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Seeing through the keyhole

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Store rooms and textbooks

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Rays P.O.V

I was walking out of school when I realised I'd left my textbook in Jeros store room.

'Guys I'll catch you up' I shouted to them, they nodded and I turned round and walked back towards the class.

The door was unlocked but the classroom was empty, seens as I had a valid reason, I guessed Jero wouldn't mind me just going in.

I went in and opened the door to the store room. The classroom door began to open, and by instinct I shut myself in the store room as if I were hiding.

Jero walked in, dumped his bag on the desk and sat down. Then someone else walked in, I recognised the voice. I kneeled down and looked through the keyhole.

Oh God, It was Gia. Maybe she needed help on the homework.

'How can I help you Gia?' Jero asked

'Dont play around, you know how' Gia said as she leant down and quickly kissed him on my lips.

I couldn't believe it.

'Oh how i've missed that darling' Jero said as he kissed her again.


'Making sure we're keeping this quiet aren't we Gia?' He asked her.

'Of course Sir' She replied.

He put his hands on her hips, 'Oh i love when you call me sir, its such a turn on'

'Just what I like babe' Gia said.

I wish they'd hurry up, my knees were aching. Just then Gias phone rang, she pulled away and answered it.

'Oh hi babe'
'Yeah i'll be round in 10'
'okay, love you too'

Jero rolled his eyes, im guessing it was Gerard.
I couldn't believe she was doing this to him, he deserved better.

'I've gotta go babe, Ill be round yours at 9 tonight okay?' Gia said.

'Don't be late' Jero replied as Gia walked out the door, soon enough Jero did the same, except he locked the door.

Oh shit, I was stuck.

I crept out the store room and wedged open the window and climbed out.

I needed to talk to someone, but who.
Then I thought of just the person

I practically ran the her house and banged on the door.

She opened it quickly 'Woah Fro, wheres the fire?' She laughed as I walked in.

'I need to talk to you' I said.

She suddenly looked concerned. She ushered me into the living room and she took a seat on the couch, sat forward with her hands in her lap, she was so little, smaller than Frank and thats saying something. She'd never had much luck with guys, it was a shame, i guess its cause shes so shy around them, well guys except us lot.

She stared at me with her bright blue eyes. 'Well?' She asked.

'I saw something'

'What Ray?'

'I went to get my textbook from Jeros store room and he came in so I hid, but Gia came in too, and she kissed him, she's having an affair with him'

Evie stood up and looked really angry 'Not once but fucking twice!'

'What do you mean twice?' I asked, only just clicking on to what she had said.

'Im not meant to say anything, so keep quiet, but Emma heard some people saying that shes been going with that Jock Alex, and then Gia pretty much confirmed it'

I began to get really angry, Gerard was one of my best friends.

'How could you keep this quiet Eva! She's going behind his back and he doesn't know, he deserves to know! How would you like it' I didn't realise I was practically yelling at her.

She looked down at the floor and looked like she was going to get upset.

I walked over and put my arms around her and hugged her, she burried her head into my neck and I stroked her fire truck red hair.

'I know Ray, but he won't believe us'

'Thats true eve, we need to catch Gia out, get evidence'

She looked up to face me, her ideas widened, as though a lightbulb had just switched on above her head.

'Ohh and I know just the way!' She said with a sly grin spreading across her lips.

This was war.
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