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Small details are sorted out.

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“Sorry....It’s just...erm...unexpected, Y’know?”
Once everybody-meaning whole group effort-had managed to calm down Rachel Mckenzie, aka Numbuh 362, everybody had been taken in for questioning.
Lincoln stared at the ceiling, looking like a tourist.
Cadel stared at the floor, looking bored.

“So what happened to you guys? You’ve been missing for two whole weeks!” Numbuh 362 finally exclaimed.
“Only two weeks?” Numbuh four grouched.
“Shut up, Wal. Alroight, Rachel, this is how it works. You can’t say anythoing until we’re done, and it’s going to sound completely crazy” Holly spun around in her swivel chair.
“Okay, let’s hear it. I haven’t had a straight answer about you people since you disappeared Holly” Numbuh 362 leaned forward.
Holly took a deep breath and told Rachel exactly what happened.

Two hours later, Holly finally finished.
There was silence.
“Wow. WOW. C’mon, 59, do you actually think I’d believe that?” Numbuh 362 leaned back and glared at Numbuh 59.
Holly faltered “But it’s true....”
“Yeah, sure! You could’ve gotten that armor anywhere! Same with the weapons, and those boys! Everyone knows that Havoc’s a myth!” Numbuh 362 fumed.
“But we actually were there! And I’m from America!” Cadel protested.
“Hey!” Lincoln leaped to his feet.
“What?” Numbuh 362 rounded on him.
“You want proof? How’s this for proof?” Lincoln snarled and took off his eyepatch.
Numbuh 362 gasped.
Black thread had sewn Lincoln’s eyelid shut, and his eyelid seemed to be transparent. You could see his eye through the skin.

“That’s disgusting!” Rachel gagged.
“I’m aware. Do you believe me now? We even have the freaking E-Ticket” Lincoln slipped his eyepatch back on.
“Okay. You’ve got....proof. So I guess that means that Havoc is real?” Numbuh 362 asked.
“Yeah. You can mail order it. It comes out every other month” Malcolm quipped.
“Actually?” Numbuh three asked.
“No. Malcolm, look! Something shiny!” Ingrid pointed behind him.
“Where? Where is the shiny?” Malcolm spun around, looking for an invisible shiny thing.
“It just ran that way! Go chase it!” Ingrid demanded.
Malcolm ran off down the hallway.

“He’s still partially evil. Shouldn’t you be worried?” Numbuh one asked Ingrid.
“Meh. He’s got ADD. He’ll be looking for a shiny for hours” Ingrid shrugged.
Everybody turned.
Malcolm came running up to Ingrid, holding Numbuh 86’s helmet.
Malcolm tackled Ingrid. “Look, Ingrid! Look! I found the shiny! I am a good Malcolm!” Malcolm stared at Ingrid though his glasses.
“Good boy, Malcolm. Please get off my ribcage.”
“Are you mad at me?” Malcolm didn’t budge.
Ingrid sighed.
“No, I am not mad at you. You’re my friend, okay?” Ingrid said.

“Well...if you guys could survive Havoc, then I guess I can instate you two into the KND” Numbuh 362 offered.
“All right! Lincoln cheered.
“What?” Numbuh 86 shouted, but was ignored.
“So, I’m just going to need your names, and then I’ll just sign you up” Numbuh 362 pulled a clipboard off a nearby desk.
“Me First!” Cadel shoved to the front of the group.
“Cadel Quentin Young” Cadel stated, winking at Fanny Fullbright.
Fanny rolled her eyes.
“Great. You can be Numbuh 360” Rachel wrote down Cadel’s name and Numbuh.
“AWESOME!” Cadel punched the air.
“You?” Numbuh 362 asked Lincoln.
“Lincoln” Lincoln stated.
“Middle name and last name?”
“I don’t have a middle name or last name. Just make something up, but make it cool” Lincoln stuffed his hand into the pockets of his jacket, one of his hands coming through where it got shredded.

“ about...Seth? For a middle name?” Holly asked.
“Sure! Lincoln Seth...Pierce” Lincoln smiled a bit.
“Whot is it?” Numbuh 59 asked.
“Nothing” Lincoln responded.
“You can be...Numbuh 74” Rachel wrote that down.
“Cool” Lincoln said.

“And you?” Rachel asked Ingrid.
“I’m Ingrid Michelson”
A muscle near the corner of Numbuh 362’s eye twitched.
“When’s your birthday?”
“January 22.”
“What year?”
“Well, last time I checked, it came once a year.”
Rachel glared at Ingrid.
“You’re awfully smart.....for a 13 year old.”

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