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Filthy Admittance

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Boy/boy. Don't like, don't read. When L is keeping a secret from Mello, things become tense and unbearable....What will L do to win back the trust of one of his successors? *Based mostly on my r...

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"Mello!" I shouted. "Phone!"
"Dammit, L," Mello growled through a yawn as he walked into the den-like room. "What's so goddamn important that you had to wake me up?"
"I just thought you'd like to talk to Matt," I shrugged. "Ah well, guess I'll hang-"
Mello snatched up the cellular phone and pressed it to his ear. He walked away, into his bedroom. Simply, I stood and walked into the kitchen, where I found Near playing with his little wooden word-pattern blocks. I squatted next to him and smiled as he handed me some of them.
"Hi, master!" he exclaimed happily.
I loved that little white-haired boy as if he were my son. He meant so much to me and he, Mello, and Matt were the closest things I had to family. They both were successors of mine - Mello and Near, I mean. Mello, with his long blond hair and the left side of his face burnt. Near, with his dark circles (much like mine) under his eyes and his shaggy white hair. Matt with his red hair and somewhat menacing gaze. I seemed like the black sheep of our happy flock. My black-to-blue hair and my dark eyes were fairly different from all of them. No to mention, I tended to squat, anywhere, instead of sitting. It was such a wonder they put up with me...
"Make some words, master!" Near said.
I nodded and started spelling out random words to make sentences. Finally, Mello brought me my phone back.
"We're going out for ice cream with Matt later," Mello said casually, but I knew he was screaming like a fangirl on the inside.
I nodded and continued playing with the little boy. Near meant more to me than my own life by that point. He wasn't all that old, but only five years younger than me and Mello. He had told me that he loved Mello, but Mello was with Matt. It was going to break his heart when he found out that Matt and I...found a way to relieve stress. We had just been caught up in the moment....That was all. It was nothing. Oh dear Jesus, he was going to kill me...

We were walking down the sidewalk to meet Matt, Mello's apparent boyfriend. I sat on the nearest bench and gave Near some money to get his ice cream. Then, I noticed the redhead walking toward us. He suddenly became awkward, as did I.
"What's wrong?" Mello asked.
"Should we tell him?" Matt wondered of me.
I nodded.
"Tell me what?" Mello demanded.
"Well..." I started. "When you were on that vacation a few months ago, Matt and I...well...we had a fling..."
Then, Mello punched me in the jaw. I fell over on the bench, rolled off in agony, and writhed on the ground. Well, shit. I freaking knew that that would happen... I thought.
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