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Charmed, I'm 100% Sure.

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Aww, how cute! A crush at first sight? ;3 Gerard Way has given our heroine a bit of information people wouldn't just give out. His email, facebook, phone number, and his address. Shall Garnet use ...

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Lunch Period
"Garnet," Groans Lucy. She's one of my only friends here, sadly. That's what I get for being a douche to certain people. "You've been staring at your salad for five minutes without actually making conversation. Something's up and I'm going to find out what's troubling you."
I look up to her, glancing. "You know how there's a new kid, right? Gerard Way?" She nods. "I don't know what's up, but I can't seem to get him out of my head."
Lucy bursts out laughing. "I believe that's called love, ma'dear! Did anything really happen? Anything cute?"
My cheeks light up like fireworks, then heating too. "He helped with my locker."
"He put his hand on mine."
"Aw!" She has a smile on her face, and I'm expecting for some teasing.
The doors to the cafeteria open, and speak of the devil. "Oh my god, are you kidding me?!" I exlaim, hiding under the table.
"You like him, yet you are trying to avoid him. What kind of a relationship is that?"
"My kind, try not to look so suspicious."
Too late. Before I know it, two converse stand beside the table. He kneels down, and pokes his head under with me. He greets me with a "Hi" and I smile. He helps me up, his hand in mine. His hands are soft, so... warm. I forgot I was holding them.
Lucy was snickering, and giggling as the other boy told jokes.
"Who's he?" I ask, looking at the boy who I learn is Mikey. His brother.
"We've lived here in Trenton for a few years. We just moved out of our parent's apartment and into our own."
I remembered about new neighbors, moving in across the hall. I didn't bother to see who it was, I just stayed in my room on my laptop. "What building did you move into?"
"Um, the one infront of St. Paul's Catholic up the road near Wal-Mart." He answers.
"I live in the same building." I smile.
"Well, um..." He begins to studder. "W-w-an-t t-t-t-to walk home with me and Mike?" His offer makes me blush.
"Sure. I'd like that." This is when I realize I'm holding his hand still. Lucy tried to point that out earlier, I was just ignoring her. I let go, and my face might have turned a rose-coloured red. "I, got to... go. Somewhere." I studder myself. I nod, smile and slip a couple times on my paint-splattered laces, which need tying. I eventually reach the doors, and walk out, looking back. Gerard was watching me as I left.
I stumble to my locker, and sigh. "Maybe Lucy's right. Maybe I do have a crush on him." I don't recall feeling this way, since seventh grade. My heart was broken by a boy named Derek. I hurt him the same day he hurt me.
Reaching my locker, the hallways are deserted. No one in sight, not even a sound. I open my locker, the same way Gerard showed me with the lock. I open it and on the inside of the door, taped to the metal doors, is the chibi drawing I was taking peeks at earlier. The legs have been completed. Chibi me was wearing suspenders that hung over the sides of my legs, checkered, as I also was wearing white jean shorts that were rolled up. My shoes were blue and black, long striped socks to my knees.
I gaze at it, until noticing the message in the corner. "On the back..." I turn the page over. It gave me his address, his number, and email. He's also got a facebook too. He must like me! This is proof! I must tell Lucy!
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