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Wild Side

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Evie gets a letter that makes her vrey happy

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Dear Evie,

I have fallen for you to.

Frank xx

That was the only thing on the letter. But that one simple sentence made my smile to big for my face, made my butterflies flying around in my stomach as though in a field of flowers in the summer sun and made my day much brighter even with the looming grey clouds.

I walked into work whistling and smiling so wide it almost didn’t fit on my face.
“Somebody is in a good mood.” Patrick smiled at me. “Who slipped happy pills in your coffee?” He laughed playfully to me and handed me my appointments for the day.
“Oh no one dear Paddy. However someone slipped me a letter.” I smiled holding up and a white letter.
“Have you got the promotion?” Patrick asked referring to the job I went for within this business which was chief psychologist of this centre.
“No no, truth be told I kind of don’t want that no more.” I looked at him smiling flicking through my appointments. “Someone’s just falling for me.” He did nothing to hide his shocked face as he looked up at me.
“For real? Scott has got hot.” He smirked as I walked into my office.

The day was long and boring and normally I wouldn’t be impatient for my day to end. Frank was right I really did care about my job, it’s just today was the day of the gig and I was so excited for it cause I got to see a band I thoroughly enjoyed but also a certain guitarist who to I thoroughly enjoyed.

I eventually got home after four clients, four successful reconciliations and twelve pieces of paperwork. I slipped into my black high waisted hot pants. To be fair these did look like stomach controllers, but I’ve been told I suit them so I went with it. I put on my soft semi-see through dark blue blouse on with a pair of navy pumps. Figured heels aren’t the suitable option to wear when at a stand up concert. I wanted Frank to see me looking good, not with a broken ankle. I drove round to Lydia who quickly got in the car, dressed in a black body con and a strawberry top with her beloved strawberry vans. She was also wearing a smile that indicated I’d missed something.
“I’m so excited.” She almost squealed. “He’s coming back to mine tonight for food and to stay over, I feel like I’m a teenager in high school again.” She half laughed from how young and in love she sounded.
I looked at her smiling my head off “aww see there is life after stupid Jamie.” I laughed a little. “Oh look” I passed her my letter, I just wanted to show Lydia if I’m honest.
“Get in there!” She laughed, “you two actually really suit, it’s to cute. And he cares so much about you, when I went to get him last week his face dropped and went pale. I thought I was going to have to give him mouth to mouth.” I knew she was exaggerating however something told me she wasn’t lying about most of it.

We went to the show and got to the barrier, we was stood on the left and I made sure I got exactly level to where his microphone stand was so when he looked into the crowd he’d see me. It took him three songs to see me and when he did his smile was bigger then I’ve ever seen. They were amazing live and I have to confess I have seen them before, however didn’t exactly pay attention as to who they were hence why I did not recognise Frank the first time I saw him. When the show was over I felt my arm being pulled to see Lydia on the other end of it pulling me through the crowd as though her life depended on it.
“Lyds came down I want my arm in place.” I shouted over the buzzing crowd.
“I know, I want to see him though.” She slacked the grip ever so slightly still leading the way at a quick speed. We flashed our passes to the very nice security guard who led us to their dressing room. We walked in slowly, I felt slightly uncomfortable and nervous at first but when I felt arms wrapped around my waist with their hands on the bottom of my back and them familiar hazel eyes staring into mine with the familiar smile that you can see in them.
“Hey beautiful.” He kissed me softly as if he was scared I was going to push him away and shout absurdities at him. To put his mind at rest I kissed him back smiling wrapping my arms around his neck slowly.
“You was amazing, all of you were.” I half whispered on his lips smiling. “I even used my elbows to fight to get to where I was stood.” I laughed a little blushing.
“I looked up and I just felt so happy.” He murmured kissing me again and again and again until we heard.
“Urgh get a room.” From one of the other members of the band, who I later discovered was Ray.
“Shut up Toro your just jealous.” Frank turned round smiling and pulling me further in holding my hand. “Guys this is Evelyn.” He looked at me and smiled before turning back. “Ray, Mikey and Gerard” he pointed to each of them in turn.
“Hi” I smiled and held my hand up, “and I’m Evie.” I corrected Frank. I hate being called Evelyn when I was living ‘wild side’ as Lydia had named it. As we all talked I started relaxing more and more into Frank where his arm was wrapped around my shoulder and I was leaning in on him head on his chest smiling.
“Well we are off.” Gerard announced grabbing his stuff holding Lydia’s hand. He was special to her, she hasn’t stopped going on about him, drawing him or smiling her goofy smile over him. He seemed lovely too, talking about his comic and designs for the band and when he wasn’t talking he’d watch Lydia with a close warm look smiling. “Oh I’ll see you later Lyds, ring me tomorrow, I don’t have any clients in the morning so I’m free for coffee as well hint hint.” I giggled to Lydia. Once they left we all carried on chatting, more so the lads than me. Suddenly Frank announced that we was leaving before pulling me out gently smiling.
“Sorry, it was pretty clammy in there and Mikey was in deep thought.” He laughed a little as we walked through the back to the bus. “Well here’s my stop, I’ll get the car keys and drop you off.” He smiled but I shook my head.
“I’ve got my car so no need.” I smiled moving closer to him wrapping my arms around his neck.
“But I want to still, gentleman me.” He laughed pulling my closer by the hands that was holding my jaw softly. We kept laughing and kissing each time with a little bit more need and passion until he opened the door of the tour bus pulling me in his lips instantly back working their way against mine. Needless to say tops went flying and so did my shorts. They were successful for their intended purpose I smiled to myself as he closed the curtain to his bunk.

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