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On The Planet

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Gerard and Anna share their love.

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Gerard’s heart was racing as his fingers reached out to lock the door. He took a deep breath trying to calm down. The way he felt at this moment he knew if he simply touched Anna it would all be over in seconds.

“Gee” She called out. “Come.”

He leaned his head against the door and groaned. For a brief moment it frightened him that a woman could control his emotions like she could but then in his mind he saw her face and felt uncontrollable love fill his entire being. Slowly he pushed away from the door and walked into the bedroom. Anna was still standing in front of the bed but the look on her face had changed.

“Why are you resisting?” She asked softly.

He gave her a lopsided grin, “Not exactly resisting, Sugar. I’m just trying not to rush this.”

She titled her head and looked deeply into his eyes.

“Anna, sometimes I can’t put into words how you make me feel.”

She looked down having seen something in his eyes that saddened her, “I frighten you.”

Gerard moved several steps closer, “Yeah but not in a bad way. I’m just fuckin’ scared sometimes because I love you so much. Does that make sense?”

“Yes.” She whispered, “Because I too feel that way.”

She looked so beautiful yet fragile at that moment it took his breath away. Slowly he closed the distance between them then reached out to brush back the long strands of hair that had fallen into her face. “Well then, guess we scare each other.” He said smiling.

Anna looked up, “I suppose that is true.”

There was something he needed to make her understand, “This intense feeling I have right now, the desire I feel for you, is only amplified by the blood bond. I would feel this way for you regardless.”

She smiled, “I know you will not understand but at times it is so difficult for me because I still find it hard to believe you would want me if not for the blood bond.”

Of all the things she could have said that one shocked him, “What?”

Anna sighed, “If I explain I will make myself sound incredibly pathetic.”

As much as his body was aching for release his mind was in control telling him that right at this moment they needed to talk. He took her arm and led her to the bed were he gently pushed her down then lowered himself to sit beside her. “Sugar, just tell me what you mean. I wanna understand.”

Once more she looked down to avoid his eyes, “There are times when I simply just do not understand why you would be attracted to me. Those are the times I feel almost human again. To me I am just a young girl from Colorado who is rather unremarkable bordering on boring.”

His first thought was to simply tell her how wrong she was but he paused and thought a moment. “Being back here has put you in touch with a lot of old feelings, hasn’t it?”

Anna nodded, “Yes and while I welcome the feelings that make me feel almost human once again with those feelings comes others I do not enjoy.”

“Like insecurities?”

She nodded still looking down.

He smiled, “Yeah, that is a pesky human emotion but let me tell you something I mean from my heart. I’m sure that had I been a boy back in that time I would have been right at your door asking your pa if I could court his daughter.”

She smiled at his words. “You would have wanted to court me?”

“Oh hell, yeah. How could I have resisted such a sweet, beautiful girl?”

“But we are not from the same time.” She said slowly, “And in truth there are so many differences in who we are.”

He shook his head, “Nope, not really. We’re both writers but while my words are songs yours are stories. Actually we both tell stories.”

She remained silent.

“And hell I’ve heard your voice. You could be a singer right now if you chose. Shit, you are so talented it amazes me and while I understand why you doubt yourself at times you honestly shouldn’t. I truly am the fuckin’ luckiest man on the planet to have you.”

She slowly looked up, “On the planet?” she teased.

“Oh fuck yeah.” He nodded, “That’s exactly how I feel.”

“I feel as if I am the luckiest woman on the planet to have your love.” She said softly.

Gerard laughed, “Well then let’s just say we are the luckiest couple on the planet.”

Anna nodded, “Yes, I agree.”

He slowly lowered his head to capture her lips. A thrill ran through his body when she opened her mouth to him and his tongue touched the tip of her fang. Purposely he ran it along the tooth again but this time his tongue pushed against the tip making a small cut. His arms tightened around her when he heard her moan, as her tongue tasted that blood. Anna’s immediately found it hard to control the feeling that consumed her.

“Wait.” Gerard said pushing away slightly. He wanted to ask her something but paused.

“What do you wish?” She whispered understanding his feeling.

“Uh..” Now that she had asked he was feeling a bit embarrassed to admit what he wanted.

“Gee.” Anna said, her topaz eyes looking directly into his. “Just tell me, please.”

“I want you to bite me…” Again his voice trailed off.

Because the taste of his blood was still filling her senses she could hear his thoughts. She smiled, “Undress and lay down on the bed.”

He stood and quickly shed his clothing. Once he was settled in the middle of the bed Anna climbed over and straddled his lower legs. Gerard grabbed a pillow and positioned it under his head so he could watch her.

Anna smiled at him then slowly lowered her head. Gerard’s cock, that was already standing at attention, twitched as she opened her mouth. Lavishly she covered it will small kisses to the head, then swirled her tongue lovingly around it.

“Oh, fuck.” Gerard moaned.

Slowly she began to run her tongue down his length to the thick base then back up to the tip over and over. He cried out her name when she opened her mouth and took him inside.

Carefully Anna sucked making sure not to pierce the skin but unable to keep her fangs from roughly scrapping the sides of his dick. She heard Gerard moan with pleasure.

“Oh Sugar you have no idea how good that feels.”

Over and over again she sucked in his length as it grew harder and harder. It pulsated when she cupped her hand over his balls and gently tweaked them. After a few moments she slowly moved her hands under his buttock to hold his hips tight to her mouth. Gerard arched his back even more trying to push harder against her beautiful mouth. “Oh, Anna.” He whispered brokenly.

Suddenly she stopped and looked up into his eyes. A small drop of cum glistened on her lip and as Gerard watched through desire filled eyes her tongue darted out to lick the substance.

“Woman what you are doing to me.” He rasped.

Anna smiled as her eyes flashed.

As much as he loved seeing her eyes his body demanded to know why she’d stopped. “Uh..”

“I am letting the anticipation build.” Anna explained sensing his frustration.

“Oh fuck, I don’t know how much more I can take.” He ground out.

Anna enjoyed the powerful feeling that was flooding her body. She smiled seductively, “I am sure you can take whatever I have to offer.”

“Yeah Sugar, I can.” He closed his eyes a moment praying she wouldn’t make him wait much longer.

Once again Anna leaned over and posed her open mouth over his rock hard dick but did not take him inside. Gerard opened his eyes and with one swift movement thrust his dick deep into her mouth. Anna remained still as he pumped in and out but it wasn’t enough for him. He wanted her tongue to tease him.

“Please.” He moaned. “I need.”

She lifted her head, “What to you need?”

“I need you mouth to make love to me.” He whispered.

Anna smiled and once more her hands pushed his hips to her mouth and her tongue danced along the sides of his dick, her fangs gently scrapping as her mouth moved.

“I’m gonna cum.” He cried out but then moaned when she lifted her head releasing his dick.

“Tease.” He groaned.

Anna laughed, “No, not a tease.” She slid her hands out from under his buttock then with one quick movement she lifted her body and pushed his legs apart. Once she was settled between them she spoke, “I have not forgotten what you want.”

He nodded, “Yeah, what I want.” The sound of his blood thundered in his ears.

Anna slid her body down the bed so she was laying between his legs. She nuzzled his balls with her nose causing his whole body to tremble. When she licked the inside of his thigh he moaned loudly.

“Oh yeah, do it.” He begged.

She ignored his plea and once again took his dick into her mouth. She wanted to force his body to the point of release before she did as he wanted.

Gerard’s hips lifted off the bed as he tried to force his dick further into her mouth. Release was seconds away he could feel it building. When Anna knew he was about to cum she released his dick and bit into his inner thigh.

“Oh fuck.” Gerard screamed as he came. The hot sticky substance shooting out and covering Anna’s hair as her mouth was still latched to his skin, as she sucked the blood.

His dick was still throbbed even after the last drops were spent. He reached down and lovingly stroked Anna’s head as she continued to drink. It was torture to stop but she knew she had taken enough. Licking the wound she raised her head to look into his eyes.

Gerard pushed his body into a sitting position. Then pulled her up and quickly flipped her over so that she was laying beneath him. “Your turn.” He smiled.

As he had half expected she shook her head, “It is not necessary.”

“Woman, it is very necessary.” He said as he stripped the satin teddie from her body then positioned himself between her legs so that his tongue could rapture her pussy. “Very fuckin’ necessary.”

Anna’s whole body was humming not only with his blood running through her veins but with desire. When he used his fingers to part her lips she moaned. When his tongue ran down her wet slit she cried out.

Gerard laughed against her hot lips the vibration causing her hips to raise off the bed.

‘Not so fast.” He laughed, “My turn to tease you.”

Anna moaned, “But I need.”

“I know what you need, Sugar.” He said seductively, “And I’m gonna give it to you soon.” With her lips quivering he positioned his finger at the entrance to her hot, wet hole.

“Gee.’ She cried out, ‘I need..”

His fingertip skimmed the surface of the hole but did not enter. Again Anna’s hips came off the bed trying to bury his finger inside her.

“Patience.” He laughed enjoying the feeling over power over her.

“Fuck patience.” Anna ground out then realizing what she said her hand flew over her mouth in shock.

Gerard laughed, “Sugar say it again. I love the way the word sounds falling from your lips.”

Anna blinked then said softly, “Fuck.”

He nodded, “Yeah.”

She gathered her resolve not to be embarrassed by anything when with the man she loved, “Fuck me.” She said softly.

Gerard felt his dick twitch again. “In a moment. Right now my mouth wants to taste you.” He said before leaning down then sucking on her hardened nub. Anna moaned and her head rolled from side to side on the pillow. Her eyes flew open when she felt him reach for her hand and pull it down to place it on her thigh.

“Make the cut.” He said roughly. “Do it now.”

Without thought her fingernail drove into her skin releasing the blood. Immediately Gerard’s mouth latched onto the wound. As her blood flowed into his mouth he thrust his finger deep into her.

“Gee.” Anna cried out. The intense feeling of him sucking her blood and his finger buried inside her was driving her into sweet madness. “More.” She begged.

He continued to suck, removed his finger but this time he inserted two. As they moved insider her soft, wet core he could feel her tightening around them. Then suddenly they were gone. He moved quickly, tearing his mouth away so that he could thrust his dick inside her. As he lowered his bloody lips to her they came together so intensely Gerard forgot to breath.

As the orgasm slowly faded their tongues licked the blood off each other’s lips until there was no more.

‘I love you.” He whispered still buried deep inside her.

“I love you.” She answered from deep within her soul. “Forever.”
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