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Head over Heels

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The boys are back in the studio

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Dear Frank,

I would like to thank you for dropping everything to visit me last week. It is not the way I hoped we’d meet but everything happens for a reason right? I would also like to thank you for not reacting when you saw my ear, that means so much to me.

I would like to confess something to you, I feel it is for the best. Ever since I properly talked to you at my parents party I felt a connection. I didn’t know if it was a friendship connection or something more, I decided it was friendship. Then each time we talked more both through these letters and whenever we bumped into each other this feeling got stronger, I found myself smiling at the thought I could possibly have another letter or that I could see you coming out of Starbucks or somewhere. I constantly find my lips tingling whenever I think of that kiss you gave me at the previous party and throughout this week you have spent with me. Even though they are not much to most people they still make me smile. I feel that this past week we have spent together and doing all the different things we have done has slowly made me realise what this connection was. You’ve made me realise the real me and I’ve found out more and more about you. I think what I’m trying to say is that well I think I’ve fallen for you…

Evie xx

That was the letter I received after the week. It was currently a Monday and it was my first day back in work since I went and made sure Evelyn was ok. I don’t think the guys understood as Gerard attempted to explain the whole situation. Hell I don’t even think Gerard fully understood. All I knew was that Evelyn needed my help and that’s what she was going to get. I walked into the studio with the four different Starbuck’s all with our names on it.
“So let me get this straight…” Ray spoke from the amp he was sitting on sorting out his guitar. “You didn’t know this girl who was sending you letters in reality but theoretically you know it was your relationship psychologist who you and Stacey went seeing and in which ended with you finishing Stacey?” He questioned, by now he’d put his guitar down and was using hand gestures to help clear the fog of confusion.
“Yeah” I nodded continuing with my sketch of a design for a top I’d come up with.
“But the first letter you said she sounded depressed? How come she couldn’t clear her thoughts? I mean isn’t that what a psychologist’s job title is?” Ray continued to question looking slightly confused.
“Yeah but Ray she’s a relationship psychologist, not one who deals with problems and you yourself are the most rational and optimistic person we know yet when things are happening to you, you feel like it’s worse than it is. Just cause she’s got training doesn’t mean she’s not going to feel these things.” It was Gerard who spoke this time looking up from his what I presumed lyric sheet.
“That’s true, it just all seems coincidental. Like fate or something.” He spoke again to which Mikey nodded his agreement.
“And you’ve found a girl Gerard?” Mikey looked over at his older brother.
“Yeah I have.” He beamed but quickly frowned when he realised he’d made a mistake on his paper. Gerard’s a perfectionist, almost on the verge of OCD perfect.
“When do we meet her then?” Mikey questioned, obviously interested on the girl that’s captured his geeky brothers heart.
“At the show. Evelyn got tickets so I said I’d meet her afterwards. Get her two backstage passes.” He smiled after correcting his mistake.
“Oh right.” Mikey paused before adding “you’ve never done that for another girl.” He frowned a little. Mikey was a kind of person who needed to meet new people before he could trust them. He got vibes off people and if they were bad he’d voice them. He did this with Stacey and many of our ex girlfriends. It was Christa, Ray’s now fiancé who first got Mikey’s approval and you can see why. She is so much like ray, only skinnier, blond and less bushy hair. Other than that they we’re twins. It’s always a big moment when we’re in the studio the next day after Mikey’s met somebody new, and it’s always more tense when it’s Gerard’s girlfriend he’s meeting. He obviously loves his brother therefore scrutinises them more.

How would Mikey cope meeting two new people? At a setting we don’t normally take them to meet the band. With girls we’ve not known for long. I have a feeling this show was going to be more intense than ever before, but it’ll be better knowing Evelyn’s going to be there. Gerard was in his own little world by now sketching away, indicating he wasn’t writing lyrics.
“What you doing Gerard?” Mikey was now shouting making his way over to Gerard who tried but failed at hiding his sketch. Instead of stuffing the picture in his pocket he over balanced and fell off the chair backwards the picture resting on top of the table. All three of us who just witnessed Gerard going on his back burst into a fit of giggles whilst he groaned out in pain.
“I’m presuming this is Lydia?” Mikey leaned over the chair facing Gerard’s scrunched up face holding his picture at the side of his face so Gerard could see. “Well she’s certainly got you head over heels about her.”
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