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Late trains and spottings.

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Dear Evie,

You sound very much like a girl I have recently met. She was lovely I must say. However, I highly doubt I will be seeing her again as she provided me and well my now ex-girlfriend with relationship psychology which didn’t work.

Anyway, I told you things would start happening to soon, I know your dads is only minor progress but at least they now know what is happening also this means that they can help him soon and don’t have to keep ruling out what is wrong.

Your grandma will be fine, they’ve done test the next step is action, in a way it is sort of like a similar process as your dads, he’s gone through tests and now is going to face action. And as for her going crazy, has she ever been in hospital before? And not only that but this is going to be a shock for her so it’s bound to make her forget stuff and do things should wouldn’t normally do.

Your uncle, has a legit case so he will win his court case and again the tests will provide more light on the problem and maybe they can find a different solution then an operation and what he has already had.

Your auntie, will be ok and at least they are doing steps to test it but I bet it’s nothing.

As for you, your welcome, at least you’ve got one less thing to worry about I hope? And if so we’ve worked through one problem soon they all will be gone and you’ll be back to your old cheerful self I am guessing that’s what you was.

As for me, nothing ever exciting happens in my life, my bands writing their third album but process is slow and tiring and I split up with my girlfriend of 3 years but that’s all. I’m fine but thank you. I am just glad that you are feeling happier and hopefully a little bit more stress free?
And don’t feel rude about it, I didn’t mind and still don’t just happy to help.

Frank x

I found the letter, just as my train went. I’m pretty sure I saw someone leaving the bench though to get on the train. I didn’t get a proper look at them but I’m sure it was girl. In a way I don’t want to meet this Evie, well not until we’ve solved her problems and even then I am not sure if I’d want to. It touched me how she asked if everything was ok with me though, it shows she’s caring and puts other people first. I wrote my response and left it there, I knew no one else would touch it as they never go this part of the train station, not even the cleaners.

Tonight I had to go to a party. My fathers friends were hosting a party and he thought with me living by myself now that it’d be good to get me out more, so they dragged me to the party. No doubt it will be full of rich posh snobs who are talking about their latest holiday they’re about to go on, no doubt to some expensive exotic location. You could tell it was posh. It was a suit and bow tie job. Now my parents, well dad, is well off but as much as he offers to pay my rent or buy me a better car I refuse. I don’t want to be one of these kids who live off daddy’s money, I want to be able to say ‘I earned that myself‘ or ‘I bought that with the money I earned’ no matter how much I’m struggling.

My dad picked me up from what used to be mine and Stacey’s apartment and we pulled up outside the country house. They had a big white marquee up on their perfect green grass, suggesting it was going to be rather busy. We walked into the house, a young waitress taking our coats off to some other room and another waiter walking over offering us a selection of drinks on his tray. I decided on orange and my father taking a glass of Champaign. We walked round and went outside to talk to the host. He was a skinny man with black hair which was very grey at the sides, it was very clear he had a foreign heritage which I later found out was Italian. Looking round there was nobody I knew.
“Oh my daughter has just arrived” David spoke as we heard shrieking from the house. I looked at him slightly surprised wondering how he knew.
“Evelyn rarely visits anymore, she works every weekday and most Saturdays and on Sundays its her day of rest so she doesn’t want to be taking a hour drive to come see her old folks no more, understandable really. Anyway I know because my wife only ever shrieks like that when she arrives.” David answered guessing my surprise.
“Oh right.” I smiled looking round. I found the conversation slightly interesting believe it or not, they was talking about the good old days of music and whilst I didn’t like most of the bands it still made decent conversation. After a while I decided my glass had been empty long enough so I walked over to the drinks and food table where a girl who I had not seen all night stood making herself orange. As I got closer I saw her and instantly recognised her, it was Evelyn Scott the psychologist, of course it was, how many other people have you heard of called Evelyn, it was an old fashioned and uncommon name nowadays. She was wearing a lace slightly gothic dress which was slightly high neck, long lace sleeves stopped just above her skinny but fantastic pale knee’s with some black boot heels on and deep purple lips. I put my hand gently on the bottom of her back while I leaned forward getting a fresh glass. She turned to look at me and a slight look of shock apparent on her face. She was just about to speak when her mother came over.
“Evelyn you must really stop drinking orange juice and have some alcohol, you are legal age for it my dear and you have a much better time” she said, slightly tipsy herself.
“Mother, I have told you I don’t drink” she spoke politely looking at her.
“I see you have met Mr. Iero” she spoke ignoring her comment and looking at me “nice to meet you, your fathers told us much about you, it’s about time we met you.” Her mum smiled at me, still sober enough for introductions. “Anyway this is my daughter Evelyn, Evelyn this is Fra-” Her mum didn’t get to finish as Evelyn interrupted.
“Frank Iero, I know mother I have met Frank on a previous occasion.” She spoke softly looking at me. Something about the way she spoke made me smile, she had an old fashioned feel about her which added to her attractiveness.
“Oh well I see I am not needed.” Her mother smiled light heartedly “if you need anything ask one of the waiters, even though they are slacking tonight, and if not ask Evelyn she will get it for you Frank” and with that her mum wondered off to talk to her husband.
“Sorry about her, she gets over excited about new people” she apologised for her mother.
“It’s fine.” I smiled standing up straight once I’d finished pouring my drink. “I feel I owe you an apology about what I said in the meeting, I mean I basically insulted your job so I apologies profusely.” I smiled looking down at her slowly. I was slightly taller than her.
“Oh it’s fine, I get where your coming from, I am just sorry I couldn’t help you both out more, it was apparent you didn’t want to be there but I can tell you cared about her as you turned up. So I am sorry that I didn’t try and help with a solution.” She smiled softly “are you ok though?” she touched my arm gently “I mean I know you broke up with her but it’s still hard for some people.” She generally sounded concerned for me and not just because it was her job.
“I’m fine, I bet you thought that she had a point about the band, but I believe in it and I’ve always been told you can achieve if you believe.” I spoke truthfully.
“Actually, I believed you had more of a point than herself. Your obviously successful if you have two albums out already, and if she didn’t like it then she should of got a part time job or even a full time job, there are plenty out there which cover the hours I presume you work. And not only that but your job I’m guessing is more than a job and to be pretty honest, it’s pretty rad what you do.” She smiled speaking in a not so old fashioned manner with “rad” causing me to smile.
“Your absolutely right, see if she had your brains then we’d of been fine.” I smiled as we continued chatting away. She told me about her best friend Lydia and just general stuff about her and I told her about me. All the while her beautiful smile never leaving her face. It did once and that was when her best friend Lydia came over.
“He’s got a girlfriend” She looked sad at Evelyn “go work your magic and make them split up and him be with me” she looked at Evelyn, who was blushing and frowning, Lydia was obviously drunk.
“I don’t make people break up, I try and make them see a solution to their problems Lyds and he’s obviously not worth it if it isn’t you who is his girlfriend.” She smiled giving her friend a glass of water. She looked up at me and mouthed sorry, while encouraging Lydia to drink the water who looked at me afterwards.
“Oh I’m sorry you was talking to somebody and I just came over. I’m sorry Eves.” Lydia said looking like she was going to cry at any moment.
“Hey it’s ok, Lydia this is Frank Iero, Frank this is my best friend Lydia” Evelyn introduced us and I shook Lydia’s hand, who looked sleepy.
“Lydia we’re going to stay here tonight, your drunk and going to fall asleep at any moment so lets get you to bed yeah?” Evelyn said softly to her best friend who’s head was on her shoulder. She’d gone sleep.
“Here let me help you.” I said smiling putting my drink down and picking Lydia up bridal style. As funny and cute it was watching Evelyn trying to wake the sleeping girl up without hurting her she was getting frustrated.
“Thank you so much, she fancies the waiter and well yeah” she smiled walking through the house whilst politely asking people to move out of the way for me. She led me to a bedroom, I’m presuming a spare one. “Here’s her room” she smiled running over clearing the random objects off the bed.
“She has her own room?” I asked placing her on the bed slowly whilst Evelyn got out pyjamas.
“Of course she does” she giggled a little, “she used to always stay over, so we had enough rooms so we gave her one” She smiled and started to put the night clothing on her friend who was well in land of nod. I turned round not particularly wanting to see the sight of her best friend in underwear. “Will you do me another favour please?” Her soft voice broke the silence.
“Of course I will, what is it?” I asked still not turning around.
“There’s glasses in the bathroom, will you please bring me a glass of water for her.” She asked obviously struggling to change the girl. I went and did as she said and when I came back out she had changed her and covered her up, she was currently bent down looking in the bedside cabinet, she put two tablets and the glass of water on the side and a little note,

Hey drunkie,
Take these they will help with your headache, I’ll get Mary to make you a burnt bacon sandwich in the morning.
Evie x

I looked at her note and instantly recognised the writing. I think I’ve found Evie.
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