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Letters between strangers.

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It started out with a letter. 1 simple meaningful letter, that I just poured my heart into. I didn’t intend on anyone reading it, but I’m sure thankful they did.

Dear whoever is interested enough to read this.

Soon your going to regret your interest, you see the truth is, no on is supposed to read this, it’s just a venting process. Too much is going on right now and none of this is good stuff.

My dad had to get taken into an ambulance the other week and they couldn’t do anything for him. He is now walking worse than ever and his leg and foot swell up whenever they feel like it. Not only do they not know what’s wrong with him but he doesn’t help himself! All he does is drink more. He insists he doesn’t have a problem but it’s very obvious he does.

Also, my grandma has some parasite eating away at her finger. It started off on the tip of her finger but carried on to the point where she now has no nail and soon no finger. My grandma is my best friend, she is always the optimistic but even she has started to doubt her ability to recover.

I wish this is where I say lastly, but it’s not my uncle suffered a brain tumour 7 years ago, it is right on his frontal lobe meaning all his nerves, hormones and more importantly his ability to see and continue to live are effected. The tumour has grown back, his vision is deteriorating and there’s nothing they can do for him.

My auntie has found a mole on her back, she hasn’t been to get it checked out because her husband is the uncle in the above paragraph, however, now she has and they are concerned about the color and what not.

Finally, YES FINALLY! I myself are not in the best of health. You see I have an abnormality, my left ear is larger than the other, now while some people don’t notice (or act like they don’t) others do, they feel the need to point it out to me and taunt me about it. I know I shouldn’t care I mean they’re just a bunch of small minded losers right? When you hear it for about 17 years of your life then it’s going to have an effect right? Well it has, and that’s why I am under going test after test after every flaming test! (which can I add does make you feel like an alien) to see if I can have an operation which could end in three ways:
Death, Success or Re-growth.
Also, weighing a poxy 6 stone 8 pounds means everyone is worried about my weight. I’m constantly getting asked if I “feel fat?” or “do you have an eating disorder?” which leaves me worrying, do I? when the answer is no! No I don’t! All this worrying is leaving me sleep deprived and iller.

So, there’s my life. I have amazing friends but someone once said that talking to a stranger is the best way to solve any problem. A clear, open-minded opinion is given.

Sorry for bumming you out, but thanks for reading this far. If on the odd chance you do reply then leave the note here. Where you found this depressing one.

Thank you,

That was the first letter. A sad and desperate letter which lead to something beautiful and promising.

I still have all the letters I wrote when I finally met my guy, he gave them me back in a bid to prove to me how far I have come. Which I have to admit was far.

I left this letter on a bench in a deserted part of the busy underground train station, not knowing weather or not it would get read strangely though I felt a little piece of mind from just writing all of my feelings down so anything else was a bonus.

Why didn’t I talk to a doctor or a psychologist or someone trained to deal with these sort of things? That’s exactly why, they are trained, they don’t give straight answers, they give answers in which they are told to give so “he’s in the best possible place” as they may be true at this moment in time it only feels like encouraging words, no believable truth. Don’t get me wrong I think both are brilliant and effective jobs, I myself and relationship councillor, they just don’t make the cut right now for me and my problems.

So as I’ve said, that is the first letter in which started me off on an unexpected adventure; not by myself, as I thought I was in that letter, but with the most amazing person in the world. My fiancé.

I slipped the note in a gap between the freshly painted wooden slats before getting on the 6:45 train home. Platform 4a, 3 stops, 20 minute journey away from me and my problems and my letter.

Fellow Commuter
Late for my train again! Stupid busy train station! I’m going to start driving to band practice from now on, it has to be so much easier. I decided as I had to wait 15 minutes for another train I’d sit on a bench in the loneliest bit of the platform. It was very dimly lit and not intentionally either, it was all the crap that has built up over the years what they have not been bothered to clean.

Poking up from the dark painted on the wood bench was a white piece of folded paper. Now I’m not normally one for curiosity but something kept drawing me to this letter. It was obvious it had writing on it. For a whole 5 minutes I was arguing with myself weather I should or shouldn’t read what this letter said I mean what if it was meant for somebody in specific? But it would have their name on it somewhere on the outside? In the end curiosity took the paper from the slats and read what was written slowly and carefully.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading some poor girl has just wrote down everything she felt for anyone to listen, well read. Normally I am good with my feelings, not a lot gets to me, but this did. All sorts of questions were floating around in my head like how long she’d been bottling this up for? But most importantly, what I could do to help.

My train pulled up and I stuffed the letter into my pocket inside my jacket. I don’t know why though I should of just left it and let someone else help this Evie. But I didn’t and on my whole journey to home I could just think of this letter. I don’t know why but I pictured Evie young and pretty, with dark brown hair and blue eyes.
“Hey darling” my girlfriend greeted me. Something was wrong, she never greeted me like this, in fact we’ve been arguing for the past few months so I should of guessed what was coming “I’ve got us an appointment at that relationship psychologist tomorrow so make sure you ring and tell them” she beamed before sitting down with her tea. That’s another thing, we don’t eat together because we normally end up arguing.
“Oh I will” I smiled a little before hanging my coat up and heading off to the kitchen to make my own tea. Truth be told I just keep thinking maybe it’s easier if we just broke up but no Stacey doesn’t seem to think so. So we just had the same routines as normal, tea, television, shower, writing or playing my guitar, bed - separate beds that is. All with minimal conversation and all on a time schedule. I was currently now up to getting ready for bed, its was half 11 and I’d been informed that the appointment was half ten. Just pulling my cover over me I remembered that letter and went and got it, being sure to be silent otherwise Stacey will go off on one. Getting settled into bed I got the pad I have at the side of my bed ready, it’s there normally for song lyrics that come to me, but this time it was going to have a whole different use. This time I was going to try and help this stranger.
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