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Happiness or Misery?

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Frank and Gerard hate each other. Until they have to share a room together on a school trip. Where Gerard finds out some useful information about Frank, in an unusual way. Frerard, new chap plz R&R xx

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A/N: Sooooo here is my new story :D I really hope you enjoy this and I will be posting my hold your breath... tomorrow thank you soo much for the amazing reviews it’s really nice to know what you think and really great to have your encouragement anyway please rate and review so I know if it’s worth it to carry on. aww man it was so annoying tryingg to post this, it was only showing the A/N but it's here now :) Enjoy!!!!! >.<

“Mr. Way. Can you not drool on my desk?”

“Huh,” I said quickly sitting up, while still in a daze. I then looked around to see a bunch of stares focused on me, Oh fuck. I said obviously in my head as Mrs Smith just then stood and glared at me a little longer before going back to whatever she was teaching? What lesson were we in again?

I quickly wiped the dribble from my mouth, then embarrassingly and discreetly as I could, wipe the drool off the side. The once boring stares had now gone back to the board, and I was luckily forgotten about like always.

Though, there always seemed to be that boy who always remembered my name, my face and it seems like he knows exactly where I am too. That boy’s name is Frank Iero.

He is seriously getting on my last nerve. Ever since I came to this hellhole, he instantly had a grudge against me. At first I actually though he could be a nice guy, but how wrong I was. Once he found out I was new he instantly humiliated me and made sure I was the centre of attention, and not for a good reason either.

Anyway, more to the point, he hates me and I hate him. Though I really wish I could find out why he hates me so much.

The bell rung and it was now lunch time. I found myself bolting out of my seat like most days and quickly making my way to the canteen before anyone else did. Once I do that I normally go somewhere where I would least expect Frank to be. However, he always manages to find out where exactly I am, Great.

I grabbed my food from the canteen and hurriedly made my way outside on the benches farthest away from the doors. No doubt Frank will turn the corner and find me like he always does. He is like a dog or a ninja, though I think that would be complementing him.

That’s when someone came walking around the corner, right on cue for when Frank and I have a arguing battle. However, it wasn’t Frank that rounded the corner, it was Mikey.

“Mikey, what you doing over here?” I asked slightly miffed, he would never dare come out of the library never mind on the higher year’s ‘play ground’ I hated that word. I mean we are in high school now, yet they call it the playground. I would like someone to escort me to the fucking swings and slide then.

Anyway, Mikey shrugged and sat next to me watching me as I picked at my sandwiches.

“I just wanted to let you know that Frank is looking for you,” he told me looking rather serious.

“Umm Mikey, if you haven’t already noticed, I am kind of used to Frank looking for me,” I told him. Worrying if Mikey had seriously lost the plot this time. “Are you’re glasses getting steamy?” I joked and nudged his shoulder.

“No Gerard, I’m not kidding here, he looks really angry and I don’t think he is coming to find you to give you some horrible remark he has up his sleeve this time,” he said looking straight at me. My face dropped and I suddenly stopped playing with my food, not finding much interest in it anymore.

“Really?” I asked getting slightly worried now. I know Frank is short and that pink belt of his really does not do him any justice, but I knew he could probably kick the shit out of me.

Just then Mikey erupted into a fit if giggles while slapping his knee. Laughing hysterically, pointing his finger in my face while his head was invisible underneath his left arm.

“Your face Gerard, you should really see it,” he laughed so hard that he looked like his eye balls were about to drop out. And to be truthfully honest, I wouldn’t mind that much at this moment.

“Gerard, he isn’t really angry with you, I just wanted to see your face for myself for the time that Frank dared you to put them high heels on all day at school, making you fall flat on the floor splitting your jeans,” he chuckled, though thankfully his laughing was dying down now. Note to self: Never come to school totally wasted and then play dares with your archenemy.

I on the other hand, could feel my cheeks burn and was going as red as the train James on Thomas the tank engine. (don’t ask why I know this XD) I’m surprised my ears didn't have steam coming out of them to. It is a shame; it would have completed the whole look.

Then Mikey looked up and his face had now returned as normal. Well more normal then it ever would be.

“Mikey, how do you know about that?” I asked very annoyed now.

“Come on how could I not, only half of the school know,” he said very matter of fact, While rolling his eyes as if I should have known this already.

“You have to be fucking kidding me, hardly anyone was there when it happen.”

“Yeah but news travels fast” he said looking very confused. “I thought you knew this?”

“Urhh well apparently not”


I was now at home in bed, thinking of why Frank hated me so much. Something I did nearly every night. I really need to get a hobby.

I mean yeah I know there have been so bad rumours about me, false of course, but come on. How much of them stupid rumours are you going to believe. I mean one said that I pushed my brother down the stairs on purpose and there was another where I apparently tried to drug one of the teachers. Although that rumour wouldn’t be so bad if it was true, but no of course I couldn’t do that, no matter how tempting it was.

He was a rebel, and somehow got me into his little act. He only had the one friend, Ray Toro and they both would always hang out trying to humiliate me. He wasn’t anything like a jock, that would beat me and whatnot. He was more like a punk, he had dark brown hair that was cut into a sort of Mohawk with the sides died red. Hs fringe would sometimes flop into his eyes when he worked. He always seems to like wearing that hideous pink belt and then he will wear ripped jeans or a band t-shirt, a lot like me really. He also had these beautiful hazel eyes to die for and... fuck wait, did I just say beautiful eyes. What the fuck Gerard are you seriously retarded.

Okay so maybe he kind of has the looks, and I suppose I kind of envy him for that, but still he is really annoying. He sometimes gets the odd remarks about his pink belt, usually from me. I mean does that scream gay or what.

“Gerard!” My mother called, cutting me off my thoughts.

“Yes!” I shouted back.

“Come and do the washing up, don’t think you’re getting away with it again this time,” She yelled, no doubt straining her voice and she yelled to me from the kitchen.

I huffed then climbed off my bed and went downstairs, oh the joys of washing up.


I woke up in record timing this morning, and for a Tuesday that was a real shocker. I dashed into the bathroom before Mikey, but making sure to stick my tongue out at him first. I had a nice shower and washed my hair too, which was a real shocker too.

I then wrapped a towel around my waist and headed down to my bedroom. I walked down the creaking steps and finally was into the warmth sanctuary of my basement.

I walked over to my closet and yanked my faded black trousers from the hanger and my worn out leather jacket. I searched my draws for a decent t-shirt, preferably one that doesn’t need washing. I finally came across a black and white striped top and just went with that.

I plopped the clothes on and added some cologne and then went to by side table where my TV lay and pulled out a full face mirror out of the draw. I searched in the draw for some gel and came across a nearly empty tub, Urhh Mikey. Ahhh well suppose he needs it more than me.

I dabbed into the sticky substance and applied a little to my unruly hair, trying to tame it the best I could. Ruffling the top a little where the back of my hair was red. Then doing the same with my black hair at the front, only lighter. I looked myself over in the mirror and then looked at the clock. I realised that this was all I had time for and quickly grabbed my smashing pumpkins bag and watch and headed downstairs.

I was met by Mikey pulling on his hooded coat while trying to eat the rest of his toast.

“Thanks for using all of my gel you pansy,” I grunted but smiled as I loved to just piss off my little brother.

“Hey, do you want a knuckle sandwich? Because I’m about to make a delivery,” he said to me in a harsh but joking manner as he pulled his fist to me.

I just doubled over laughing at his bad attempt to look vicious and angry. He can pass looking like a Siamese cat yes, but scary no.

“You make me laugh Mikey, at least I can count on you to make me laugh,” I said as I patted him on the back and then went to the kitchen to collect some toast that lay on the side.

“I don’t intend to,” he said to me nudging his way past me, making sure to purposely, push me.

“Hey, watch where you’re walking Mikes,” I said and wacked him playfully on his head.

“Why, that’s what makes it so funny,” he smiled cheekily and then sticking his tongue out at me.

“Anyway we have to go now Gerard,” Mikey said pulling on his black Dr Martins.

“No really? I didn’t know we had to leave for school,” I answered sarcastically with my mouth wide open and putting my hand in front of my mouth.

“Yeah yeah sarcy, just hurry,” Mikey told me.

“I know I know, urhh geek,” I huffed and slipped on my black vans and wrapped my dark blue scarf around my neck. Then we headed up to Mom’s room to say bye before she left for work. She is so lucky, having chance to lie in as she doesn’t start work until nine thirty. I love my mom, she is so easy and laid back to talk to, not like most moms. Though she knows when to step in and doesn’t let us do any old shit, which I like, apart from when I try to get wasted with Mikey.


Mikey and I reached school bang on time and said our goodbye’s before parting ways to go to our forms.

When I got to mine, all I heard was “blah blah blah” while Frank was giving me evils as usual. Then for some reason miss stared at me while tapping her foot in annoyance. I looked up to her and gave her a puzzled look and she returned it with a raise of her eyebrows, as she caught my attention.

“Gerard, can’t you just listen for once please, this could benefit you,” she told me keeping her eyes latched to mine. Now every single pair of eyes were doing the same. Man I really need to start concentrating more.

“Anyway,” she carried on. Now fixing her eyes back on the class roaming her beady little eyes all over the students. I was still utterly confused with what she meant can ‘benefit’ me.

“As I was saying, have you all gave in you forms for the London trip?” she asked us. Wait what? London. Shit I had completely forgot about that. Normally I wouldn’t go on school trips and would protest not to. However, I had always said to Mikey that I would take him to London one day and go to all the great museums and to go on the London eye, then hopefully sneak out and go to some of the local bars. He has wanted to go for a long time, and he generally wants me to go. How could I say no?

“If not you still have now to hand in your forms , so has anyone got a form for me?” she asked awaiting an answer. I quickly rummaged through my bag looking for the envelop to the form. I hope to god I left it in here. I was in luck as I had and quickly got up my chair to give Mrs withers the form. She was even more repulsing the more you got closer, and to make that worse her hands brushed against mine. Then feeling her sweaty fingertips slide on my skin only lightly, but somehow managed to get some sweat from her finger on my hand. Yuck.

She then put it with all the other forms and then wrote something on her piece of paper that she looked over, covering her hook of a nose. Surly women looking as manly as she did were illegal surely?

She than looked up from the paper and smiled at us. “Okay then, I shall call out who’s sharing rooms.” She said then cleared her thought. As if it was going to get any higher pfft.

“Nell and Sophie. Jessica and Molly. Toby and Nathan. Gerard and Frank. Rob...”

Wait What! Me and Frank, Sharing a room? Ha-ha this is a joke right?

[*So, again please tell me what you think, i really wanted to do a proper high school frerard though mine, isn't your typical high school frerard :) it will get better ^^ thanks everyone for the support :) hugs xx coz
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