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A disturbing phone call.

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“Hey” Alicia said joining Claire, Anna, Christa and Jamia who were already seated on the side stage waiting for the show to begin.

“What’s wrong?” Jamia asked noting Alicia’s long face.

“Just bummed our little mini-vacation is over, I guess.” Alicia answered taking her seat.

Christa laughed, “Just bummed we’re on the road again?”

Alicia shrugged, “Yeah but you all have to admit we had a good time, didn’t we?”

“I certainly did.” Anna answered honestly. Since the trip to Colorado she was feeling so much better about herself and her relationship with Gerard.

“I had fun.” Claire said sitting up in her seat to look over at Alicia. “I think you should be in charge of planning all our little mini-vacations.”

Alicia smiled, “Yeah, I think I should. Hey, what’s everyone gonna do during the break?” She asked referring to the two weeks off the band had coming up. “Mikey and I are gonna head home.”

Jamia sighed, “So are we. We’re gonna spend as much time together as we can because I’m not going to be going to Europe.”

This was the first anyone had heard of her plans to stay stateside.

“Really, why?” Christa asked.

“Gotta run the business.” She answered with a shrug, “Lots of deadlines coming up and I need to handle things personally.”

“That sucks.” Alicia said. She turned to Claire and Anna. “You guys are going, right?”

Claire hated that she wasn’t sure. “Well first thing I must do is schedule a doctor’s appointment.”

“Being so early in the pregnancy shouldn’t keep you from traveling.” Alicia said, “I mean I don’t think it would.”

“I honestly do not know.” Claire said sadly, “But Bob seems already worried about me traveling.” She thought a moment then added, “Perhaps he just needs a break from my presence.”

Christa laughed, “Oh no. Pregnancy hormones attacking.”

Claire gave her a confused look.

“Claire,” Christa said leaning over to touch her arm, “You’re just feeling that way because of your hormones. Believe me anyone who watches you and Bob together can see the man is crazy for you.”

Anna suddenly felt sad she truly knew nothing about the subject to add to the conversation. However she tried to ease Claire’s mind. “I am sure she is right. Bob loves you. The only reason he would want you to stay home would be out of concern for your health and that of the baby.”

Claire nodded while blinking back tears. Lately her emotions had been all over the map. “I hope so.” She said softly.

While the others continued to talk Christa slipped out of her seat and several minutes returned with Bob in tow.

He immediately went to Claire and pulled her into his arms. “Hey, heard you were sad.”

Much to her embarrassment Claire burst into tears.

Bob looked at the other women helplessly.

“It’s normal.” Christa said smiling. “My sister used to burst into tears all the time when she was pregnant.”

Bob hoped she was right. He whispered to Claire, “Honey, I love you. Everything’s gonna be okay.”

“I know.” She sniffled, “I just hate the thought of not being with you.”

Bob realized his remark to her earlier had brought on this episode. “Look, when we were talking earlier about Europe I didn’t mean to make it sound like you couldn’t go with me. I shouldn’t have even brought up the doctor thing.”

“I am just being silly.” Claire said wiping her eyes.

“You are just afraid.” Anna said softly.

Claire nodded.

“Afraid of what?” Bob asked looking over Claire’s head at Anna.

“Of all the changes in her life.” Anna explained.

“Right” Christa agreed, “You gotta admit her life has changed pretty dramatically in a short amount of time.”

Bob reached out and titled Claire’s face so he could look into her eyes, “But it’s a good change, right?”

She smiled, “A wonderful change but still scary at times.”

“Hey, Bob.” Mikey called out, “Time to line up.”

It was obvious Bob didn’t want to leave his wife.

“We’ll take care of her.” Jamia said, “Get going.”

Bob kissed Claire quickly. “Love you.” He whispered.

“Love you.” She answered forcing herself to smile. Once he turned she sat back down.

Anna reached out and took her hand, “It will all be fine. Do not let fear ruin this time in your life.”

“I know you are right.” Claire said softly. “And I am extremely happy.”

Just as the lights dimmed Anna felt her cell vibrate. Removing the phone from her pocket she glanced down at the screen but frowned when she did not recognize the number. She quickly explained she would return soon then moved backstage so that she could answer the call.


“Annabelle.” The voice greeted her, “I need to speak to you.”

“Hudson.” Anna said reminding herself to use the name he had chosen for himself. “How are you?”

He laughed, “Wow you almost kept the annoyance out of your voice when you said that.”

Anna sighed, “I am not annoyed you called it is just that Gerard’s concert is about to begin.”

His voice grew serious, “While I understand you do not want to miss a single moment of the show I really do need to talk to you.”

“Hold on.” Anna said. She made her way to the door and stepped outside the venue into the night air. The sound of the show beginning had made it hard to hear. “Okay, what is it?”

Hudson sighed, “Something has come to my attention you need to be aware of. Last night I, uh, entertained a certain young lady.”

Anna rolled her eyes, “Entertained?”

He laughed, “Yeah, entertained. Well maybe I should say she entertained me. I knew she was bound so I thought why not take advantage of the situation and enjoy myself.”

“I do not need the details.” Anna said as she walked over to a small bench and took a seat.

“But you do need some of the details.” Hudson said softly, “Let’s just say she was pretty enough but not the brightest bulb in the pack.”

Anna had to laugh at his manner of speaking, “So she was nice on the eyes but not the ears?”

“Very nice on the eyes and I really didn’t let her talk. I wasn’t after conversation.”

Anna knew he enjoyed making sure she knew of his many conquests, “Hudson, what is this all about?”

“When I was feeding from her I got glimpses of thoughts. Whoever blood bound her had tried to erase her memories but I still could pick up some of the thoughts.”

Anna frowned, “Why erase the memories as long as she was bound?”

“That was exactly my thought.” Hudson admitted.

“So how does this involve me?”

“Not you, exactly, it’s Gerard.”

Anna sat up straighter, “What about him?”

“Someone is out to cause trouble for you using him.” Hudson said slowly, “That much I could get from her thoughts.”

“So she is somehow involved with this?” Anna asked.

He sighed, “I’m not sure. Whoever the hell she’s bound to is pretty powerful. They were able to erase only part of her memories. The ones I picked up on were obviously supposed to be erased also because they were fuzzy and confused.”

Anna felt a chill run down her spine. “So what did you pick up from her thoughts?”

Hudson’s voice was low and gently, “Annabelle I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. All I could pick up was there is a plan to do something that makes it difficult to stay with Gerard.”

“They have already tried that.” Anna admitted, “A blood bound woman already tired to seduce Gerard after he announced we were engaged.”

Hudson understood, “So that his emotions would be called into question once you bound him to you.”


“How’d that work out?”

Anna gripped the phone tightly, “It made me want to snap her neck.”

Much to her chagrin Hudson burst out laughing, “Oh Annabelle I would have loved to see that. You are quite beautiful when you’re angry.”

She ignored his comment. “What could someone possibly try to do that would make it difficult to stay with Gerard?” She asked getting back on topic.

“My guess would be something that again calls his emotions into question. He has stated that he loves you and of course he does. Now that he understands they can try to control his lust I’m sure he wouldn’t fall for that again so I’m not sure what they could try.”

“Hudson, why can they just not leave me alone?” She asked softly.

“Sweetheart it is not you they are looking to hurt but Jacob, you know that. Whoever it is knows that by hurting you they will hurt him.”

“I just want to be left alone.” Anna whispered.

“I understand.” Hudson responded, “I know you have found true happiness with him but you must be on guard to maintain that happiness. The feeling I got from her thoughts was they are going to try to make it seem there is a problem with your relationship. A problem that will draw attention to the two of you which we both know in your situation would be bad.”

Some of the anger she was feeling spilled out in her words, “Unlike you who draws attention to himself all the time and that is just fine.”

“Annabelle you do of course know the difference between us. As a Pure I can get by with much more than one who is turned.”

“Yes of course.” She said spat, “I am just a half breed Healer and a wrong one at that.”

“Annabelle.” Hudson’s voice was steely, “I do not ever want to hear you say those words out loud again. I forbid you to do so.”

The tone of his voice grounded her, “I am sorry.” She whispered.

“I say this for your own good.” He said in a kinder tone. “You do know that.”

“Yes, I know.” She sighed, “I am sorry I vented my anger towards you.”

“I understand your anger.” Hudson said, “But because I understand it is why I must stress to you to be careful. Keep a close eye on Gerard.”

“I will.” Anna said, “And thank you for calling.”

Hudson’s good humor returned, “Hey, I like the guy. Whoever is planning this must feel very powerful. I have made it known in several circles that both you and Gerard are bound to me.”

“Yet still they plot.”

“Yes, and that is a major concern. Not many would dare to plot against one of my own.”

“I am frightened.” Anna admitted.

“Be strong. I will continue to seek out the truth.” Hudson said softly.

“Thank you.” Anna said before disconnecting.

Anna returned to her seat to watch the show but in her mind she tried to quiet the growing fear Hudson’s words had caused. Thinking over the situation she realized that whoever was behind the plot did not know that Gerard was not truly bound as expected. If they knew that fact it would have already been brought to light and her actions called into question. So whoever it was would have to try to alter his emotions going on the assumption he was correctly blood bound.

“Who called?” Claire asked leaning over and speaking directly into Anna’s ear to be heard over the music.

Anna did not want to worry her, “It was just a question about a chapter.” She lied.

Claire smiled then turned back to watch the show.

It saddened Anna knowing that at one time Claire would have easily sensed the lie but things had changed. While she was happy for Claire and her new life it was hard not to feel a small amount of sadness for the closeness they had once shared.

Suddenly not even watching Gerard on stage could help her forget the call. She quickly got up and walked backstage. Sitting down on one of the sofas backstage she tried to gather her thoughts. Hudson’s call had been upsetting and she needed to think about the information he’d given her.

“Hey.” Christa said walking in. She’s been worried about Anna since she’d left. “Everything okay?”

Anna sighed, “No, everything is not okay.”

Christa walked a few steps closer. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I just…” Anna sighed, “The call was from Hudson and what he told me is very upsetting.”

“Oh” Christa sat down and waited for Anna to explain but she remained silent. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Please do not concern yourself. I will deal with this.” Anna said softly.

Christa reached out and touched her arm gently, “Anna, friends help each other out. That’s just how it works. I want to help you if I can.”

Suddenly tears came to Anna’s eyes. “I am sorry. I did not mean to imply I did not want your help it is just that I do not want to burden you with this. I have already imposed enough on your life.”

“No, you haven’t.” Christa said shaking your head. “You really need to understand that. Now tell me what’s going on.”

“Hudson has learned that someone is trying to discredit me and they are planning on using Gerard.”

“Discredit you? I don’t understand.”

“They have tried before.” Anna explained, “That woman from the radio station who tried to seduce Gerard was blood bond. She knew his bond was fresh and tried to take advantage of that fact.”

Christa frowned, “Shit I thought something happened. Wait let me get this straight. She knew he was bound to you?”

Anna nodded.

“And she tried to seduce him.”

“Almost succeeded.” Anna whispered.

“Oh.” Christa said softly.

“It is against the Healers rules to interact with a freshly bound human. Their emotions are too volatile. Even though a freshly bound human’s mind is controlled their emotions are not. She knew this but her plan was to seduce him then bring that fact to light. To the other Healers it would appear that I was not controlling him as I should.”

“But I thought you just said you can’t control their emotions.”

“While it is true their emotions are very hard to control it is the responsibility of the one they are bound to make sure they are watched while the bond is fresh. Had she gotten the tape of them having sex and it had been shown I would have been deemed a weak Healer unable to control him. He would have been taken from me.”

Christa sat back in shock. “She was trying to get him having sex with her on tape?”

Anna nodded. “Yes, and as I said she almost accomplished the feat.”

“Oh shit.” Christa said seeing the pain in Anna’s eyes. “But you have to know he loves you and if he’d been thinking straight it never would have happened.”

Anna understood that Christa was trying to spare her feelings. “The fact is that while the bond is fresh it is impossible to think straight. The body is in control not the mind. That is why Healers must keep a careful eye on those bond to them until the newness of the bond fades.”

“Anna I’m still confused. Why does someone want to make you appear weak?”

“My guess is because by making me appear to be a weak Healer it will reflect back on Jacob as my Maker.”

“Okay but Gerard seems much more in control now. I know the bond is still fairly fresh but he does seem to be controlling his temper.”

“Yes he is doing very well.” Anna said looking down at her hands.

Christa looked around to make sure they were alone then spoke quietly, “So they do not understand that you don’t control our minds, right?"

Anna simply nodded.

“So then they are trying to use the freshness of the bond to get to his emotions?”

“If his emotions suddenly change and those humans around him begin to question the change then it will draw attention to the fact that he and I are together. Healers abhor any type of attention brought to us. If that would happen I am sure I would be ordered to leave him.”

“They could make you leave, Gee?”

“Yes.” Anna whispered while swiping at her eyes, “They could.”

Christa thought a moment, “Then we just have to make sure to keep a close watch on him. I mean now that I can recognize those blood bound I can help.”

Anna looked up, ‘Thank you. But I fear whoever is trying to discredit me is very strong. Hudson said so himself. The information he learned was from a woman who was bound but whomever it is doing this had erased most of her memories. He said they were fuzzy and incomplete.” She knew she needed to explain this to Christa in more detail, “It is rare to erase the memories of one still bound because there is no reason. Their minds are controlled by the Healer. So whoever is behind this is being very careful and trying to cover their tracks.”

“And Hudson has no idea who this could be?”

“No.” Anna answered, “But he is concerned. I believe in a way this angers him because Gee and I both are bound to him. This person must know that but is making the dangerous choice to interfere with a Pure’s property.” She smiled, “That is what Gee and I are, we are Hudson’s property.”

Christa hated the sadness in Anna’s eyes, “Hey, belonging to someone isn’t all bad. I belong to you. And since our connection isn’t as deep as yours with Gee and Claire you don’t have to worry about watching me. I’m in control of my emotions.”

Her words meant to help only made tears fall from Anna’s eyes. “I hate this so much.” She whispered.

Christa put her arm around her and hugged her tightly, “It’s gonna be okay. I promise I’ll do everything I can to help and so will Claire. And you’ve got Jacob and Hudson on your side.” She said encouragingly, “So it will be okay."

Anna’s tears continued to fall, “But if not for me and my desire to be with Gerard none of this would be happening. This is all my fault.”

“No.” Christa said, “Don’t think like that. Gee loves you and needs you.”

Anna lowered her head knowing she needed to make it appear she was in control. Now more than ever she could not let the truth about herself be discovered.
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