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All of us

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Frank has to convince Evie

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Dear Evie,

I’ve gone to get you some extra clothes and stuff, I’ll be back soon darling.

Love you,
Frank xxx

I read the note left on my water tray. Who was Frank? Why was he calling me darling? Creep. I reached for my water and noticed the shining ring on my left hand. I stared at it not remembering how it got there, not really remembering why I was here. Suddenly a nurse walked in.
“Ah your awake Miss Scott, your fiancé has just popped out.” She looked at the note, “Oh I see you already know.” She smiled. Something uneased me, I didn’t know what was going on and I couldn’t remember anything. I remember my parents and Lydia but who was Frank? I’m not engaged, I can’t be engaged, I never wanted to get engaged. The nurse checked all sorts, tightening and losing the tubes in the machines. She was there for about twenty minutes before she informed me she’ll be round later on with the doctor. I was left watching some old black and white television programme when a short man, with stunning features and plenty of tattoo’s walked in smiling when he saw me. The smile didn’t last long when he saw my wide eyes looking at him, I started to shake, not knowing why.
“Babe it’s me, it’s Frank, your fiancé.” He rushed over dropping the bags he was holding and grabbing my hands.
“I’m not engaged, I don’t know you.” I tried snatching my hands away. My voice barely a whispering due to lack of use, tears rolling down my face.
“You are, you are.” He stroked my cheeks softly, “can I show you this?” he held a DVD case up “it might make things about clearer. I nodded, getting more agitated by the second that I couldn’t remember him. He was adamant he knew me so he must of done right? Suddenly music started to play softly, a familiar yet unfamiliar tune, joining the music was pictures of me and this Frank. They was of us cuddled up in bed, at parties, dressed as Sandy and Danny from Grease and many more. Then footage of Frank on stage with a band and the camera goes into the crowd and there’s me and Lydia looking like we was having the time of our lives. I remembered the song it was “To The End” by My Chemical Romance it was one of my favourites off their second album; I also remember telling a guy this. I stared at frank, who’s eyes were full of tears being held in the light of the television screen reflecting in them. I recognised him, I don’t know where from or how but I remember messing with his lip ring and trying to poke things through the tunnels in his ears. I remember laughing and having pillow fights with him and him taking me, my mum, auntie and grandma to the hospital when my grandma was ill; he held my hand all the way through our coffee in the canteen and supported me. The more intensely I stared at him the more it came flooding back. I couldn’t remember how we met but I could remember that we had an argument over an operation that I could have, about changing my appearance. I ran my hand over my left side of my head and felt the bandage, I had the operation on my ear. I looked back at the which was drawing to an end.
“Do you remember anything?” He looked at me slowly, trying so hard to be strong.
“We go to my parents parties, we had a pillow fight in your bedroom and the feathers came out of the pillows and you tickled me on the bed, tickled the back of my legs – the only place I’m ticklish.” I smiled a little “you asked me to marry you in a car at a restaurant, said you wish I could wear a wedding dress from you.” I closed my eyes whilst reciting what I remembered. “But I can’t remember how we met.” I cried softly looking at the floor.
“Here’s how.” He gave me a little old fashioned box, which I opened and there was mass amounts of envelops all numbered. I read them all, each individual problem and each response he gave me, with each letter I remembered what we did whenever we met up after the letters. “Remember now?” He whispered sitting behind me holding me to him. “The doctor doesn’t know if your memory loss is permanent or temporary,” he stroked my hair softly “you’ve been in here now for 2 weeks and this is the first time you’ve woken up, you woke up half way through surgery so they put you in a induced coma,” he kissed my shoulder softly “if your memory loss is more than just now then can you remember the film 50 First Dates?” I nodded slowly “then we will do that, I’ll make a better DVD and play it to you every day because I love you.” He whispered in my ear.
“Really?” I looked round at him slowly “you’d do that for me?” I felt so naïve and vulnerable.
“Of course I would. You’re going to be my wife, I want you to remember me.” He laughed a little moving my fringe out of my eyes and kissed my nose softly. “Lydia wants to see you, she’s waiting outside with Gerard. do you just want to see her or is it ok if he comes in too?” He smiled standing up and walking to the door slowly.
“Erm, both please? I want to see if I remember him.” I mumbled, there is so much to take in. he nodded and walked out slowly and I looked round see all the flowers in my room. I never liked to many flowers in a hospital, most people think they bring happiness and cheer people up, but to me it felt like a morgue, like I was going to die or something.
“Evs!” I heard a squealy voice coming from the door. I instantly recognised the voice and looked at my best friend who’s eyes was all red and puffy. Close behind her was a young pasty man, freshly died black hair that was longish and looked like bed hair. Gerard I thought. “How are you?” She throw her arms around me careful not to catch any of my wires.
“I’m ok.” I croaked out softly, my throat hurting from the lack of use.
“We have so much to tell you.” Lydia looked at Gerard, holding his hand softly, and Frank. “All of us.” She beamed.
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