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Cool as a Cumumber

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What's going on between Lydia and Gerard

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Dear Frank,

What does Mikey think of me now? I wish you would of told me he didn’t get a good vibe off me I could of done something other than dancing and singing. Anyway, thank you for a wonderful night and morning this morning, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed you re-enacting the pond scene of Pride and Prejudice, I think Colin Firth needs to be afraid looks like theirs a new Darcy in town. Are you still up for me to come round to yours tonight? Text me the answer and if you want anything bringing with me, have a good day.

Evie xxx

I posted the letter on my way to Lydia’s, who was currently in a fit of panic. I walked straight in, using the key she’d given me, and was instantly met with a near brink of tears Lydia.
“What’s with the cleaning anyway?” I asked her whilst making the coffee after locating fresh milk.
“Well he’s coming over tonight, it’ll be our first time.” She replied walking in with her duster tucked in her back pocket.
I stifled the laugh threatening to come out. “That’s a lie, you told me you’ve already had sex, plus from last night I can safely say tonight is not your first night together.” I couldn’t help it when the laugh came out at the memory of Frank under my covers, hands over his ears, recoiling in horror of the sounds that was coming from next door.
“Shut up” she blushed taking her coffee off me and sitting at the dining table. “I don’t mean sex.” She looked up at my confused face before looking into her coffee. “I mean him staying over, like a couple, holding me and talking to me.” She mumbled, it took a few minutes to sink in what she meant.
“Ohh” I said looking at her “he was your…”
“Booty call yes.” She stated “but, I like him Eves, I like him a lot.” She blushed, which was unusual for Lydia “that’s why everything has to be perfect, I’m cooking for him, we’re watching a film he’s bringing and he’s staying the night.” I didn’t know how to respond. Lydia never frets about boys, she’s as cool as a cucumber as the saying goes, yet Gerard has caused an impact - a very big impact and now she’s cleaning and cooking and blushing.
“Ok well I’ll clean the kitchen.” I smiled and started the chore in hand.

I didn’t tell you because then he wouldn’t see the real you. And he likes you it’s just his vibes about you but when I talked to him this morning I said he had made a mistake and that you was lovely and got a good vibe from you. And of course I’m still ok with you coming round and no you don’t have to bring anything round just yourself and a change of clothes in case you stay? Love you doll xxx
his message took a good few minutes to fully load and when it did I couldn’t stop smiling just as Lydia walked in, freshly showered and dressed to kill.
“How do I look?” she asked giving me a quick twirl.
“You look really good and very pretty” I said washing the cups. “I have to go, but ring me tomorrow to tell me how your night of love went.” I gave her a quick hug before walking out to get ready for my night of love with frank. I quickly showered and put on my jeans and American flag slouched jumper on and packed an overnight bag. I checked I had everything, pyjama’s, underwear, toothbrush, clean clothes for tomorrow and perfume. I gave myself a finale check over and drove to his, knocking nervously on his door biting my lip when he answered the door in just his boxers, a small smile playing on his lips as he pulled me in. We’d agreed that tonight was Frank’s night he could do anything he wanted and I’d have to go along with it. I looked around his living room and noticed that none of his lights were on but the house was lit purely by candles. He pulled me to him kissing a trail down my neck to my collarbone.
“Kitchen.” He whispered in my ear taking my bag off me and put it in his bedroom as I walked into the kitchen, he walked in after while holding a blindfold up and sat me next to the fridge - where the only light was coming from the open door.
“Taste test.” He smiled leaning over me placing the soft silk blindfold around my eyes, making sure it wasn’t to tight but ensuring it served it’s purpose. “Ready?” he whispered on my lips and I nodded with a shaky breath. I felt something cold run across my lips as I opened them mentally preparing myself for the unknown taste that was about to come my way. He gently slide the food into my mouth allowing me to taste it’s sweetness.
“Strawberry” I declared giggling.
“Very good.” He kissed me gently then put another food in my mouth which I instantly recognised.
“Cucumber. That was easy, I have a salad a day.” I laughed relaxing by each second that passed.
“Fine, bet you don’t know this one.” He said as he placed a glass my lips gently as I opened my mouth he poured in a little bit of the liquid. The taste was vile and pulled away a little pulling a face when he moved the glass. “Don’t like?” He laughed a little.
“That’s apple juice.” I told him with a disgusting look on my face. I hated apple juice, it just tasted to bitter for my liking, I preferred orange juice.
“I wish you’d stop getting these right.” He said and I lost count of how many foods I’d now tried. I gasped as something cold was running around my lips just out of reach of my tongue. I heard him laugh as I tried to taste the mystery object what was leaving a wet trail. “No no that’s not part of the game.” He laughed teasing me more before sliding in the slick tasteless object in to mouth before kissing me with his hot mouth. We ended up on the kitchen floor soon after that.
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