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Nightmares and doubts

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Frank has been captured....

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Frank's POV.

The room was dark and cold so I figured I was in a cell. Just common sense really.
I tried to sit up, panickimg when I found I couldn't.
"Gerard! Mikey!" I rasped, tears of fustration ran down my face. Where am I? Why couldn't I move? Gerard?
A thousand questions stumbled over each other in a fight to be the first. I lifted my arm, surprised to find it was heavier than I remembered. I lookedat it curiously to find it in a cast with metal rods protruding from it. My right shoulder too was wrapped tightly with gauze.

Ignoring the pain in my fractured wrist, I stripped the wadding from my shoulder revealing a stitched up hole that looked as if a bullet had penetrated it.
Then the memories came flooding back in a giant tsunami of fear and pain.

The texts. The alcohol. The ignorance. The girl, Katie. The fight. The gunshot and the darkness.

I shot upright gasping in sudden realisation of what I had done, "GERARD!!!!" I yelled, starting to cry. Shouting his name over and over, wishing he could hear me somehow.

And at tha moment, on the other side of New Jersey a buy answered his call.....

Gerard's POV.

I was in the woods running towards the voice.
"Gee," it whispered. "Gerard, save me..."
I ram into a clearing, a beautiful medow spread out before me. A boy stood in the middle of some wild Pansies, facing away from me. I walked over to him, his hood was pulled up and a long fringe obscured most of his face.

"Gerard." the boy whispered "You came."
He pulled back his fringe revealing his tawny eyes and that lip ring that suited him perfectly.
I felt my tears come back and I hugged him. "Frank!" I breathed. But he didn't hug me back, no emotion was on his face. He looked at the floor, twirling a wild Pansy in his fingers.

"You came to rescue me..." he mumbled. I still held onto him not ever letting my grip weaken.

"Of course I came Frankie! What kind of a friend would abandon another?"

Frank pushed me away and glared at me, his eyes becoming so dark they were almost jet black.
"I'll tell you what kind of a friend abandons another." he snarled. "A friend like you, Gee."
There was a gunshot and Frank fell to the medow floor, a thousand Pansies destroyed underneath his body. "NO, FRANK! NO!"

I clutched at his limp body, his blood staining his shirt.
His eyes were wide and he struggled to speak, blood leaking from his mouth.
"It's friends like you, Gerard that abandon others. So abandon me, Gee. A-a-abandon me..."

I wept over him, stroking his hair back from his face.

"You know that I-" I stopped mid sentence, shocked to find myself dropping Frank and walking away.
"See?" coughed Frank. "Some people never change Gerard Arthur Way. And you are one of those people."

I wanted to turn back and protect him but my legs kept on walking away. A man walked up to Frank and aimed a gun at Frank's head. He looked at me one last time. The gun was fired, the bullet sinking into his forehead....

I woke up screaming Frank's name, his voice still whispering in my head,

"Goodbye, Gee." He whispered."Friend abandoner...."
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