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It's broke

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Judgement day for Gerard and Frank

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Dear Frank,

You made that clear last night and this morning.

Evie xx

I smirked as I read her response, replaying last nights curtain call in my head. I was still in a daze whilst walking into the studio where we would hear Mikey’s verdict on the girls. On the girl I loved. I placed four Starbucks cups down like I did every morning then looked up to see three sets of eyes staring at me. I looked behind me to find just the door there meaning they was looking at me.
“Why are you staring at me?” I asked doing my usual laugh and scratched the back of my head looking at each of them waiting for a response.
“What are you wearing?” It was Ray who spoke up with a quizzical look to him.
“What do you mea-” I cut myself off once I’d looked down to notice I’d got some very tight pair of jeans on, realising I must of put Evelyn’s on in the mist of the panic that came over when she was going to miss her train. “There Evie’s.” I spoke quietly, embarrassed of my stupidity.
“Well at least you’ve been in her pants all day.” Gerard cracked one of his wise jokes towards me.
“Shut up.” I mumbled plonking myself on the comfortable sofa’s.

After they’d all got over the fact I’d put on my girls pants it fell in to a silence that wasn’t awkward but wasn’t comfortable either, it was tense. Looked over at Gerard who was chewing furious on a nail he deemed unsuitable. We was both waiting for the same thing. Mikey’s verdict. It was like one of them awful talent shows where the winner are about to be announced.
“So which one wants my verdict first?” Mikey broke the silence and both mine and Gerard’s head snapped to look at him.
“I’m older, me first.” Gerard got in before me, leaving me to roll my eyes and nod.
“Well” Mikey said taking a sip of his coffee causing sweet torture to Gerard who’s eyes were now transfixed on his younger sibling. “I got a strong vibe off of her. One that I’ve never felt before.” He looked at me over his black glasses that he’s worn since he was young.
“Mikey stop teasing the poor guy, I don’t think he’s took a breath yet.” Ray laughed a little.
“Fine.” He smirked “ I like her, she has an appeal about her. She seems smart but commonsense smart not textbook smart. And she seems like she’s genuinely happy with you.” When Mikey’s statement met Gerard’s ears his smile was uncontrollable as he leaned back smugly in his chair. “I can tell she makes you happy.” Mikey added.
“She really does.” Gerard smiled looking down his cheeks going rosy “I’ve had so many cups of coffee just so I can get up and walk to hers at silly o’clock in the morning.” He laughed a little “but she opens the door with them eyes that light up, the way she bites her lip and smiles all at the same time and them legs. Seriously them legs will be the death of me.” His smile grew with each bit of her he was describing. This wasn’t Gerard, this wasn’t the same Gerard anyway. The Gerard we all knew kept his love life to himself, only talked about his first kiss when prompted in an interview, he always felt that by talking about his doings with the girl he was breaking her trust and privacy, it was kind of sweet in a way I guess.
“Her legs? Are they smooth because whenever I shave it still feels rough but girls shave their legs and its like a piece of silk.” Ray chirped in. Gerard was just about to tell him how it was done before I interrupted.
“What about Evie, Mikey?” I looked at him wondering why he had not mentioned her yet. I looked into his eyes for some sort of a clue but he quickly dropped his gaze down to the used grey carpet.
“Frank, I … I don’t know how to word this.” He said quietly, for a brief second I thought he was playing the same trick he did with Gerard until I noticed he wasn’t looking at me at all. “Her vibe was bad Frank.” He still wouldn’t look at me. “I’m sorry.” He whispered just as everyone looked at me.
“Your vibe raders broke or something then, cause it’s wrong. Your wrong.” I shot back at him through clenched teeth trying to control the anger I felt bubbling deep within me. I stormed out not looking at anyone of the guys, I didn’t want them to see the tears threatening to spill. Evie was the perfect girl for me. I loved her for Christ sakes. Mikey was wrong, he had to be wrong.

“Lets go out for a meal, a meal is more relaxed and friendly and he can get to know her better, she was probably just nervous and that effected his vibdar.” Gerard bless him was trying so hard.
“I’ll ask her, she has issues with eating in front of people though Gerard, so what will Mikey’s vibdar think of that?” I told him truthfully. “Arrange it though and I’ll convince her.” I cracked. “But you better warn that brother of yours, he mentions anything about her not having the right vibe or he tries to do anything that she would pick up on I will hurt him.” I warned Gerard.
“Frank he wont. As soon as you walked out he realised what you felt for her. You like her he knows that and he feels so guilty. He wont stand in the way of you and Evie. I promise.”
“Good because I don’t just like her Gerard, I love her.” I told him and waited for his response that never came, “Gerard?” I said cautiously, “you there? don’t ignore me!” I shouted looking like I’d escaped a mental home shouting in the middle of the street.
“Sorry she just walked past.. She’s in a skirt Frank. A short pleated tartan skirt.” He breathed out the breath he’d obviously been holding in.
“Gerard calm down you sound like a pervert.” I laughed for the first time since this morning with Evelyn.
“I can’t she just comes round and she’s so beautiful and I just… crave her. The other day we was … on the couch and the neighbours walked up their path and looked straight in. Then I went out for the mail the next day in my boxers and the woman, Mary, walked past and squeezed my bum calling me peachy!” He squealed into the phone, his embarrassment clear in his girly pitched voice.
“That’s why blinds were invented believe it or not. Or even beds.” I laughed but quickly started coughing trying to hide my amusement.
“I have to go.” He hung up no doubt giving Lydia little chance to escape. Poor girl. I disconnected and wrote my letter back to Evie in Starbucks and went into the train station placing it in between the same two slats making sure I hadn’t missed her. She hadn’t finished work yet meaning she would get this letter. I went home and cuddled up to my dog watching some horrendous day time television programmes.
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