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Gerard starts noticing somethings different

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Dear Evie,

I will never get tired of your letters, so do not worry about me getting bored. As for thanking me, there is really no need, you just needed reassurance and suggestions, which is the easy part. You did the hard part.

I would also like to say thank you, for your touching words on if there’s anything you could help me with, well there is, I need your advice on something that I think you can give me some light on. If that’s ok?

Also, I would like to get to know you better, if that is what you want? I just thought that I could be a friend as well as a agony aunt. Have you done anything fun this week or anything out of the ordinary happen? I went to a party last night and met a girl, that’s what I need your help with. Cause well your female and I’m a male and I don’t get females.

How is your best friend by the way? How come she has had her heartbroken? I hope she’s ok. My best friend is single and is looking out for a girl, it’s just awkward finding one who appreciates the band and that we are hardly at home, if you get me? That’s the reason me and my ex split up she didn’t understand that and moaned all the time at me. She never complained when we went to the premiers though and she got to dress up and stuff. Oh no it was “Frank’s job is amazing and I totally support him” HA. Anyway she will find somebody (your best friend I mean), I’m trying to set my best friend up. He’s like a perfect guy, treats women with the up most respect, I’m pretty sure he goes on these women protests as well if I’m honest. If all else fails we could set them up!

I will check this bench everyday for a letter. They cheer me up as I a) I know I am helping somebody and b) that your progressing and c) I like how you have a witty sense of humour despite you feeling down.

Frank x

I posted my letter between the similar slats before heading off to work. I read hers and sat and wrote my response then headed off to the studio.
“Finally! Mikey hold the phone, we don’t need that search party no more! The wonderer has returned!” Gerard joked as soon as I walked in.
“I’m not that late.” I said blankly dumping my stuff in the corner of the room and picking up my other best friend, my guitar.
“No, of course not. Half an hour is not late that much.” Gerard said sarcastically. “So who is she?” he asked. What a random question. What was more random was that I myself didn’t know the answer.
“Shut up and play.” I said looking at the chords I was about to play.

After about an hour and half we decided to quit for dinner. Not feeling that hungry I informed the guys that I’d stay at the studio. What surprised me more however was that Gerard said he to would stay. One thing you should know about the Way’s, especially Gerard, is that they never pass up the opportunity to get coffee, especially Starbucks. Hence why I was surprised.
“So what’s going on?” Gerard asked breaking the silence, which wasn’t awkward just comfortable, after 5 minutes.
“Nothing. I don’t get why you think something is.” I told him whilst sitting down on the used, worn in sofas, picking up the nearest magazine, which turned out to be music weekly.
“How long have I know you Frank Iero?” He asked surprising me for the second time today and catching me off guard.
I paused wondering why he was asking such a peculiar, “umm about 7 years?” I questioned, not actually sure myself.
“And we’ve been through a lot right? My alcoholism, family deaths etc with long on going lists.” he said facing me on the table “So I know problems, secrets and on goings about you.” He looked me right in the eye. “Dude, it’s just me and you here, I want to help if I can.” Well after that everything came out. I carried all her letters around with e so I showed him them.
“Gerard, I - I’m drawn to her. I just want to help her. And I know it’s Evelyn Scott my relationship councillor, behind the words. I just know it is. And I know I’ve only met her twice and hardly know her but -” I looked at the floor and carried on “I know she’s special, and I know that I have a strong feeling of protection towards her.” I looked up at his face slowly. “I also know she’s not a rebound girl.” I needed to clear that up with him.

Gerard sat in complete silence for a couple of minutes processing the data like a computer. “You’ve never spoken about a girl like this before. She seems pretty special.” He said taking the magazine out of my hands. “Just talk to her more and convince her she’s not a rebound. Relationship councillor or not she will think that’s what she is.” he handed me my letters back. “And make sure she is ok in these dude you are the most caring guy I know and your hot” he said with a wink, make me a smile a little; lightening the black mood that had come over us. “She will see that, and see you for who you are.” He said noticing the band on their way back. “And I’m always here for you. Plus if her friend needs a little convincing on your genuine reasons on your confession of love then send her my way.” He flashed his infamous cheeky grin just before they all walked in. Yes as attractive and popular Gerard is, he’s not found the right lady. He’s single; but so is Lydia. Obviously I didn’t tell Gerard about me adding the bit about setting him up with her friend if all else fails. Think that can be a little secret of ours.
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