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5 Days

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Frank gets a visitor

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Dear Frank,

It sounds that she isn’t a rebound girl by the way you have described her and your night together. All that I can suggest is you either talk to her about your fears of her being a ‘rebound girl’ or you continue seeing her. In my professional opinion I would say talk to her, keeping things from her could cause doubt in the future. In my personal female opinion I would still say talk to her because id you carry on seeing her minus talking she could possibly think ‘how long till the rebound ends?’ I know I would.

You sound so interesting and like a guy I spent a previous night. I very much like this blossoming friendship you and I have going on here. Maybe we should meet, one day. That is if you want to of course.

Let me know how it goes with this girl, and what you have chosen to do and if there is anything else I could help you with. Hope my opinion helped in some way…

Evie xx

That was the last letter I had received in 5 days. I was getting worried. It was so damn obvious it was Evelyn, however, it helped me being able to talk to her like this, I could get my point across without awkwardness looming. Anyway back to why I was worried - because I haven’t not only failed to hear from Evie, I also have not heard from Evelyn in the same 5 days. I was currently on the train hoping that this morning would hold a white letter response between the two middle slots and not making the sixth day of no contact. Pulling up at the station I took my place in between the two business men in the line to get off the morning rush hour train. I walked down to the bench and to my relief a white neatly folded piece of paper stood tall and proud. As I neared I also noticed someone standing next to the lamppost just a bit further down. She was wearing a black trench coat, black jeans and black knee high boots and a black hood covering her head. Something wasn’t right; the whole atmosphere had changed. The busy train station fell silent as I drifted off into my own world. Something about the black clad figure cause my skin to prickle and the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up in a defensive manner. Or maybe it was the cold shiver that went down my spine; either way I was on pins, staying alert.

As I went to pick the letter up the mystery figure moved quick and unnoticed until she grabbed my hand stopping me from moving the letter from the bench.
“Have you been writing to an Evie?” Came out a soft voice, who sounded worried. I nodded to the women who was short than myself. She slowly removed her hood, revealing her brown hair.
“Lydia?” I let out a long exhale of breath I hadn’t realised I’d been holding in. Suddenly I saw her eyes something was wrong . “What’s happened to her?”
“I don’t know.” She said before elaborating “I went to her office two days ago and she wasn’t there, Patrick, the receptionist, said she walked out and went ‘I can’t do this no more’ and left the building. I called her house and mobile phone but no answer. She always has her phone on her. Anyway I went round and she’s locked herself in her room and from the sounds of it crying.” She continued “she wont let me in and she just keeps saying she’s sorry.” I saw tears prick her green eyes. “I remembered her telling me about these letters and how I thought it was you. So I asked Gerard what time you got to the train station by. And this outfit choice was cause if you saw me stood there you probably wouldn’t of come over.” She told me getting on the train I just got off. “Please help” she sounded desperate. I quickly jumped on the train before the door closed. On the journey there she described how Evie had done this in her teens, when her grandfather died. She said how she locked herself in her room and wouldn’t come out. She had a bottle of water and some snacks and that’s what she lived off for a week or so.

We got to her house and Lydia lead the way to her bedroom.
“Eves there’s someone here for you babes.” Lydia spoke softly against the door. “Thank you.” She whispered in my ear and I whispered back telling her to ring Gerard and explain as towhy I wont be in. I waited until she’d gone before I started.
“Dear Evie, I’ve been worried about you. Started to think you didn’t need me anymore.” I paused listening for any movement, from my position of sat in the door frame. “Lydia came and got me today, she to is worried, what’s happening hey? I’m here for you and I can be for as long as you need me.” I told her truthfully. “Even if you don’t want to let me in, we can talk through the door. Just please talk to me, I want to help you. Frank.” I said as I normally end the letters. After awhile the catch of the lock turned slowly.

By the time it took me to stand up and walk in. She was already lay back on the bed her back to the door, twiddling some cotton on an ugly doll. I lay next to her slowly spooning her and stroking her hair softly. She was lay on her right side, meaning for the first time since seeing her, I saw her “abnormal” ear. Truth be told, yes it was noticeable but only because her hair had moved, other than that I wouldn’t of noticed. I didn’t say anything, just lay there holding her close trying to calm her down.
“I’m a freak and a failure.” She sobbed cuddling more into her soft toy.
“Why are you? What’s made you think that?” I said stroking up and down her arm softly.
“I just am. I’m going to quit my job, I can’t do it.” She said choking on her tears, which were coming out faster and faster.
“You love your job, so something has obviously been said or happened. Tell me please.” I wrapped my arm around her waist slowly.
“Today, a couple came in. She didn’t want to be with him and he couldn’t take it. They had a family and I couldn’t make them come to a compromise and she ended up giving him divorce papers there and then. He snapped at started screaming at her then he turned on me screaming at how I failed at doing my job. And he was right, I couldn’t help you and Stacey. I couldn’t help him and his wife. What’s the point in carrying on if I can’t do it right?” Once she started to speak it all just seemed to come out. “Then I don’t know how, but he saw my ear and he was calling me for it. He acted as if I was a freak Frank. As if I didn’t belong here, like I should have been locked away and hidden from the world.” She broke down more.
“Hey hey listen to me.” I sat up and turned her to face me. “You cannot force someone to love somebody else and me and Stacey wasn’t working, I needed to go to someone like you to help me tell her that. Nothing you could of done would of made me want to be with her any longer. No relationship psychologist could of done that. And how many people have you help saver their relationship compared to losing it?” I looked down at her touching her cheek softly when she looked away. “And as for that man who did that about your ear. He is wrong, you are beautiful and caring and you shouldn’t be locked away, you should be out there showing how strong you are and not letting them cowards win. He said that because he was angry and obviously he’s not perfect if his wife was divorcing him. You are not a freak.” I told her stroking her cheek softly, which she leaned in too.
“What if they say I can’t have my operation hey?” She sat up looking at me. “I have to stay knowing so many people are staring, sniggering and staying away from me because of it? Why me Frank?! What have I done to deserve this?!” She was getting angry, this anger must have been built up for sometime. “What have I done to deserve all of the snide, painful comments?!” She was crying more and balling her hands up into fist shapes holding the bed sheet. Her knuckles going white.
“You’ve done nothing.” I said holding of her cheeks in both my hands. “You’ve done nothing wrong. But you have a chance to be strong and change the pain into something positive. Change it into something that makes you strong and makes you come across as ‘you know what world, fuck you. I don’t need your small minded twats. Cause I have people who love me and who accept me.” I said looking into her eyes. “You need to trust me.” I moved closer to her slowly. “Because I love you” I whispered before kissing her softly.

I went downstairs slowly to see Gerard and Lydia sat in the kitchen drinking coffee. Lydia stood up as soon as she saw me walk in.
“She’s asleep.” I explained everything she told me. “I’m going to stay if that’s ok? Wait until she wakes up and see if she wants to go out for tea.” I asked looking at both Lydia and Gerard.
“I’ve told the band you wont be in for a week anyway dude so no worries.” He smiled at me slowly.
“Sure, can I get you anything while you wait?” Lydia asked slowly. I grabbed a coffee and went back upstairs lying next to Evelyn who rolled over to face me, her tear lines still visible. She truly was beautiful.
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