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Life of routine

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He replies

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Dear Evie,

Firstly, I’m going to introduce myself. My name is Frank, I’m 23 and I’m in a band. I’m short with brown hair, I play rhythm guitar and the other guys in the band are my best friends. I like horrors, Rock and anything vegetarian.

Ok, so introduction over for me, how about you?

About your letter you wrote, I am going to try my hardest to offer you some suggestions. They may not be good but it is what would try.
1- Your dad. Have you tried talking to him about your concerns regarding his drinking? Maybe he is also worried and that is his escape route? Also, I’m sure your father will get letters soon regarding his leg and they will do every test possible in order to treat him. I myself spent extensive periods of time in hospital with multiple illnesses about 17 years ago and they treated me fine and since then technology and cures for almost everything have emerged. You just need a little faith.

2- You are close to your grandma that is evident .. You need to stay positive, because if she see’s you losing hope then she will too. You need to be strong around her and create a ‘normal’ atmosphere so she is calm. I know this may become difficult for you so you can always pour your heart out into another letter to me. Stay strong.

3- Your uncle. He has pulled through once so he’s strong and determined enough to do a second time. The fact it is a second time could make him more determined as he doesn’t want to lose a battle he has won once would he?

4- Your auntie. The main thing is she has made the doctors aware of it so they will keep checks and if anything causes them more alarm they will treat her in two seconds flat.

Lastly. I don’t want to compare my bullying to yours as mine stopped when I left school. Your “abnormality” is nothing to be ashamed of, it is part of you; not anybody else. You must feel strongly about this though if you are undergoing tests, and I think that people should support you and your decision. It is easy for people on the outside to judge because it is not them experiencing the torment. You on the other hand, do and you are right they are small minded but they are smart when it comes to making people feel shitty about themselves. Also, anyone can see that it must mean a great deal to you if one outcome is death.
Also, your weight, I bet people are just worried, but I can see where your coming from. Maybe keep a food diary and work out if it’s the food you eat or a medical condition. But if you feel comfortable and are not ill then I don’t see an issue.

Evie, you sound low in confidence but from your last letter I can tell you are caring, compassionate and have a beautiful personality. Do not be sorry for seeking out help. Which I hope that is what I did. Helped.

Feel free to write back. Keep the faith.
Frank x

I placed the letter where I found the first one, hoping that Evie will notice it and know someone is trying to help her, even if she doesn’t reply. I dropped it off on my way to this psychologist appointment. Yes things were that bad for me and Stacey that we were travelling separately to the same place, she taking the car; me taking public transport.

I arrived there at twenty five minutes past ten and arranged to meet Stacey in the little waiting room. This place was posh you could tell. Green plants in posh leather covered boxes, all dark brown with a coffee machine and desk carefully placed in the middle of the room with the four offices behind, each with different names on. The lighting was set on mood lights and the office smelt of coffee and something sweet. Stacey was sat reading her fashion magazine. She must buy at least 8 a week, and that is no exaggeration. I didn’t bother to sit down just stood looking around when I heard a click and one of the doors opened. A petite girl walked out her dark brown almost black hair was in a scruffy stylish bun, she had big bright blue eyes which was framed by thick black glasses and soft shade of pink lips. She was wearing a long pencil skirt, with light black tights, tucked in white shirt and a black cardigan. She was beautiful and in some way slightly how I pictured Evie. I must really get that girl off my mind and focus on my relationships, well lack of one, with Stacey. The small girl talked to the male receptionist for a short while whilst flicking through files, before picking up the thinnest one out of the pile. She looked around and noticed that we was the only ones waiting and walked over.
“Hi, you must be Mr. Iero and Miss. Hart?” This came out more as a question like she needed to check. Her voice was soft but not squeally and girly like Stacey’s. We both nodded in unison. “Well I’m Evelyn Scott, and I’m your relationship psychologist.” She smiled holding her hand out to shake both of ours. She didn’t look old enough to be a psychologist. “If you’d like to follow me we can get started” the friendly smile never leaving her face and she walked to her office, which was on the back wall behind the reception and held the door open for us.

After we got comfortable and she’d set her tape recorder up and explained the reason she was doing this we started the session. It felt more like an interview then a meeting.
“Miss Hart what do you think seems to be the problem in the relationship? And do you feel it is Mr. Iero causing the problem, a joint cause or yourself causing the problem?” She spoke quietly looking Stacey in the eyes and smiling.
“Truthfully, it’s Frank. He spends more time with his stupid band then he does with me. So I’m just left at our flat, reading magazines, watching Judge Judy and eating, soon I’m going to get fat. All because he’s ‘got band practice’ it’s stupid.” Stacey moaned putting a supposed version of my voice on.
“Mr. Iero, is your band your job or do you have a separate job?” Evelyn turned to me.
“The band is my job, we do some shows and we have 2 albums out. I have to put every effort I can in, in order for us to pay the rent on our flat. Stacey doesn’t seem to get that, she thinks I’m doing it to punish her for something but I’m not if I wanted to punish her I’d of stopped going to shows and getting paid and got us kicked out by now.” I told her truthfully, well that’s the whole point of this isn’t it?
“So do you feel that it is a misunderstanding on Miss. Hart’s part?” She pushed a little further.
“Yeah, I mean the band is the only source of income we have, I put double the hours in so that we can afford to live as she wont go out and get a job and she doesn’t realise that something’s got to give.” I said opening up more.
“She is still sat here, and if that’s how you feel why do you go out and buy another guitar hey? If we are so strapped for cash why are you buying a guitar? Exactly.” Stacey jumped in, not liking that I was criticising her.
“I bought one guitar as my other broke, you seem to forget I play guitar in the band Stacey, I can very well make the sounds with my mouth can I? And this is what you wanted, us to come to here in order to sort us out, I was willing to move out cause we both know it’s not working and it probably never will do, but no you want to spend more money, that we don’t have, on these pointless meetings in order to save us, when we both know we will go back to eating alone and generally living alone in the next few weeks. So if you don’t like what I’m saying lets just go home now and I will move out and live with Gerard.” I told her frankly facing her, before realising what I’ve said and fearing I may have offended Evelyn - who was just doing her job. “No offence, I bet you help many people I just feel that this is what me and Stacey need.” I said to her and she smiled and nodded her head.
“It’s fine Mr. Iero, you are not the first and wont be the last of them that have said that.” She said pushing the glasses further up her nose.
“Is that how you feel Frank?! Is it?! You don’t want me anymore so you’ll just drop me? You think your going to get big with this band and every girl will throw themselves at you? Well sorry but the little fantasy bubble you are living in is going to pop. Your band isn’t going to get big, it is just a stupid time wasting project that in two years or less will break up. You got that stupid scorpion tattoo so now the only proper job you can get is in McDonalds or cleaning toilets! Do you really think that’s the kind of person who I want to be seen with? A toilet cleaner. No. And as for leaving, live with Gerard, you two always had a thing going on. But you can’t leave because then I’ll be evicted and out on the street.” She spat at me angrily.
“I must ask you to calm down otherwise leave, anger will not resolve this issue and it will build up tension. The purpose of this is to let out feelings in a trusted and calm environment which suppresses the conflict and tension and makes a solution more foreseeable and achievable.” Evelyn spoke loudly and sternly but there was a comfort in her voice, she obviously had spoken that speech often.
“Sorry.” I said before looking at Stacey. “Stace we had something, it felt wonderful while it was there, but we don’t have a relationship now, we have separate lives and none of us will break it off. Your paranoid and think me and Gerard are at it, we’re not. I have you. I loved you and still do its just your holding this hostility towards me and I don’t understand it. You never support me and you never compliment me, just a little “wow that was good” would mean so much to me but you don’t. I don’t want to lose you, but at the same time I feel like we can’t spend the rest of our lives together because I don’t want a life of routine. I want change and spontaneity and I want to feel like that special person in my life is there to stay and I want to wake up in the morning with her next to me fast asleep and for me to look at her say ’you know what Frank you’ve found her’ I want to do all the cheesy mushy stuff that makes people sick, just because I love her. But with you I can’t, I’m scared that my head would be your next meal.” I told her truthfully “Stacey Hart you meant the world to me but now you don’t. I’m sorry but this is pointless and I can’t be with you no more. You was right this was going to help us, cause being here has made me realise that we’re not right for each other and I’ve just had the balls to tell you. I’m sorry.” I said looking at the floor then back at her.
“Fuck you.” She spat before throwing her key at me and walked out.
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