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Thanks for such nice reveiws of my story so far, glad to know so many of you are enjoying it! :) Anyway. Back to where we left off? Frank won't pay attention to Gerard's warnings and now he has ...

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Frank's POV.

I looked at the girl I had managed to pin up the wall outside a night club. I was shocked at how easy it was so far. She locked eyes with me and giggled, her cheeks blushing red. Such a shame I would have to take that color away from her.

I looked at her shimmering eyes, the way the faight light made them twinkle like diamonds. But by the time I had accomplished my mission those gems would become cold, dead and unseeing. Her body, the rise and fall of her chest, the beating of her heart. It would all be gone. Because of me.

She smiled at me and leaned in for me to kiss her. I swooped in slowly and closed the gap between us. The kiss probably meant a lot to her, but to me it was just a piece of valuable time wasted. I broke away, I didn't even know her name. I chuckled awkwardly,
"I-I'm Frank by the way." I shouldn't have told her my real name incase she escaped and got to the police, but I thought I owed her the right to know her killer. She blushed again and ruffled my hair,
"I'm Katie. Nice to meet you Frank."

I embraced her in a hug, her last moment of human contact. I felt my mouth go funny and my teeth hurt, my fangs were coming through.
"I'm sorry, Katie." I said, my voice muffled by her shoulder. I was next to her neck, this was far too easy.
"W-what for Frank?" she whispered. I grazed my now sharp teeth against her neck and she froze.
"For this....." I hissed, I opened my mouth and went to bite into her when something cold and metallic was pressed into the back of my head.

I let go of Katie, raising my hands slowly. Katie smiled wickedly and pulled out an FBI type card. Shit, Gee was right!
I stayed calm, I was a pretty skilled fighter. I had to be to escape jocks and bullies. But being a vampire made me faster, stronger and more light on my feet.

"Keep your hands above your head and we will have no problems, Dracula." Came the man holding the gun behind me. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. I spun round quickly and slammed the gun out of his hands with my raised palms. He cursed and swung a fist, narrowly missing me - I was too fast. I flipped backwards in a high arc and landed behind Katie. She turned around, but I had already grabbed her and drove my knee into her face. She fell to the floor, unconsious before she had even hit the ground. The man had snuck up whilst I was off guard. He caught me in a low but powerful right-hook, snatching my feet from under me. I crashed on the car park tarmac heavily, landing awkwardly on my arm. I hissed as I felt it crunch beneath me.

However, I sprung back to my feet. Dodging punches and leaping nimbly over kicks, I swung my leg low. The man fell, hitting his head off the curb rendering him completely dazed. He had cut his forehead and he was bleeding. I knelt next to him and traced my fingers over the wound. I brought my blood spattered fingers to my lips and tasted it.

It was beautiful. A thirst I never thought was there was quenched as I swallowed. I wanted more and I wanted it now. But I pulled myself away, I needed to find Gee and tell him what happened. I spun on my heel and started to run as fast as I could.

There was a gunshot. Someone screamed and I realised it was me.

Blood spurted from my shoulder and I felt the bullet penetrate my skin, ripping its way through flesh, muscle, ligament, nerves and my bone. I froze and my knees buckled, the world was spinning like crazy. My factured arm burned and the pain in my shoulder was unbareable. I saw the road rush up to meet me, the screams of some girls outside the nightclub were fading rapidly.

And then there was just black.

Gerard's POV.

Me and Mikey patrolled the streets, looking out for Frankie. Mikey kept dialing Frank's number, each time getting more and more worried as it kept on cutting to voicemail. I was crying without realising until Mikey wiped a stray tear that had dribbled down my cheek.
"Come on, bro." Mikey muttered, patting my shoulder comfortingly. "I'm sure Frank's fine....Don't cry...."

"But it's a-all my f-fault!" I sniffled, drying my eyes with one hand, whilst steering the car with the other. "I-I-I should have m-made him feed, M-mikes! I-I shoulda... I-I shoulda..."
There was a gunshot and someone screamed. I jumped, I knew that scream anywhere. He had screamed like that the day that I had bitten him.....

"FRANK!!" I wailed swerving the car round the corner. I was too late. I saw them, the people from earlier putting him in the car. He had cuffs around his wrists and ankles. He slumped in the backseat. I could see his left arm was fractured and a bullet hole was blasted through his right shoulder. I got out and ran after the car, but I broke down in the middle of the road. I fell to my knees, head in my hands.

"Frank," I sobbed. "No, oh God, please no!" I cried and cried until my eyes were sore. Mikey started to pull me away. "NO!" I wailed, my hands reached out in front of me as if I could pull my best friend back. My heart ached and I gasped in deep rasps. "FRANK! NO, FRANK!" I struggled against Mikey's grip.

"Shussshhh..." he whispered, strapping me into the passenger seat. He had tears in his eyes as he fumbled with his belt. He gave up after a while, pulling me into a hug and we sat there, crying together.

Mikey's POV.

I pulled my brother close, tears streaming down my face.

"He's gone." I mumbled into his jacket, "Oh my God. Oh bro, I-I'm so s-s-sorry!" It was finally starting to sink in, Frank was gone. That only made me grip Gerard more tightly. His tears were soaking my shirt, leaving a warm, wet patch on my shoulder.

Gerard looked up at me, brushing his black hair out of his vision. His eyes were a vivid red, all puffy from his grieving and his cheeks were tear tracked; little glistening lines of water that glowed silver in the dawns light.
"Y-y-you know w-what this m-means Mikes?"

I nodded, watching the sun rise in his eyes, a new found passion burned brightly within them. His eyes were shining like large emeralds and he turned to look at me, his eyes suddenly turning cold and bloodthristy.
"What does it mean, Mikes?" he asked, a wry smile on his pale face.

I grinned at him slightly, flashing my sharp teeth. I pulled out my cellphone, texting Bob and Ray, it read.
The war has begun.

Gerard read the text over my arm and smirked, his sharp, jagged teeth glinting visciously in the morning light as he turned back to face the sun rise. He chuckled his dark, little laugh which was more like a giggle crossed with a snarl.
"That's right baby bro." He snarled.

The sun light danced in his eyes and I swore I saw the flames of hell burn within them. The flames raged in his eyes, they promised pain, death and destruction. Something I had not seen in his eyes for a long time.
"They made the first move, Mikey. They brought their pawns into play. Well I say we bring our knights in and beat the seven bells of shit out of them." He looked at the picture of him and Frank on his phone. The photo was old, taken before Frank became a vampire but him and Gerard were the closest of friends. Tears came back into his eyes,
"I'm coming for you, Frank. And God help anyone who gets in my fucking way."......
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