughts to think of a lie “Oh well you know how it is, I’ve just been dating a few different guys. No one’s really caught my heart yet” I shifted uneasily, glancing at Frank. They all new I was gay, but we hadn’t made it public to our fans yet or rather anyone outside the five of us. And I haven’t made it public to any of them that Frank was the only guy I wanted.
Thankfully Brian walked in from the back of the bus and everyone turned their attention to him and away from me. “Hey Gerard!” He said, giving me a half hug as I was sitting on the couch. He continued “Okay well now that you’re all here I can tell you the news.”
“’Bout damn time, why did you make us wait anyways? What are we touring with Led Zeppelin or something?” Bob snorted.
Brian took an uneasy breath, making us all turn serious. “No. The record company has been thinking of ways to expand ticket sales and are having their top bands in the same genre do tours together so it can attract twice the amount of kids to the shows”
“Yeah okay we got that part, now spit it out and tell us!” Ray exclaimed anxiously.
Brian shifted his stance and looked around to each of us until resting his eyes on me “The record company wants you to do a comeback tour with The Used. Now before you get all riled up, let me just tell you that I did a lot of talking with them and they said there was no way around this.”
My heart sank.

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