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I'm pretty sure that was normal...

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The walk home isn't Garnet's usual. She's usually alone. Then, she learns more about her new NEIGHBOR.

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The Walk Home
I'm standing infront of my locker, putting books in my adidas bag. I look at the coloured sketching that still hung in my locker, on the door below the pictures of my sister and I. She's my gaurdian. I moved in with her as soon as I got kicked out of my home in Belleville for having a house party unsupervised.
I get poked on the shoulder, scaring me. I turn to see who it was, it's Gerard. I'm happy to see him. "Dude, this picture's amazing!" I say, showing him his portrait of me.
"How'd you know it was me who drew that? Other than the stuff I wrote on the back?" He asks, grinning. He's content to know I love it.
"Know how in Tech I was seeing what you were doing?" He nods. "I saw the head and hair, the pencil in your hand. But you're amazing at this! You should be a cartoonist or something related to that!"
"Thanks," He says, rubbing the back of his head. I close my locker after inserting everything I need in my napsack, and locked my lock. "I want to work in the music career though."
"How in the music career? Like, instrument? Vocal? Studio work?" I question, as we walk out the doors to the parking lot. We begin to head out. It's not that far of a walk.
"I'm told to be an angel at singing. I've written a couple of songs that my band and I have written."
"Don't be so hard on yourself," I say. "If you put your mind to it, you can do it. No one's ever heard them before right?"
"We've got a few fans. When we get to the building, do you want to come over and listen? Mikey's a bassist."
"Sure. So you're apart of a band? What's it called?"
"My Chemical Romance. We're a metal kind of band I guess. We got booked for a gig at the Park near the small lake, I can maybe get some backstage tickets for you if you like the songs."
"I'd love to."
He told me more about himself. He's been working on a comic called "The Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys". It's about a group of four men, I think outlaws, who carry a little girl with them. I realize that sounds pedofile-like, but Party Poison, the group leader, is basicly her adopting father.
We get to the apartment building. We sit in the elevator, going up a good five floors. The elevator ride seems long. He and I have a staring contest, and I swear. In the pupil of his eye, it sparkles. It twinkles. Those handsome eyes are a sight to look at, that's for sure.
We wander down the hallways, and we part for a second. I open my apartment door, and my sister greets me. As soon as she sees Gerard, she greets him too. "Welcome to our home." She says.
"Hey, sis, Gerard's the new neighbor with his brother. I'm going over to their place for a bit." I say. "I'll be home for dinner."
I put down my bag, and close the door, leaving. We walk across the hall, and he opens the door to his home. Mikey isn't home yet. He closes his door, and goes to find his songs.
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