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Evie's operation day comes

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Dear Frank,
Just to let you know she’s going in tomorrow at 10:30 the operation to reduce the size should last about 4 hours. If you want Gerard will pick you up when he takes me up. Just thought I’d let you know considering she haven’t spoken to you in a week and half. I think she’ll come round eventually don’t worry. Congratulations on the engagement by the way – she’s still wearing the ring so that’s a good sign. Anyway text me if you want us to pick you up.
Lydia x

So here’s how I got the information of my fiancé having a major operation. Of course I wanted to be there for when she was about to go in to the theatre. After reading the short letter, I don’t even think it can class as a letter maybe just a long note, I rang Lydia to ask her to pick me up and we arranged for her to come get me at half eight, we’d get there by nine at the latest that means I would have an hour and half with Evie before she went in the room that was holding her fate. We was currently walking to the room that would be Evie’s for the next 8 plus weeks, well that’s if she came out of the operation okay of course.
“She will be fine.” Gerard patted me on the back. He really had is work cut out he had to make sure I was ok as well as Lydia who had hardly spoke a word and when she did it was a mumbled “hello.” I knew it was nothing personal; she was just as worried as I was and to some extant even Gerard was. Lydia knocked on the door slowly before hearing the soft “come in” from the voice that held the nervous emotion. Lydia walked in, Gerard quickly on her heels, then me; I had to take a deep breath before going in, after all this could be the last time I saw Evie.
“Hey.” She looked up at us as we entered, a soft smile on her lips like she wasn’t excepting us. “You didn’t need to come, I mean it’s silly o’clock in the morning.” She was saying more to Lydia than anyone else.
“Of course we did.” She smiled sitting on the bed slowly “we had to come see you in your hospital robe. Just don’t stand up, the image of your bum poking out of the split in the robe might scar Gerard for life.” She joked causing Evie to laugh genuinely.
“Yeah right, you know my bum’s sexy.” She smiled and looked up at me slowly biting her lip.
“I agree, I love her bum. It’s like a peach.” I joined her on the opposite side of the bed to Lydia.
“Can we please stop talking about Evie’s bum. She’s my girlfriends best mate and my best mates girlfriend, it’s wrong.” Gerard cut in sitting on the chair next to Lydia’s side of the bed. We chatted about nothing in particular all aware that the dreaded time was looming.
“Well see you when you come out or on the other side.” Lydia hugged her slowly, tears making her eyes glisten.
“Which side?” Evie questioned. “If you’re talking about the other side in death terms then stop it because I’m going nowhere, I’m not ready to go yet and plus Frank owes me an engagement party.” She laughed softly.
“We’ll wait outside.” Gerard said holding Lydia’s hand, who was looking at the floor. I realised he was giving me some much needed time with Evie and Lydia nodded walking out slowly. It was silent for about five minutes until I looked at her.
“Babe..” I whispered to avoid her hearing my voice break. “I love you.” I hugged her so tight not wanting to let her go.
“I love you to.” She whispered stroking my hair softly and soothingly. “Frank” she paused “I’m scared.” She whispered even quieter. “I keep thinking about what you said to me and it is selfish of me.” I felt the wet, cold tears roll its way down my neck. “And if anything does happen, you know whilst I’m down there, I’m sorry I didn’t want to hurt you but I feel like I need to do this.” She looked at me slowly holding my cheeks. “I love you and I feel that your truly the one for me, and I know you’ll respect my wishes and I want you to do me a favour” She looked at me questioningly, “if I’m being kept alive by a machine and not myself then I want you to tell them to turn it off.” She looked so strong when she said that, like it’s something she’s been thinking about this none stop.
“Evie –“ I paused my own tears pouring out now, which were quickly stroked away. “I’m so sorry, nothing’s going to happen, you’re going to go down and come back and we’re going to bring you chocolate and joke about your bum some more.” I looked at her willing her to smile. Which she did. “Your my perfect girl and when you get out we’re going to have a perfect engagement party then a perfect marriage and lots of perfect children.” I kissed her softly. “Because we’re perfect together.” I whispered on her lips softly just as the nurse walked in to take her away. She let go of my hand slowly just as we got to the point where I couldn’t go past. She looked so vulnerable and all I could do now was sit and wait.

It had been 5 and a half hours since she went down. It was supposed to last four hours they said, something’s gone wrong and every time the family room door opened I expected a nurse to come in, the fake sympathy face pasted on her face. But no it was just the lovely receptionist bringing us more coffee but no news. Lydia was sat on Gerard’s knee, head on his shoulder with her hands wrapped around his neck. She’d dozed off after much willing from Gerard. When I walked into the family room after saying goodbye and composing myself Lydia had broken down and Gerard was frantically stroking her hair softly whispering how it was going to be ok and she needed to calm down. They looked like a true couple when he was calming her down. This is the happiest I’ve ever seen him and Evie’s mentioned that this is the happiest Lydia has ever been, they’re perfect for each other, they seem to bring out a side of each other that isn’t normally shown. Gerard’s more relaxed and confident and Lydia’s more cheeky and chatty. I was getting lost in thinking of how lovely Gerard and Lydia was that it was only when Gerard poked me.
“Mr. Iero?” The young blonde nurse asked me. I nodded standing up trying to read her blank facial expression, Lydia waking up slowly. My heart started pounding so loud in my chest I thought it would pop out at any time and send the nurse flying across the room.
“Miss Scott’s operation, well..” She paused looking round “it was successful.” Something in her tone of voice said there was a but about to come and I wasn’t wrong.
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