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Filthy Admittance - 1

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Near returned with my change while I was still on the ground. He knelt down beside me and held his mint chocolate chip ice cream out in front of me.
"Come on, master!" Near exclaimed. "Get up! Mello didn't mean to hit you!"
I tried to smile. It hurt, so I stopped and just closed my eyes. I knew Matt was standing over me. Mello was walking away. The footsteps....It was almost nothing new....We had at least one fight every week, but I wasn't quite sure how this was going to end. It honestly scared me. I just lay there, waiting for the pain to subside, but it never did. Why did I hurt? Pain usually doesn't hurt when it's all you've ever felt...
"Mello!" Matt called. "Get your ass back here!"
"Leave me alone you asshole!" Mello cried.
I sighed and covered my face with the palms of my hands.
"He hates me..." I said quietly.
I felt a hand on top of mine, so I separated my fingers and looked up into the big brown eyes of the white-haired boy. Matt was kneeling beside him. Near moved my hands and looked into my eyes that almost matched his.
"He doesn't hate you..." Matt sighed. "He's just pissed that we were..." He looked at Near. "...never mind..."
"Matt said a bad word..." Near whimpered.
I laughed and sat up. Matt stood as well and took my hand, helping me to my feet. I shoved my hands in my pockets and slumped over as I always did. Only, this time, I was more upset than anything. Matt rested his hand on my shoulder, so I glanced up at him. Then, I shook him off, took Near's free hand, and walked away from the redhead.

"Mello, you can't ignore me forever!" I called through the barrier that was his bedroom door.
"Leave me alone, L!" he shouted shakily. "I never want to see you idiotic and pathetically pale face again!"
I sighed and went to the front door. I looked into the kitchen at my little Near playing with his toy robot. Then, I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my sweater, and left. I couldn't bear to have Mello stay mad at me....It honestly hurt too much....He had no idea of how much he meant to me. There was one secret I kept from him, however. In my possession was the Death Note...
I stuffed my hands in the jacket pockets after lifting the hood over my head and continued down the way to Light Yagami's house. Ever since we captured his Death Note, we've had him under house arrest. I visited him every now and again, just so I had someone to talk to. The one thing Mello really had no idea of was the fact that I had fallen in love with his boyfriend...
I pounded on the door of Kira number one and he answered quickly. I stepped in without invitation.
"Come in..." Light said sarcastically.
I took the hood down and slid out of my shoes to sit down on his sofa. He sat in the armchair opposite of me as I crossed my arms across the top of my knees and buried my face in them.
"Okay, what's wrong, L?" he asked instantly.
Despite how cruel I had been to him, he still cared for me in some friendly way.
"Matt's back..." I said, not raising my head.
I heard Light gasp and then he moved and sat next to me.
"So you two told Mello?"
"And now Mello hates me..."
Light rested his hand on my shoulder reassuringly. He was the only one I had come to feel comfortable talking to. It's not like he could run any way it went...
"What are you going to do?" Light asked.
I lifted my head and shrugged. Then, I heard the thunder.
"I have to go," I stated quickly.
Light followed me to the door, gave me a quick hug, and I ran out, putting up my hood. I sprinted toward the building. I ran out into the street and then, like a deer, I stood frozen, staring into the headlights only twenty feet from me. It clipped me and I was on the hood until they braked. I fell to the ground, my leg throbbing from the sudden impact of the car. I heard the car doors slam and some voices, but I was too focused on the pain coursing through my appendage.

So, I went home from the hospital about three days later, after some x-rays and a casting, on a pair of crutches with one of my shoes in hand. I was so glad that our building had elevators and stairs instead of just the latter. I pulled the keys out of my pocket and entered to find Mello pacing the den on the home phone and Near was on the computer...Googling me? I closed the door and they looked at me. I just went into my bedroom, which was right next to the front door, and closed the door to it. I carefully kicked off the one shoe that was on and threw it down next to the other. Then, I went over and sat on my bed, laying the crutches on the floor in front of me. I shed my sweater and just looked down at it. Then, angrily, I threw it at the door and it just happened to open at the same time. Mello caught it and just looked at me.
"Where have you been?" he demanded.
"Where does it look like?" I snapped, gesturing at my leg. "I got hit by a car!"
Near then ran in, close to tears, and wrapped his arms around me.
"Master!" he cried. "Master, I thought you were gone!"
"I'm right here, Near," I whispered, hugging him back. "I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere..."
I looked up at Mello, who was now holding the phone in both hands, practically wringing it. He mouthed, "I'm sorry." and I motioned for him to come join the hug. He did. I still felt so awkward around him. I was in love with his boyfriend. How could I tell him that?
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