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Matt’s POV:

I walked into tbe diner and saw Frankie, Gee, and Mikey. And a girl dressed in all white with a drac mask. She was kinda hot. The girl put down the mask and put her hands up. “Woah woah woah! Calm down! I’m on your side!” she exclaimed.

“Than why are you dressed like a drac?” I asked.

“I escaped. Look, it’s torture there. I had to get out.” Gee glared at her.

“I know.” Frankie took Gee’s hand. He looked him in the eye and couldn’t help but smile. I suddenly felt lonely. Yeah, I had feelings for Frankie. But he loved Gee and he loved Frankie.

“These two rescued me from that life when I was little,” Frankie explained. The girl nodded her head.

“I’m Scarlett,” she said, smiling.

“I’m Frankie. This is Gerard,” he hugged him, “And that’s Mikey and Matt.” he smiled saying my name. Scarlett’s jaw dropped.

“You’re Frankie?” Frankie nodded slowly. “Oh my god…Korse talks about you all the time! He adores you! Even after you left!”

“Wait…so it’s true? He is…and you’re…” Gee stammered. Frankie nodded.

“he’s what?” I asked. Frankie looked down. Gee glared at me. “What? How was I supposed to know it’s a touchy subject? It’s not like he’s his father or something!” Frankie lost it. he burst into tears the minute I said father. Gerard turned toward him and hugged him tightly. he curled up and sobbed into his chest.

“He is Frankie’s father,” he told me. This time my jaw dropped.

“I had a flashback…he was arguing with my mom. They were fighting over me. Before he left he told me I’d see him again. I saw him on the way back here and he was…he was just so happy…” he sobbed again. Gee rubbed his back softly.

Gerard’s POV:

Matt was saying everything wrong. I didn’t know if he was jealous or lonely or what but he really could not talk without hurting someone. “You okay Matt?” I asked. He just nodded stiffly. Matt sat down across from us.

“Fine,” he said through clenched teeth. Scarlett walked over to our table.

“Can I sit?” she asked. Mikey, Frankie and I nodded. Matt just shrugged. She sat next to him and smiled. “So you two are together?” I nodded and smiled. Frankie rested his head on my shoulder. Scarlett looked at Matt then down at the table, biting her lip.

“I think she has a thing for Matt,” I whispered to Frankie. he looked at the two of them and giggled softly.

“They are cute together,” he whispered in reply.

Frankie's POV:

There must have been something in the air for the past month or so because everyone was falling in love. Me and Gee, Karoline and Mikey, and now Scarlett and Matt…maybe. I heard the door open and turned toward it. Karoline almost fainted.

“Frankie!” she screamed. Gee got up so I could get out of the booth. When I did I ran over to Karoline and hugged her. “I can’t believe you’re back! I missed you so much!” she exclaimed.

“I missed you too!” I replied, smiling. Matt pounded the table and climbed out of the booth, storming out of the diner. “What’s wrong with Matt?” I asked. Karoline shrugged.

“He’s been in a pretty bad mood lately,” she said. I looked out the window. He was under a tree, sulking. “Oh well. He’ll get over it.”

“I hope…”
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