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But everything's okay?

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Surprise news

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Dear Evie
Day 4 of England! Its freezing and I should of took your advice to pack more jumpers. How’s moving your stuff in going on? I so want to help you but I knew this time would come where we would have to play abroad. How are you, Lydia and baby? I hope your all okay, I really do hope. Have you heard any more from the hospital? If so what have they said? The song on the email I’ve sent you by the way is what I keep listening to thinking about you. It’s so relevant and I know you like the song. God I miss you so much and I don’t even care if I sound like a loser. Only another 3 weeks and a day to go to I can come home to our love nest as Gerard keeps calling it. The guys keep winding me up saying it’s going to be like when Joey gets a girl roommate living with him in friends and she puts all her girly stuff around the house and he slowly loses his masculinity. They keep saying when they come round I’m going to be knitting or buying scented candles or something. I won’t will I? Anyway fill me on everything I’m missing, nothing really to talk about here just arriving at the venue and sound checking, doing the promotional interviews and playing the shows. The shows are really good though and the fans go crazy over here! We was in Manchester last night, you’re from there right? Well they all did these hand love heart things (look at the picture on the email) it was crazy! But it was a wonderful sight I have to say. I miss you so much. Can’t wait to be back home with you.
Love you so much,
Frank xxxxxxx (missing you so much look at the x’s!)

I read the note sat on top of one of my many boxes in Frank’s apartment. Lydia was currently shifting the boxes but as soon as I saw the mail man with a hand wrote envelope I knew who it was. The letter smelt of Frank’s usual aftershave. A weird habit we’d been doing for the whole 3 months he’d been away for. Sometimes we’d send tops, sometimes pictures but we always spread the letters with the perfume or aftershave we was wearing the day we wrote it.
“You’re moving in yet you’re not moving your boxes.” Lydia looked at me smiling.
“Well I’m attending my mail, it could be very important you know.” I told her laughing and getting the pen and paper from my handbag writing my response and taking my time, not wanting my letter to look rushed. I sprayed the letter with my Ghost Midnight that I usually wear and addressed the envelop to the gig 3 days away from today. That’s how I sent my mail, address it for the venue that’s three days in advance, send it first class and it usually arrives when he does there. Perfect timing.
“I can’t believe you write letters and ringing each other every night. What do you talk about?” Lydia exclaimed sitting down with her feet resting on one box.
“All sorts, he rings me before the show so we just talk about going on stage, then he rings me when he’s going bed so we can talk about … well anything.” I blushed and put the letter in my bag along with the pad and pen. “I’m going to sort out my underwear; you get the pizza when it comes yeah?” I looked at her before walking in the bedroom to carry on with my task.

Four hours later, and two pizza’s later we finally finished unpacking. “Well I think we’ve done a good job, it doesn’t look too feminine or too masculine, it looks just perfect” I high fived Lydia as we slumped down on the sofa, tired from all the heavy unloading.
“I agree, and if he complains once I will pack everything back up, take it too your parents and he can collect it and lug it up all the stairs and unpack it.” She sounded defeated.
“What time is it?” I asked locating my laptop and loading it up giving it to her before going in the kitchen to make us a cup of tea with honey, something Lydia had kept going on about and up until the point of me trying it I thought sounded disgusting, and something for tea.
“They’re due on in about half an hour!” She shouted loading up our link that they’d set up for us so we could see them on stage, which we went on every night. I grabbed my phone sitting down knowing the call I’d been waiting for all day would be coming through shortly and I was not wrong.
“Hey you.” He said and you could hear the smile in his voice.
“Hey, got your letter, going to post mine tomorrow but I’ve not listened to the song or looked at the picture yet, been unpacking all day.” I told him twiddling the corner of the union jack cushion I brought with me.
“Ah ok will let you off then.” He laughed. “How many pizza’s today then?” he asked his usual question.
“Just two, I like your outfit today but you really need to wash your cardigan.” I gigged watching him on the screen smiling.
“No I don’t and you’re watching? Is Lydia there?” He asked turning to the camera waving doing the biggest cheesiest grin he could muster before hitting Gerard and pointing to the camera when I said yes. I put the phone on loudspeaker so we could both talk to them, whilst we was watching them. All the other band members left leaving them to it, which they tended to do most nights.
“5 minutes guys!” We heard Ray shout in the background. Lydia and Gerard doing most of the talking, with me and Frank saying our bits in between. It’s strange, they don’t really ring each other because they both know that they will get a bit upset but their fine talking in front of me and Frank; maybe because they know they’re not alone in what their feeling I guess.
“2 minutes guys!” Ray called again this time sticking his head around the door. Both men nodded towards Ray who swiftly left just like he came.
“Okay we got to go, but everything’s okay with you and baby?” his soft concerned voice asked pushing the time limit to the boundary.
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