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Maybe for me

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Frank meets Evie's grandma

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Dear Evie,
I didn’t tell you for the simple reason you wouldn’t of been the fabulous you that he now really likes. Told you he would. I had fun last night, hope you did too and this morning after you left Gerard rang and he and Lydia are not just booty calls to each other no more, bet you knew that already though. Open your door.
Love you,
Frank xxx

I posted the letter through Evie’s door before knocking on to take her to the hospital. Since her last letter that was about her problems her grandma had discovered that the parasite eating her finger, wasn’t a parasite but cancer. Today was the day she was having her finger amputated in order to stop the cancer from possibly poisoning her blood. Evie had taken a day off from work in order to go to the hospital to be with her mother and her auntie and I was picking them up in half an hour. You see yes Evie can drive but her car was currently in the garage and her mother didn’t think it right that one of the waiters would take them so after much deliberation Evie asked me.
“Hey.” She beamed at me holding the letter that I just posted; she was looking more cheerful than I would have expected her to be. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” She asked biting her lip, something I realised she did when she was unsure of an answer she was going to receive.
“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t sure would I?” I smiled at her, hopefully putting her mind to easy a little. “Go get ready anyway we are picking them up in half an hour.” I instructed her walking into her front room whilst she bounced upstairs in her mickey mouse pyjamas. She came down about ten minutes later with a plum slouched jumper which was off the shoulder on one side and tight black jeans with black pumps. Her hair was up in her usual messy bun, every time I saw her, her hair was in this style, unless she was at a party then it was usually down.
“I don’t look like I’m going to a funeral do I?” she asked whilst putting her contact lenses in.
“No you look pretty.” I told her looking away, every time I see her, or anyone for that matter, put contact lenses in makes me cringe. After that we left and we went and picked her grandma Mollie, auntie Pauline and her mother, who told me that as flattering as it was that I called her Mrs Scott she much preferred Christine. I had to say her grandma was a hoot telling me all different stories of Evie, like how she used to go up every Saturday morning in her pyjamas at seven o’clock and how she used to sing and dance for her grandma or play shop. I looked over at Evie slowly to notice her biting her nails, another thing she did when she was nervous. Even though Evie had the looks of her father’s side you could tell she belonged to her mother side as the four ladies all had blue eyes, Evie’s being the brightest, and they all had the soft shade of pink coating their lips, Evie’s being the plumpest.
“Evelyn Thomas Scott I do wish you would stop biting your nails young lady.” Her grandma spoke up “you always comment on how much you like my nails and the only way you’re going to get them is when you have fake teeth like I did.” I kept my eyes focused on the road trying to stifle my laugh.

We eventually found a car parking space with the help of Mollie’s blue badge which allowed us to park closer to the door Evie and I went to the café where she hugged her grandma goodbye and I noticed the tears in her eyes. Pauline and Christine both went to the ward with Mollie and left me and Evie ordering our coffee’s.
“She’ll be ok you know.” I reassured her, understanding that realisation would of just kicked in for her.
“I know, it’s just she’s 80 you know? And she’s coming in to have her first operation; she didn’t even come in hospital when she had her 6 children. It’s just weird and daunting you know?” She replied tapping her sugar packet.
“I know but she’s strong, so you need to stop worrying Evelyn Thomas Scott because I know you are.” That was it, I couldn’t hold my laughter any longer as I started into a fit of giggles not daring to look up at her face that was probably holding a annoyed expression.
“That’s it get it all out of your system.” She mumbled “I have to guy’s names in my name ha bloody ha.” She responded humour in her voice.
“Is that really your middle name?” I asked after I’d calmed down, wiping the tears from my eyes.
“No, damn it you got me.” She laughed “Of course it is. I don’t go round calling myself it” she laughed “mother was high on labour medication and dad chose Evelyn with the intention of mother choosing my middle name, and when she did she thought Thomas would go perfectly well.” I laughed softly “and nobody else knows except from Lydia so if others find out I will tell everyone about the time you tried doing a Gerry out of Ps. I Love You in the leprechaun outfit okay Iero?” She smiled as she talked tactics. As the saying goes she had me by the balls meaning I just nodded in agreement.

2 and half coffee’s later Christine, Pauline and a very happy looking Mollie came toddling over to our table.
“I tried asking for my finger back but it was just bone so I couldn’t. Shame really I was going to leave it to you in my will.” She smirked to a green Evie where a disgusted look covered her face. “I know she doesn’t like anything to do with fingers and toes.” She smiled sitting down next to me slowly using my shoulder as a steadying pole.
“Can I get you all a drink?” I asked them looking round slowly.
“No no Evelyn can go get them pet.” Mollie answered giving Evie some money who didn’t accept it and walked off along with her mum and auntie who went getting breakfast.
“So your serious about our Evelyn?” Her grandma turned to look at me, seriousness covering her face. “Because Evelyn is like my 7th child, and she’s been hurt in the past by some of men who were not worthy of her and she seems … hooked by you.” Mollie chose her words carefully.
“I’m very serious about her. I love her Mollie.” I told her truthfully “and although I don’t know much about past boyfriends I ensure I will not be like any of them.” I told her smiling.
“That’s good, because I like you. I’ve never liked any of the others, they just wanted the money she has with her family.” The look on Mollie’s face said it all. Evie had been hurt in the past and I’m going to do everything I can to make that I’m not like them past boyfriends. Or even become a past boyfriend.

After everyone had eaten and finished their food and drinks we took off back home and we dropped Mollie off first.
“Wait here a moment pet, I’ll run in and get that photo for you.” Mollie got out of the car with the help from Pauline who staying at the house tonight to make sure she’s ok.
“You know I’m sure Frank doesn’t the picture grandma so it’s ok.” Evie said looking at her trying to convince her not to give me the photo.
“No no I do!” I exclaimed a little too excited which caused everyone to laugh a little. A few minutes after Mollie and Pauline went into the house Pauline ran out and give me the picture of little Evie in a wedding dress and veil. I stared at for ages, she still had the same beaming smile that lit up any room she was in.
“Wow.” Was all I croaked out.
“She was a right little stunner our Evie was.” Her mum smiled looking at it over my shoulder.
“Can we put it away now? It’s so embarrassing.” Evie said softly looking out of the window. We said our goodbyes and dropped Christine off and I drove to the restaurant where we was meeting the guys and Lydia.
“I really hope I get to see you in a wedding dress sometime.” I said whilst stroking her cheek in the car. “Maybe for me.”
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