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Lover Boy

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Dear Frank,

I’m short, skinny (obviously from my last letter) and have blue eyes. I’m a councillor and I’ve known my best friend since high school where she helped me when my then best friend was falling out with me. I hate horrors but love chick flicks, I hate spicy food but love veggie food. Oh yeah I’m veggie. Finally, I don’t have a particular style of music, I probably however do lean towards the rock side though.

I honestly did not expect a letter back, didn’t think anybody would care enough. But thank you.

There’s been some progress with my dad. They now know what is wrong with him however still no closer to getting a way of fixing him.

My grandma’s had a biopsy and they have taken half of her finger just for it. The doctor, who is the best in this area, has never seen this before and said she is most likely will have to have her finger amputated. They however, at this hospital, didn’t wrap up her finger properly so its now got infected even more and she’s now going crazy.

No news on my uncle just yet, he’s just going for more and more tests as well as going to court as the council seem to think he is able to work and stopping his source of income. Obviously he cannot work, he can’t even see properly!

My auntie is having her mole removed so they can test it and be sure it’s not, well you know.

Finally, thank you. You get it that its easier said than done to ignore these people. I’m sick of them and what’s the point in passing up an opportunity that could end the bullying. New people I meet wouldn’t know unless I told them. So by having this operation is me not making life harder for myself.
Also, about my weight, your right! I am comfortable and happy, the only time I’m not is when nice pretty clothes don’t fit me, but I can deal with that! I understand people worry but I’m not, I just can’t help my weight and my food preferences.

Anyway I am piling my problems on you and I’ve just realised how rude I have been, do you want to talk about any problems you have? I can help people better than I can help myself. I’m here if you want to talk. And thank you for your help you have made me realise so much and my mood is improving.

Evie x

I wrote back to Frank and put the letter where I found my other one. I’d arrived early at the train station so I could read the letter and write back whilst waiting for my train home. Today I was brave, I wore my hair in a bun, the first time I’ve worn my hair up since I’ve been working in my job. I’ve been there for two years nearly now. The bun however was on the back of my head meaning I could cover my ear with the hair going into a bun making it not visible. You see when you want to wear your hair up when your me, you have to think and place this things correctly otherwise you get the stares.

Anyway at work I only had two clients today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning couple however was not very successful. The guy, short, black hair, tattoo’s and beautiful decided to call it off with his girlfriend, short, blonde and appearance obsessed. It’s hard sometimes to get a couple to compromise when you can see where one person is coming from more. I mean the guy was in a band and that was their only source of income as the girl didn’t work and by the sounds of it didn’t want to work but didn’t like that the guy had to go and play shows and so for to make money.

My train pulled up into the platform standing and making sure my letter was safe I walked away from the bench stepping on to the train. Tonight I was going to a party that my parents were hosting. No doubt to get me a ‘lovely, young man’. They we’re obsessed with finding me a partner even though I don’t want one. Plus all my mother and fathers friends sons are well to be brutally honest .. Posh. I’m not posh, I’d rather sit in my flat, eating Chinese, watching my chick flicks or my Bourne box sets and in my sweats and panthers jumper rather than going to ‘dinner dates’ and gala’s. But despite that I still have to go. I’ll have Lydia with me anyway so that means I wont be totally alone.

I got home and realised I had at most an hour to get ready before mum and dad would send the car around to pick me up. That’s another thing, I don’t drive to my mum and dads as they fear my driving would make me crash or something so they said a car around, that and the fact they think I can have a drink then, even though I don’t drink. I dumped my stuff and rang Lydia.
“Hello, you better still better be coming tonight, you cannot leave me alone.” I said whilst getting the shower ready resting the phone in between my shoulder and ear.
“I am coming but only because of that dishy waiter your parents always hire” Lydia said giggling at the thought of the waiter. She literally stalks him whenever there is a party. “Anyway what are you wearing?” she asked and I explained how I hadn’t a clue. We decided on an outfit for me to wear, it had to be a dress, only a dress for these sort of occasions. I told Lydia what time to come round for and disconnected and got in the shower. The hot water felt lovely on my skin and aching muscles, my skin prickling and going red I just wanted to stay there all night. Finally getting out to the misty bathroom I quickly put my face cream on and went into the bedroom to get ready. I styled my hair so that it was poker straight, my ruler straight fringe sitting just below my eyebrows matching the rest of my shoulder length dark brown hair. My make up was to a bare minimal apart from my dark lipstick on my lips. I am quite fortunate that I suit most shades of lipstick, where some people don’t suit dark colours or bright colours, such as red, I do. I slide into my dress and shoes and grabbed my bag and ran downstairs just in time to meet Lydia who was just opening the door. Me and Lydia are that close now we have keys to each others flats and just let ourselves in.
“How do I look?” She asked giving me a twirl.
“If the waiter doesn’t offer you a volauvent this time then he defiantly has to be gay” I winked at her putting my cameo women necklace on. It didn’t really go but I never took the necklace off. It was my great grandma’s who passed it down to my grandma, who passed it down to my mum and who when finally I moved out passed it down to me.
“Shut up” Lydia said blushing and sitting down. “You look good by the way, I knew that dress would suit you.” She smiled, of course Lydia was going to be right, she was a fashion designer after all and picked out this dress for me. Not long after that the drive came to take us to my parents.

We pulled up to the familiar marquee up in the garden and the numerous amount of cars parked wherever there was a space. We walked in and had our coats taken by one of the waiters and my mother rushing over making a huge fuss over me.
“Darling!” she hugged me tightly “how have you been?!” she shrieked pulling away slightly looking at my face for any hint of me not coping on my own.
“I’ve been fine mum, just busy with work like always” I flash her a toothy smile before walking in to the living room, Lydia looking around for the waiter.
“How have you been Lydia darling? Every time I ring Evelyn I always ask about you, did she tell you that?” My mother now turned giving Lydia a hug. When me and Lydia became close we used to stay over at each others houses every Friday night without fail, so my mum and dad started seeing Lydia as another older daughter they’d never had.
“I’ve been good thank you Christine, you and David ok?” she asked politely, pausing her rapid looking round for a moment.
“We’re always ok darling.” My mum smiled before adding “well you know the drill go anywhere and have a good time, I must really see what is going on with this pavlova, I should of just made it myself” my mum said before rushing off into the kitchen. Truth is, my mums cooking is shocking and not in a good way.
“Lover boy is in the garden” I smirked to Lydia before walking out and getting a glass of orange of another waiter. Looking around there was the familiar faces who are here every time, but there was also some new faces who I’ve never recognised. My mum going around chatting to everyone she could and Lydia was flirting and distracting Jamie, the waiter, as usual I decided to go and stand near the food and drinks table, despite mother telling me that it showed greed when a lady did that. Pouring myself another orange this time going a little wild and adding a splash of Champaign making a bucks fizz, I felt a soft hand on the bottom of my back as someone came up at side of me.
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