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The Argument

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I was so wound up in my thoughts as to why miss would; ever so kindly put us two together, out of all people in our class that I didn’t even register that the bell had gone.

I looked up from my desk to see that every single student, was now out of their seats and barging their way out of the door, and nosily making their way to the corridors. All I could hear were their loud voices bounce against the walls, creating noisy echoes so all the teachers would grumble.

I then grabbed my bag and hooked it on my shoulder, as I was only to be knocked over if I had it on my back like last time. I then got out of my seat and also headed for the corridors. Once I got out of the classroom, I was immediately, thrown around by the sea of people, trying to weave my way through the crowd, escaping their chaotic behaviour.

I finally scrambled out of the riot and came across a much clearer and surprisingly quiet corridor. I brushed my clothes only to find that I had a nice footprint on the front of my jeans, fantastic. I brushed the mark off and then relaxed a little, as I was now able to swing my bag onto my shoulders.

Sometimes I really hate my school, wait no rephrase that I always hate my school. The canteen plays nothing but stupid pop, speed garbage and all that crap music. The majority of that music doesn’t have a meaning and most get their songs fucking written for them. They all look plastic and you just know it’s only eye candy for all the sleazy guys to perv on, or the slangs.

Well that isn’t even the worst bit. All the students in this shithole ignore my existence and to top it off, Frank-fucking Iero hates me and yet, I have done nothing to him, don’t know him and I don’t think I want to either.

Just then my best friend comes strolling around the corner, like he fucking owns the place and I think you can gather exactly who that is.

My eyes narrowed as I came across his face and as I did his eyes met mine, full of angst and hatred. However, his lips curled into a devilish grin, moving his shiny lip ring around his thin lips as he smirked at me from the corner of his mouth.

“Well well if it isn’t Gerard gay,” he spoke smirking as he carried on walking in his organised fashion, almost looking practised as was so precise.

“Ha you can talk, you’re the one with the pink fucking belt,” I snapped back.

“Yeah whatever, your just jealous because you haven’t got one, all the girls love it,” he smirked, his little statement making him sound very feminine, despite his deep voice.

“Yeah,” I laughed. “Like who? Your mom,” I snorted. Feeling pretty happy with my quick witty remark.

“Oh Gerard, oh sorry I mean turd brain,” he smiled, “Please stop it, you’re making me laugh too much,” he said keeping a straight face the whole time, looking very un amused.

He is so bloody annoying; this just reminds me why I hate him so much.

“So, where Is your poodle?” I asked.

“What the fuck, have you seriously sniffed to much?” he asked now level with me, but wait no because he is a midget so he was up to my shoulders. Well okay, he was a little taller than my shoulders but not much.

“Shut up, I don’t do that shit anymore,” I shot back. Why do I always have to argue with him, sure enough this is nothing compared to the normal encounters we have, but I should just leave. Ignore him and walk away. I want to, I really do, but for some reason my feet just didn’t want to budge.

“Anyway, you don’t need to worry about Ray; I’m just here to tell you that I’m really looking forward to sharing rooms with you,” he smiled, but of course it was tainted with evil and was so fake that he was almost on par with Cruella de Vil. When he had the sides of his hair dyed white all he would of needed was the big furry coat. On the other hand, it would have probably swamped him.

“Yes me too, I’m reverting with excitement,” I rolled my eyes, “Just piss off would you, you are really doing my heading,” I said looking him straight in the eyes.

“Oh I’m soooo sorry, I will don’t worry I won’t stay long in your gay presence , but before I go you might want to tie your laces unless you want to fall flat on your face,” he said looking down at my feet.

“What?” I asked confused and looked down at my feet. Suddenly he pulled down my trousers leaving me clad in my boxers as my trousers were now around my ankles.

“Fuck you dickhead!” I shouted.

He was already running off down the corridor, laughing his head off. Man I wish his head really did come off. However, he stopped at the end of the corridor, lingering there a little longer and smirked at me before saying ‘sucker’ and running off.

Man how stupid, I’m fucking wearing vans.

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