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Another letter, but from who?

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Dear Miss Scott
It is my pleasure to tell you that after your extensive scans and tests. All the results are back.
I do not believe in giving such information through letters for a number of reasons – one being any unanswered questions can be very difficult to answer through letters or phone calls without being able to show diagrams and so forth. However, I understand the lengthy process and stress this has had on you so in order to gain the quickest action time this is the best way.
Your operation to reduce the size of your left is available and can be carried out if you still wish to proceed. However, I must point out that there are many possibilities that could happen as a result. These are as follows:
1) Mortality. There is a significant chance that whilst the operation is in place the loss of blood could cause a worst case scenario of death. This is because, although we scanned to identify the blood flow in the brain and around the ear, it is however impossible to dictate whether or not the blood flow is the same as last time as certain everyday activities, such as; accidently banging the head, can effectively reposition the tubes.
2) Brain damage. This could occur due to the lack of oxygen being transferred to the brain. The brain damage could be temporary or permanent and from the scans it shows that the lobe, which gages memories, is most likely to be effected if said case happens. Both long term and short-term memories could be effected.
3) Regrowth. Even though we have discussed this I still need to make you aware of this risk. Regrowth could occur if the blood finds another system and could cause the blockage in a different part of the area. The chances of it being your ear again is low, however, it could be behind or in front of the ear. This could result in another operation. It is not known to what extent this could happen and whether or not the growth would be the same size, bigger or small then your ear now.
It would be unfair of me to pinpoint any of the outcomes both above and of success as I, nor the rest of the team, have never witnessed this type of growth before. As you know I have been in touch with many different surgeons and plastic surgeons around the world and they too do not know the cause or outcome of the growth and operation itself. I understand that it is a lot to consider, given the above issues raised, and I advise you to carefully think about the procedure. It’s obvious that you must have really strong thoughts about this as you have not given up in the past four years. The operation will not be a short process as the surgery would be split into at least two parts. The first being the shrinking procedure then the rest would be reconstructive and plastic surgery.
Your pre-operation examination is on the 15th September and there you can ask any questions or queries and we will test your blood pressure and other factors that could postpone or cause extra risk to the operation.
Wishing you all the best and see you in less than a week,
Dr Saah.

I was sat at the table with the rest of the band and their girlfriends when I read the letter – the potential consequences running through my mind one by one, but not really processing them. I had been waiting so long to hear those words, that I could have this operation. I’ve waited longer than most people would, I kept the faith all along and stuck by my decision and now the time has come where I can have it done with higher possible consequences than I imagined. “Can you excuse me for a moment?” I spoke whilst standing and walking off without waiting for a reply. I went outside, just needing some fresh air so I could gather my thoughts. Death, coma, brain damage was all I was thinking. I rang my mother who said she would be round later on tonight to talk to me. I got lost in them three daunting thoughts and why my life could never be simple when I heard.
“I read your letter, sorry. I just wanted to know what had upset you.” The words whispered in my ear was partnered by the hands sliding their way around my waist. “I’m sorry it’s not worked like you had hoped babe.” Frank kissed my shoulder softly. “I know how much you wanted this” he continued.
“Why are you talking like it’s completely out of the question?” I asked firmly.
“Well it is isn’t it?” He span me around to look him slowly. “I mean them potential outcomes are awful.” He looked at me, a confused expression situating itself on his face. “You cannot seriously be contemplating this?” The confusion draining as disbelief filled.
“Yes,” I looked at him “yes actually I am.” I pulled away from him to look at him properly.
“Did you not read the letter?” He asked a little louder. “You could die Evie. Die!” He was shouting now and the band looked through the window. Lydia and Gerard were the first to come outside.
“Really? Well damn me for just skipping to the dandy bit.” I replied sarcasm dripping from my words. That was possibly one of my worst traits. Sarcastic remarks when I start to get angry – it doesn’t help anything or anyone.
“And yet you’re still considering it? Are you really that selfish? That you would put me, Lydia, your parents and your grandma through that pain and stress? To change something that is perfectly fine?” The shouting getting louder and louder with each question being fired out at me.
“Are you really playing the selfish card?” I shot back at him glaring. “Perfectly fine isn’t being called Dumbo or big ear or anything else.” I moved away even further. “Perfectly normal isn’t having photographers barge into your mothers room when your just a few hours old because your something ‘new’!” I screamed. “Perfectly normal isn’t having a fiancé who says it’s my choice and everyone should support me one minute then call me selfish the next.” I cried freely by now. “Perfectly normal just isn’t me.” I whispered before running off to my car and driving away to nowhere in particular.
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