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It is only the beginning of Ellie's life that Averna Muasis is awake and trying to gain control. Now they have to try to keep Magneto from knowing.

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Another dream...just another dream that she hoped would stop disrupting her sleep once again for Ellie Grey. The same dream that kept waking her in a screeching scream. Both her younger sister and the professor tried to relieve her out of these haunting nightmares, but both sadly failed.

That night, that won't escape her mind. It hurts her to keep seeing it...replaying in her head as she sleeps. The night when she had accidentally had killed her husband, Caden Grey.

That night, she went to train in the Danger Room as a usual thing to do, but then she lost control.

Caden went to see if his wife was doing fine, but was checking on her at the wrong time. As the simulation had ended, Caden walked right into the Danger Room. Ellie was standing there in the center in the room as her hair levitated in the air around her. "Ells you okay?" Caden silently asked her. She didn't move or respond either way.

"Ells? Honey, are you okay?" Caden got closer to his wife getting more worried.

She then turned very slowly towards him floating in the air only three feet high. What he saw scared him. Her eyes clear as white and her face emotionless. He felt pain surging through his left arm as she surely smirked. With a quick glance he yelled as his arm was turning into a putrefy dust particles. "Ellie, Hun, snap out of it! Ellie wake up!"

"Caden." was whispered from her mouth as she continued to smile.

He continued to scream as Jean, Scott, Ororo, and Professor all came into the room.

"Caden! Ellie!" was chorused through the room.

By the time they all settled on what happening, Caden yelled as he exploded into dust particles, leaving only his silver wedding ring falling to the metal floor with a clink.

"Ellie, you need to gain control. Don't let it take over you!" the professor yelled out loud as Ororo and Jean started spilling tears. Ellie's eyes went back to their normal color as she suddenly fainted falling from her levitating stage to being caught by Scott. Both women rushed to her aid as professor blinked away his tears. "Scott? Take her to the hospital wing." Scott nodded as Ororo followed soundlessly behind. Jean wiped her tears as she picked up her brother-in-law's wedding ring. "How could this have happen professor?"

"I don't know Jean. It seems Averna is awake and alert of trying to control your sister." she paused from looking at the shiny coated ash ring, to looking at the professor. "Averna?" "I wish it was simple to say Jean, but Ellie is in grave danger if magneto learns that she is awake now." Jean looks away thinking and absorbing all the information. "You need to look after her Jean. She won't remember, but she will need to know and it won't be pretty." he said gravely.

"Of course, Professor." Jean went out of the room with the professor following behind. Thinking of what she had seen a whisper appeared in her head. "Please take care of her for me Jean. It was not her fault." Jean unconsciously nodded knowing that the professor heard.
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