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Quick, Hide!

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All is not as it seems.

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Dear Frank,
I told you Manchester was amazing! The fact their shortened version of the name is the same as the bands says it all. England’s always cold, even in the middle of summer they get torrential rain and hailstone. We are all fine, how about you guys? I hope you are all ok. The hospital have said everything is ok, my memory is fine and it will most likely only go when I hit old age and the chances of re-growth are so low they’re virtually nil. I listened to the song and you’re right I do love I Wanna by All-American Rejects and it is so relevant. As you do, I also miss you too; my parents parties aren’t the same now without me being able to stare at you and you don’t sound like a loser, well maybe a little, but I love my little loser. Only 19 more days, that’s 2 weeks and 5 days, until you come home and see I’ve painted your whole house a bright pink and the Playboy bunny logo is plastered all over the place so yes the guys are right, soon your balls will be in my pocket (please note I am giggling whilst I am writing this, but it is the absolute truth, you should see the bedspread.) Nothing much really has happened, Patrick and I have taken over the centre meaning we’re fighting for control and working out who wears the trousers, which is me I have to point out. I went with Lydia for the scan the doctors are impressed at everything especially the stamina this kid has, he was kicking like mad. I have watched every single promotional interview and please wash your cardigan! I beg please, also you should wear your red and black check shirt you it’s really pretty. Your shows have been amazing! Tell the guys they’re playing great and also tell them I say hi. Tell Gerard not to worry I am taking good care of Lydia she is perfectly fine, she is at the moment scoffing her face with Domino’s stuffed crust four cheese pizza. I cannot wait for you to come back home, I’ve been practicing baking for you and everything, even though I can bake – just not cook, and I miss you so much (I should really work on my paragraphing but I just want to write everything down so I can send it to you quickly).
I love you so much,
Like so so much,
Evie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (I beat all your x’s!)

I read her letter in the taxi home smiling as I read each bit, the band had finished the tour early as some of the venue’s we was playing out in Europe cancelled, so we played the ones that hadn’t and then decided to come home but we hadn’t told the girls, we thought we should surprise them, even though that wouldn’t be a very good idea in Lydia’s condition, with the baby, she might pop it out there and then.

I quickly paid the driver and grabbed my cases and started my sprint up the flights of stairs that was in the way of me getting to Evie. Now I know I should take the lift if I wanted to get there quicker but small spaces just don’t do it for me so I take the stairs, however, the many years of smoking came to join me and I was stood on the second flight of my 3 flight journey huffing and puffing getting funny looks from the people walking up passing me with ease. After I finally got my breath back I started my final sprint, going slower this time, up to my now shared flat.

“Honey” I walked in dragging my case “I’m home!” I slammed the door and walked into the front room where I expected to find her watching the television that I could clearly hear on, instead I was greeted by her familiar jeans and Green Day top scattered along the floor. Feeling a sense of disbelief and anger rising I ran up the stairs, where I heard her voice telling someone to ‘quick hide, hide!’ in a panicked, hushed tone. “It’s to fucking late; I know what you’re doing!” I quickly burst in, not prepared to see the scene what was in front of me.
“Get out! Get out!” She screamed diving to the floor, which was difficult considering she was in a stunning white dress that hung to her tiny frame perfectly and a white veil which fell off mid fall.
“Shit I’m so sorry, I thought -” I was quickly cut off by her.
“I know what you thought, but please get out, it’s bad luck!” She squealed throwing a pillow at me to emphasize her point as I quickly walked out, if not just to hide my embarrassment in front the three women who was stood in the room when I just burst in.

About ten minutes of me being sat on the top step, which I felt was like my naughty step, I heard her soft voice shout it was ok for me to come back in. I walked in slowly, looking at the floor much like a kid who’s been sent to the principle for something stupid. “Eves I’m so sorry I just saw the clothes and heard you and oh god I jumped to conclusions and I shouldn’t of done and I don’t know why I did I mean I trust you completely and I know you’d never cheat or you’d never hurt me like that but I don’t know I’m really sorry.” I looked up at her taking a much needed breath, I said my little speech without taking one just wanting to get it out before she could say anything.
“Babe, it’s ok honest. I know what it must of looked like, along with you supposed to be on tour, but I wanted to pick a dress out so you wouldn’t know.” She walked over to me and lifted my chin up to look at her smiling face as she waved the three women out. “I am a little hurt but I understand why you thought that and you got all angry which means my fake affair caused a stir in you.” She giggled slightly before kissing me softly. “I’ve missed you and I’ve heard about your tour dates being cancelled and stuff and I have to say as nasty as this sounds, I’m kind of happy because sleeping here on my own has left me so lonely. I’ve been like a dog pinning for its owner.” She rolled her eyes going a deeper shade of red then I thought was possible.
“I’ve been the same.” I kissed her passionately to prove my point. “I just kept thinking of you and what I’d do when I got home.” I whispered on her lips smiling when she realized what it was I was getting at.
“Oh well I’d hate to spoil, your well thought out plan.” She giggled before we fell back on the bed and I showed her each detail of the plan.
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