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Bonus points

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Another one of Evelyn's parents parties, this time with a twist.

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Dear Frank,

I am so glad to read that you will not tire of receiving my moaning letters. And you really do underestimate how much you have helped me. You have shown me a different way of viewing my problems and that has helped me to deal with them better; that is why I find it necessary to thank you like I have done.

I would be delighted to help you, what’s the problem with this girl? I am sure what ever the issue is we can resolve anything you and me.

My best friend fancied this guy who turned out to have a girlfriend, so she thinks she is never going to find love ever again. She will. She’s one of those people where you have to have a psychological illness not to like her. I mean her personality is amazing, she’s funny and up for most things (as long as it does not involve slating Mark Webber off!) and she is so pretty. One of the prettiest girls I know. However, your idea of setting them both up is very appealing; he sounds lovely and in a way the kind of person Lydia would go for. Also, your ex has obviously touched a nerve, are you sure you don’t want to talk about it? I’m a relationship councillor so it might help?

About getting to know each other better. I can’t think of anything better than to do so. My favourite food is macaroni cheese with cheese bread crumbs and chives on top. I have 2 favourite films (well 4 in reality) and they are 10 Things I Hate About You and the Bourne trilogy. If I feel like I’ve had a terrible day then I watch 10 Things as Heath Ledger saying “somebody’s got their panties in a twist” in his Australian accent as well as singing “I love you baby” has to be the best thing to cheer any girl up. And I watch Bourne if there is nothing on television and my best friend is not coming round. I love dogs and when I was living with my parents I had two pugs, one was fat and I called him Chunk and the other was skinny and I called her twigs. I now have no pets because I just prefer not to. My parents are well middle class and I’m looked upon as conservative but I want a kind of guy that my mother warned me to stay away from. You know tattoo’s and piercings and where’s make up. But I also like the whole cheesyness of a relationship. I also don’t drink as I cannot handle it very well. How about you?

Thank you for keeping checks on the bench, I am glad that you seem to be just as happy as I am when I see a letter. And thank you for describing my sense of humour as “witty” when most people tend to describe it as dry.

Evie xx

I posted my letter whilst on the phone to my mother. She was planning another party however this one was to raise money for charity in a “fun” way.
“I don’t want to do the bid a girl auction thing so I was thinking maybe people pay to go on a blind date kind of thing. It’s interesting and raising money. What do you say? Oh and you and Lydia have to come. I mean Mr. Iero’s son is going to be there.” She spoke down the line to me which suddenly caused me to pay more attention.
“I come to every other one of your parties don’t I? And so does Lydia so we will be there for this one.” I told her smiling at the thought of Frank.
“Tonight. Half pat seven the car will pick you up. Same attire as last time remember.” She informed me. “I must dash anyway I have to ring everybody else. So much to do.”

I rang Lydia and told her and I went and got ready making sure to wear a different dress this time. Once I wore the exact same dress as the previous party and my mum thought the world was going to end. This time I decided on a pink nude coloured dress had a silk triangle where my ribs and side was and had one strap with a silk belt sown in. It was fitted showing off my waist which I have to admit was tiny, and even with my peep toe pink nude heels on the dress was still floor length, make me look taller. I decided on a lipstick red as appose to a lip-gloss red which was a lot more shocking. My hair I clipped back to the back of my head with one of my matching flower clips. I really did look different then the last time Frank saw me, which of course was the aim. I waited for Lydia to come round and was nervously fidgeting and messing with anything I could get my hands on. I didn’t understand why I was so nervous then every so often I’d see Frank when he asked me for my number and remembered why. I really do need to grow up. I’m acting like a high school girl with some crush on a teacher or something.

Lydia finally came round, just in time, and she looked amazing. She was wearing a red silk gown which stopped just above her knees and was backless, a feature she loves in dresses, with some black heels which had ribbon that tied in a bow around her ankles. Her brown hair wavy with her sweeping fringe completed the look. She didn’t even come into the house just got straight in the car me following.
“So are we doing blind date?” She looked at me smiling. “And do not let me near Jamie this time, god I made such a fool of myself then came and bugged you while you was hitting it off with mr fancy pants” she smirked looking at my blushing face.
“I don’t find that amusing one bit Lydia Smith and I made mum not hire Jamie again, as a precaution you know. And yes I think we are” I smiled and thanked the driver as I stepped out on to the familiar gravel of the front area.

It was so different then it is whenever they throw a normal party - this time they had various activities going on all around the garden. From kiss me quick to sponge throwing. Once everybody was here my mother and father stood up on the patio to explain everything that was happening.
“Hello everybody, thank you for coming tonight it means a great deal. As you know this is for charity and I bet you are all wondering ‘why this charity?’ well me and David are going to tell you.” My mother spoke out smiling. “As most of you will know by now the local hospital has helped not just me but my family through so much. They are currently trying to treat my husband for his walking problems, my mother with her finger issues, they are working on ways in which they can help my daughter and they are treating various other members of my family. In a way to repay them I thought why not raise some money for them. I thought about doing a sponsored run, then I took one look at myself in the mirror and well I am sure you can figure out.” My mum indicated to her plump body. “Then I remembered all my lovely generous acquaintances, so hence why we are here tonight. There are various productions going on tonight, we have sponge throwing, kiss me quick, blind date and card and gambling games for the gentleman. I want you all to enjoy yourself but I also want you to remember why we are here tonight. To give. Thank you” She smiled and nodded a little before turning to my dad and kissing him triumphantly.

Me and Lydia looked round and talked to people until I spotted him. He was stood talking with his father and an unfamiliar boy who had very pale skin and very red hair. Just as my eyes went to his face after looking him up and down he looked over at me smiling. Deciding that I should at least hold a bit of decorum I nodded my head towards him smiling as he raised his glass whilst nudging the red head at the side of him. I quickly turned away so my back was towards them and continued talking to Lydia and the gentleman who was paying interest in her.

I did my rounds like my mother expected of me and talked to each and everyone of the people who was present in my childhood. However, I purposely missed out Frank and co as I realised rushing over there would show I was desperate. And I’m not. Ok maybe just a little bit. I was just about to get another non alcoholic cocktail when I felt somebody pulling on my arm. That somebody turned out to be my mother.
“Darling, your turn on Blind Date. Go go go!” She said enthusiastically pushing me on the little stage set up on the patio. There was a small amount of people gathered round watching.
“So who are you? And what do you do?” The host said smiling. The host happened to be the next door neighbour.
“Oh this is for real” I said nervously, I don’t do well in front of crowds. “I’m Evelyn Scoot and I’m a relationship councillor.” I smiled biting my lip, looking round for Frank. Damn I knew I should of talked to him before.
“Ok well Evelyn you get three questions to ask each other the mystery men, so what is your first question.” She asked smiling at me then the crowd. Think fast Evie think fast.
“What is Jason Bourne’s real name in the Bourne trilogies?” I asked. Now this may seem trivial but Bourne is one of my favourite films so its important they know these facts.
“Jason Bourne is called James Cobb in real life.” Mystery man A said. He had a black mark against his name already, as that name belonged to Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception.
“Jason Bourne’s real name is David Webb.” Mystery man B said. I recognised his voice but couldn’t put my finger on where from.
“Jason Bourne’s real name is Matt Damon.” Said Mystery man C. Although her was wrong at least Matt Damon was to do with Bourne.
I smiled whilst thinking of my second question. “I don’t like spicy food, how would you spice up my life?” I asked smiling and feeling a little daring. This caused a little chuckle from members of the little audience.
“I’d take you on my yacht and we could go dolphin watching.” Mystery man A said, to be honest he wasn’t exactly winning in my books.
“I’d do spontaneous and cheesy gestures to make you happy and smile everyday.” Mystery man B said. I’m liking the sound of B.
“Pick me and I’ll spice up your life sweetheart.” Mystery man C said with a smirk that was evident in his voice. Now that was just crude.
“Final question darling.” The neighbour said smiling.
“Ok” I smiled back. “Finally, what makes you so different?” I smiled. My questions we’re actually shockingly awful.
“I’m flash and I’m fun.” Said the first guy. Nope defiantly not for me.
“I’ll listen to you and try and make you smile at least once a day.” Said number two.
“I’m hot.” Said the vain third guy.
“Well that’s all your questions used up Evelyn so please, pick your man!” The host shrieked with her hand on my shoulder.
“I pick B.” I said after a short while. I had to still make it look like I was thinking I mean after all I have probably known the other two people for several years, so it would be considered rude of me not to give them a moment of thought.
“Well then B show your face!” The host said whilst walking over to the curtain where he revealed himself. It was Frank. That’s how I knew the voice!
He walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear. “Thank god for that, I’ve only put myself down for this so I could get a date with you.” He smiled against my cheek before looking at me and waiting for the host to finish off what she was saying.

We got off the stage and went and got that drink I was trying to get before being whisked off on to the stage.
“Did you know it was me?” He asked pouring himself a Jack Daniels and coke.
“Honestly, no. I recognised the voice I just didn’t know where and to be fair I know most of these people.” I looked at him smiling and sipping on my brightly coloured cocktail.
“Well I’m just glad you liked what you heard. The other two guys were so sure you’d pick them, they was like your childhood friends I think.” He laughed looking at me a smile playing on his lips.” Do you fancy a walk around the gardens miss?” He looked at me biting his lip, which wasn’t homing a piercing. Just as I was about to answer I heard “My name is Lydia Smith and I’m a fashion designer.”
“Oh Gerard’s on now.” He smiled and put his hand around my waist and walked us over to the stage.
“I’m presuming Gerard is the red head you was with before?” I asked looking up at him smiling. He must always have that smile on his lips. The only time I think I’ve seen him frown is when we was in the office and he was telling his then girlfriend that it was over.
“Yeah, do you know the Ways?” He looked down at me and saw me nodding. “Well he is the older one.” He informed me stroking my hip through my dress.
“My first question is Who wrote Here Comes the Sun?” Lydia spoke clearly, this was her favourite song so it was clear as to why she chose this as a question. Lydia was one of the small minority that enjoyed public speaking, she enjoyed the thrill of the adrenaline pumping around her body, the butterflies fluttering about like they are trying to escape out of your belly. That just wasn’t for me, I preferred to enjoy the comfort of just shying away in the corner.
“Paul McCartney.” said the first man, who was stocky and had a comb over.
“John Lennon wrote the masterpiece.” The second guy said probably thinking he was impressive. He was wrong.
“George Harrison wrote Here Comes The Sun. He was a very good writer. Very inspiring. Very thoughtful.” The third guy said, who just so happened to be Gerard Way. His answer cause Lydia to smile a little.
Next up was her second question, which again summed her and her love for Formula 1 up. “Who was Sebastian Vettle’s driving partner in 2010 and 2011 season of F1 for Red Bull?” She asked smirking a little. It’s true, few people expect a girl to enjoy formula 1,but Lyds did.
“Lewis Hamilton was.” The first fella said, his current score was nothing.
“Mark Webber. He is such a foolish driver who drives on the white wet lines?” The second hopeful was pushing his luck. It was him who was foolish and Lydia didn’t take the comment to lightly, her anger vein coming up in the side of her neck.
“Mark Webber was Vettle’s partner, not that he was treated fairly that is.” Said Frank’s friend. Wow he’s most likely scoring bonus points as he was sharing the same views as her.
Her smile grew each time he answered correctly. “Final question, who is the greatest lead singer of Iron Maiden?”
“Paul Day.”
“None they are an awful band anyway.” Again that vein in her neck came up with more of a vengeance. If this guy thought he was actually ever going to go on a date with Lydia, he was sadly mistaken, he’s managed to alienate her within three questions.
“Bruce Dickinson. There’s no question about it he has and amazing voice and an amazing stage presents.” Red head had his feet well under the table. The host started off on the speech she must of said about 20 times that night.
“How do you think he’s done?” Frank whispered in my ear softly, he’d stood behind me now with his hands around my waist holding his drink still.
“I think he’s already on the date with her” I said giggling.
“Who do you pick Lydia?” Said the host.
“I pick C, no doubt about it.” She said before walking off the stage not even waiting for her Mr Blind Date. She quickly found me and Frank, who swiftly moved his arms from around me.
“Lydia Smith you forgot the reason you was on the stage!” My mother came shuffling over quickly pulling someone behind her.
“Oh sorry Mrs Scott, I didn’t realise I was supposed to wait.” She answered turning round to face my mother once she had finished her drink.
“This is Gerard Way, Gerard this is Lydia Smith.” My mother said trying her best not to sound angry with Lydia. Once she’d introduced them she walked off leaving the four of us to talk. We all chatted mainly in our couples and before long they we’re leaving.
“I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7 for out date.” Frank spoke whilst walking to his car slowly.
“Ok, I can‘t wait.” I smiled cutely before turning on my heels to walk to my drivers car. Suddenly I felt hands on my hips and I was spun around and met those beautiful eyes.
“Goodnight Miss Scott.” He whispered before placing his soft lips on mine.
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