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Music to my ears

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Who knew chick flicks could be such fun?

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Dear Evie,

I was wondering if you wanted to have a meal with me and the band. When I say you I mean you and Lydia that is, think Gerard would kill me if I didn’t say Lydia could come. Anyway the guys really liked you both and they want to get to know you a little better. I understand if you don’t want to because I know how uncomfortable you get eating in front of people and stuff so it’s totally fine if you don’t want to. It’s tomorrow and I’m sorry it’s such short notice, so text me if your coming or not?

Thank you,
Frank xxx

I read his letter on the way home from a hard day at work. Truth be told I knew something wasn’t right and I got the feeling that’s why the short notice meal had suddenly popped up. It was obvious one of the members didn’t like me or Lydia and that’s why they wanted to “get to know us better” as Frank carefully worded it. It’s a good job I couldn’t make it anyway then, my mum and dad was throwing another one of their parties, and this one unlike the previous ones I was really looking forward to this one. It was summer so it was a BBQ and Grease themed. She’d sent out invitations to all those invited which specified their character and I’d got Sandy, as far as I know Lydia got Rizzo.

Sorry I can’t make the meal, I am guessing that you are not going to my parents party? Xx. I texted Frank my answer before getting off the train and walking the short walk to my apartment.

Oh well I wasn’t if we was going for a meal, but that’s ok, I’ll tell the guys me and Gerard cannot make it. No worries xx. He quickly replied, as though he’d been sat watching his phone. This thought made me smile at the idea of him sat waiting just for me to send him a message.

You can always invite the rest of the guys, I’m sure my mother can fix them up with a character still xx. I instantly replied then rang my mother confirming it with her. She at first tried to make me feel guilty but when I told her they were Frank’s friends, I could picture her little face light up and she quickly changed her tone. My dad had been keeping me informed of how Frank’s father had been coming round to my parents and telling them exactly what Frank was saying about me and how much he liked me and my mother got excited because I was going to be “coming off the shelf” as she modestly put it.

If that is no trouble, if not we can do it another time? They honestly will not mind. Xxx
He replied, something was telling me he in a way didn’t want them to come to the party.

She does not mind, she said Mikey can be Jan and Ray can be Sonny. I so hope you have who I hope you have otherwise my outfit from the scene I’ve chosen will be pointless xxx I replied smiling looking at the outfit that was hung up on the outside of my wardrobe. Lydia and I had decided that we was going to go shopping for the final bits, wigs, shoes and so on tomorrow as we both had the day off.

Lydia finally came round and I was sat on my sofa biting my lip. “Wow you suit blond” she laughed referring to my blond curly wig. Just as I stood up she noticed the that back of my leather jumpsuit wasn’t zipped up. She quickly took the hint and walked to the back of me “1..2..3..” She counted down giving me chance to take my final full breath. I was squeezed into the skin tight suit despite it being a bigger size than usual. We really did look the part. Lydia had a short browny red wig on with a tight black pencil skirt and a black shirt with sunglasses and of course the trademark pink ladies jacket. We got into the usual black slick car which took us to the house which had bleachers up in the perfect green grass, with a mini fair much like the one out of the film.
“Darlings!” Mum rushed over dressed as Principle McGee and my dad dressed as Coach Calhoun “I’m so glad you could both make it you look a picture.” She smiled pulling us both into a one armed hug. “Drinks and stuff are dotted around the place” She smiled walking off a little before turning “oh and the rule is you have to sing at least one of your characters songs” She giggled before walking off. She had it easy her character didn’t sing.
“What you going to sing?” I asked Lydia smiling at her horror stricken face.
“I don’t know what does Rizzo sing?” She looked at me biting her lip.
“Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee and There Are Worst Things I Could Do.” I smiled letting the songs roll off my tongue. I’m a sucker for chick flicks and less face it, whether it’s a guilty pleasure or not, everyone loves Grease. “I suggest Look at me..” I told her truthfully “it’s fun and not a ballad.” I passed her a drink and looked over her shoulder to see four boys. All wearing jeans, all with her slicked back; however two had blazers on with shirts underneath and the other two had the equally famous T-Birds leather jackets on with plain white t-shirts underneath. I could help but smile nudging Lydia at the guys and I walked off slowly into a crowd of people, not wanting Frank to see me just yet. Lydia had decided to stay and her and Gerard were soon discussing how they couldn’t remember half of the film. I walked out of the house down the back stairs when I heard, “Sandy!” In a shocked voice and I turned to face him, knowing full well it was Frank and smiled with the cigarette in between my lips.
“Tell me about, stud.” I quoted the film smiling just as my mum announced over the microphone of the karaoke that we would be doing our song. Suddenly two wireless microphones were shoved into our hands and I looked at him and winked. Well I only had one shot at acting out. I looked round to see everyone staring at us and I could feel my blush as I threw my jacket off as he started to sing next went the cigarette and stumping it out like Olivia Newton-John did so perfectly . “You better shape up, cause I need a man, and my heart is set on you” I sang as he kicked him up trying not to giggle as I walked towards the film replica fun house, Frank in toe playing Danny perfectly. We kept it up me doing the sexy little hip wiggles and looks whenever it was my turn and Frank singing and jumping around when it was his. We slowly got on to the Shake Shack and I saw other guests had took part joining in watching as me and Frank carried on our singing and dancing. I have to say we mastered the hold your hip and walk steps beautiful staying in time with each other then suddenly he picked me and managed not to drop me whilst dancing around, I looked down at him still singing with a huge smile plastered on my face. At the moment I forgot anybody else was there and I just felt so happy and confident until the girl dressed as Frenchie came running up shouting her line and both me and Frank turned to look at Lydia and Gerard who were “making up” against the strength toy. Somehow we all knew that they wasn’t acting out like the rest of us.

When the music faded Frank slowly put me down and everyone cheered at us. My mum ran over smiling with the video camera.
“I got all that on film it was fabulous!” She squealed looking really excited before running over to her friends to show them.
“Well I can say I have never expected to act out Grease.” Frank mumbled against my lips kissing them slowly. “You never told me you could sing.” He said once he’d pulled away.
“Because I can’t, that was awful and I’m going to make sure the film on that video is cut.” I told him blushing. Truth be told I couldn’t sing but doing that I didn’t care I knew half of the people that witnessed that since I was a baby so I guess I had nothing to be shy about. “I can’t believe we did that though.” I laughed a little getting a glass off one of the waiters and drinking it quickly, not caring that it was alcohol.
“Me either. I liked it though.” He smiled and went to say something before quickly closing his mouth again. “And you look so sexy in that outfit.” He whispered in my ear as we say Ray, Mikey, Gerard and Lydia come over.
“That was crazy!” Lydia shrieked hugging me giggling. She’d obviously been drinking.
“It your turn now Lyds.” I looked at her face which instantly fell.
“Go on sweetheart you can do it.” Gerard encouraged whilst pushing her on stage. She grabbed the microphone and the other girls got up with her so they to could act out the scene.
“Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee, lousy with virginity.” She burst out into song and I looked over at Gerard who was watching her intensely with his mouth hanging open slightly. You see if Frank thought I could sing he’d never heard Lydia, she hits all the right notes and proves the saying “music to my ears” right. She went through her whole song acting out getting more and more into it. Just then I realised what part it was coming up to and I jumped on stage as she sat down at the little chair, like Rizzo does at the vanity table.
“You making fun of me Rizz?” I said innocently before it cut out and we high fived each other giggling. Lydia and me walked back off the group, where Gerard seemed to still not of recovered.
“Fuck that was …” he paused before adding “I wasn’t expecting that.” He told her truthfully before kissing her.

We all sat and talked and I relaxed more and more and I think I was the chattiest one there this time. Being in my own setting I just felt chilled and that I didn’t have to try being a sweeter version of myself.
“You are all welcome to stay here by the way, I know it’s dark and well we’ve all had a drink. And there‘s more than enough room” I smiled at the group and they all nodded saying that was a good idea. Soon after that we all decided to call it a night and I showed them all to a room that they could stay in. On the little corridor was just me and Frank left.
“So erm where am I staying?” he asked a little nervously.
“well that depends” I looked at him standing at my door. “You can have that room” I looked at the door opposite mine over his shoulder “or you can come in here with me.” I smiled hoping he’d pick the latter.
“Wouldn’t your parents mind?” He asked rolling his hands nervously.
“Frank, I’m old enough to drink.” I giggled a little “of course they won’t mind.” I smiled as he walked over and whispered lead the way in my ear.
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