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Like God

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Day after the party.

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Dear Frank,

You always seem to be right. It’s kind of spook, like God or something. I have no new news on any of my problems today but thought I should write back to thank you for how kind you have been replying every time without fail. Helping me with the problems I have been drowning in for months now.

You are like a safety ring to me at the moment. I know your probably getting bored of being my agony aunt by now but I’m going to be a little cheeky and ask if you will keep checking this bench for future letters because I know the results are due soon and I can’t speak to my best friend as she has gone over the edge, drowning her sorrows, because she is going to be alone for ever because her lover boy has got a lady friend. I just need a rock right now and my usual one is crumbling due to lack of self-confidence. But if you are bored or busy or both then no worries. Thank you anyway.

Evie x
P.S. My eyes are always open if you need any help. (I’d say door but … given the communication method then yeah)

I dropped my letter off at the same deserted bench. It’s strange how people can relate to objects for example, when I left my first letter at that bench, I felt abandoned. I don’t know if it was by somebody or by my ability to normally keep quiet about my issues. I don’t what it was I just felt empty. However, since I started talking to Frank I slowly am starting to feel my good old self coming back.

I checked on Lydia before I left this morning, giving her to good old pet talk on reassurance as to why Jamie was not right for her and how it was his lose. Truthfully it was his lost. She is an amazing person; with bags of character who could cheer anyone up. So he’s missing out not her.

I have 2 days free from as I have no clients or paperwork for 2 days meaning today, Saturday and Sunday free. Go me. I left Lyd’s at my house and decided to take the train into town. Yes, I could of drove there but there’s just something about talking to Frank that makes me happy I left my letter and took to my task of collection everything on my shopping list, which consisted of:
Bread, eggs and milk
New shoes for Lydia to cheer her up
Cake - lemon cheese cake for Lyds, chocolate for me
My Chemical Romance tickets for tomorrow x2
New lipstick - nude for me

I had just finished my shopping list and decided to get a coffee just before I went to get my train when I bumped into the person who makes them butterflys flutter in my belly. Frank.
“Somebody has been busy.” He looked at my shopping bags smiling.
“Oh I have days off so decided come buy some stuff to cheer Lydia up” I smiled indicating to the shoes.
“Ah, my best friends never buy me shoes when I’m down” he frowned cutely.
“That’s because your best friend isn’t me” I giggled a little.
“That’s true.” He smiled. “How is Lydia? She still sad about Jamie?” he looked at me smiling as we started walking out of the shop.
“She’s heartbroken” I laughed a little dodging the angry business people coming our way.
“Aw she will be ok though” he smiled “he seemed weird anyway, I went to get a drink off him and he was very erm..” he searched for the right word. “Foreword” he giggled nervously rubbing the back of his neck softly.
“He is, mother only says she wants him because of Lydia” I smiled. “I best go anyway, I’m cooking tea for her tonight and I’ve got to get home.” I smiled about to walk off.
“Wait, can I have your number? You seem good fun and I’d love to take you out for a drink sometime.” He looked at me messing with his silver lip ring, something he must do when he is nervous “not that you drink” he said laughing a little. After exchanging numbers I set off on my journey home, spotting another letter addressed to me. I picked it up before jumping on the train a big smile on my face. On the way home I couldn’t stop replaying last night in my head and before in my head, he was flirting, defiantly was, was he? Oh god I’m the rebound girl. And to top it off I sound like a love sick puppy. I’ve known him day. Down girl.

I got home and cooked Lydia tea while she erased Jamie out of her mind by starting at her new shoes. She’d been going on about them for ages now so I decided what better way to cheer her up then get them for her. Volia they did the job. I cooked the stir-fry for us and give Lydia her pieces of chicken so she could add them herself. While we was sat down watching Friends I decided to tell her everything.
“So let me get this right” she said taking a drink a drink of coke. “Your writing letters to a Frank about your problems and he’s replying?” she looked at me waiting to confirm which I did with a swift nod. “And your client was called Frank and he was at your party last night?” Once again I nodded. “Maybe it’s the same one?” she took a mouthful of stir-fry “wait you said how he mention in the letter he’d split up a day after party Frank split up? It’s him! It has to be. Too much of a coincidence for it not to be.” Lydia pointed out what I’d started to think.
“So what do I do? I mean I have his number, I could ask?” I said looking at her.
“No, find out as much as you can in the letters to make sure it is first.” She smiled. “Evelyn Scott has found a guy!” She chirped smiling her little head off.
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