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Bed Hair

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Dear Evie,

My issue is that as you know, I’ve just come out of a long relationship and well I’ve met a girl. A girl who knows I’ve only just split up, as she was my relationship councillor, but I really really really like her. I just know that if I make a move she’s going to think I’m just rebounding and I’m not, I’ve never felt this way about a rebound before and she’s all I can think about.

HELP! Please I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to lose her. I had a date with her last night and it was perfect. I brought her round to mine and I cooked for her her favourite food and we watched her favourite film and she doesn’t drink so I got us the grown up soft drinks and we was cuddled up with my dog, then he went to bed and me and this girl did the same only we didn’t sleep but it was perfect. I just don’t want her to think that now that we’ve “sealed a deal” as some choose to put it, that I am no longer interested. I am, and last night has only made that interest stronger. She’s so different compared to me. She has a formal vocabulary which is as sexy as hell and she just generally seems a happy person. And her giggle don’t even get me started on her giggle it’s just mind blowingly cute.

As for getting to know me better, I am Frank, I like horrors and my favourite film is Nightmare Before Christmas and I have tattoo’s and piercing. I also have a dog who is a pug, I love dogs there just so cute. The saying is defiantly right, they are a mans best friend. My dad owns his own business but I choose to stay out of it which disappoints him. I like to show a girl I care and I’d do anything for her in a relationship. My band has just finished recording it’s third album and I cannot wait for it to get out to the shops, I’m just so excited as I feel it’s the best we have done to date. I also love Green Day.

Your best friend sounds lovely and she will find somebody, my best friend met somebody last night (my girls best friend) and he’s obsessed with her now. In fact I am dreading going to his house to listening to him go on and on and on about her.

Frank xx

I posted my letter on the way to Gerard’s. I hadn’t posted one yesterday, the first time since the letters started its not been the following day. Truth be told I was going as slow as possible in a bid to spend less time with love sick Gerard. I knocked on slowly and walked in hoping he wasn’t thinking of Lydia, otherwise my eyes might actually burn. “Hey dude!” I said walking in to the kitchen flicking the kettle on and making us both a coffee each.
“I know you don’t want to know but I’m telling you all about it anyway.” He came in beaming with a glow about him. He sat down on the breakfast bar stool opposite to where I was sitting. “That was the best date I have ever had dude, normally I’m so uncomfortable and can’t do the whole girl thing but with her I could.” He went to sip his coffee but put it down instead. “She just made me feel so relaxed and I felt I could be so open with her, she defiantly has some quality I just can’t think of what it is.” He continued.

“You will never guess where I went Evelyn.” Lydia said to me curled up on my chaise long which was in my office. Luckily I have no clients this morning.
“Where did you go Lydia?” I asked stapling each and everyone of my clients files together.
“Dancing. He took me dancing. And not just any type of dancing. To the old fashioned dancing halls. And when I told him I couldn’t dance - he taught me. He put his hands on my waist, he put his hands on my hips, he put his hands in my hands and the one that gave me goose pimples and extreme butterflies he put his hand on the bottom of my back. It was perfect.” She said in a dreamy voice. Each time she mentioned where his hands went her smile got bigger and the apples of her cheeks got rosier. Without training of relationships I could tell this date had been successful.

“It got really late and she refused to let me get her a taxi so I decided to walk her home instead. Playing the perfect gentleman and ensuring her safety. We walked through the park and I learnt more and more about her and her family. My feet were killing, worse then when I’ve pranced around the stage, but I didn’t care.” I braced myself for the cheesy remark but it never came in it’s place was “I walked her to the door and we talked more on the doorstep, she was shivering so I insisted she went inside. She invited me in for coffee, even though it was like half two, but I declined in fear she felt it necessary to do so, that and the fact then it’s not being rushed. She give me her number though” He smiled even more, if that was possible.

“Maybe he declined coffee because -” I didn’t get to finish what I was about to say before Lydia chirped in again.
“There was a knock on my door about an hour later and he was stood there. Thank god for short silk pyjamas” She looked at me smirking. I was still in shock she opened the door.
“You opened the door at half three in the morning, without using your spy hole in silk pyjamas and without your chain on? Are you completely crazy? Stupid question. Lydia he could have been anybody have you not been reading the newspapers? There’s a murderer on the loose.” I told her looking up from my paper work. Well I wasn’t looking more like burning holes into her with my stare.
“Of course, anyway point of that was, he was perfect in every form and his bed hair, well its just wow.” She smirked more.

“She let me in her house and we kissed some then she took me upstairs and we just lay cuddled up talking. She was perfect Frank, she didn’t hesitate to tell me anything either she was so open about her childhood, about her work about everything dude. Then later on we did what I was trying to avoid but it just felt so right you know?” He looked at me just a I spat my mouthful of coffee out.
“You had sex?” I asked in shock as he nodded.
“And I have another date with her tomorrow.”

“And I have another date with him tomorrow.” She beamed out at me.

I know this might be a little confusing but my best friend gave me the idea to do it this way, and it reminded me of Grease and it was novel so I decided to go with it. Hope your enjoying the story, thanks for reading x
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