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In Love With An Untamed Man

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Psychic Professor Xavier leads a school of skilled mutants called X-Men, a peacekeeping force to safeguard the world against a race of genetically mutated humans known as Homo Sapiens Superior. How...

Category: X-Men: The Movie - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Humor,Sci-fi - Characters: Wolverine - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2011-02-13 - Updated: 2011-02-14 - 157 words

Real Name: Ellie Grey (Sandra Bullock)

Nick Name: Ells

Team Name: Averna

Affiliation: X-Men

Powers: Telepathy & Telekinesis & Electric Power; ability to read minds & sonically levitate & rapidly move animate and inanimate matter & control anything electrical, may sometimes attract metal a.k.a. magnet

Physical Attributes:

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Chocolate Brown

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 123lbs

Age: Approximately 27

Place of Birth: Annandale on the Hudson -New York

Marital Status: Widow “Single”


Real Name: Allas Iara Dailon (Ah-l-ez) (Shakira)

Nick Name: I (eye), Alls (Ah-lz)

Team Name: Morphae (MORe-Fay)

Affiliation: X-Men

Powers: Astral Projection, Animal Morphing, Super Strength, Earth Power, Ability to change and intake any living animal ability & control anything that’s earth & Regenerating healing

Physical Attributes:

Hair: Straight Blonde with Black roots and Streaks

Eyes: Toxicating pitch black

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 115lbs.

Age: Approximately 23

Place of Birth: Parthian Tribe, Jungle, Deep Brazil

Marital Status: Single


Real Name: Caden Grey (Keanu Reeves)

Status: Dead - Deceased husband of Ellie
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