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What if

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Wedding day preperations

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Dear Miss Scott
We are writing to inform you that the wedding dress you have ordered is in store waiting for you to come and try on to see if you are happy. Just come in at any time we will fit you in there and then.

Yours Sincerely,
Clair Bishop of Once Upon a Bride.

I read the letter, cuddled up to Frank in bed. It was a few weeks since they had returned home and we’d spent them weeks vigorously planning the wedding, as two days into his break off their manager rang and said they were playing various festivals and tours in about two months and me and Frank took the joint decision of wanting to get married before he had to go again.
“What do we have to do today?” He asked nuzzling my neck causing me to smile.
“My dress has come into the shop, so I need to ring Lydia and get her to come with me to the shop and then we just need to finalise the booking of the hotel rooms for the family and the one for me to get ready in, so I can do that after I’ve got the dress that way I can drop the dress off there and stuff considering the wedding’s in two days.” I looked down at him smiling, truth be told I was excited for the wedding but I was more anxious then everything. All these what if questions going through my head like; what if he changes his mind? What if I change my mind? What if this was too soon? What if we don’t last? And what if the marriage makes the relationship go bad? I know it’s stupid because I’m so sure this is who I want to spend my life with, but there’s just this nagging voice in the back of my head. I know I should talk to Frank about it – he’s probably feeling the same but I just keep thinking what if he’s not and he thinks ‘oh well she has doubts maybe this isn’t right’ it could be a catastrophe.
“That sounds doable.” He laughed ticking it off of our list. “I’ll go get my suit sorted, it’s my final fitting today so I’ll drop it off at Gerard’s on the way back. I’ll also go speak to the vicar to give him my vows, when you giving him yours?” Frank asked looking at my face which I’m sure looked like I’d just watched a horror movie. “You’ve not done your vows?” He questioned me, a small smile covering his lips.
“It’s not that I’ve not done them.” I spoke quietly not looking at him “It’s just I’ve not wrote them down.” I paused “or really planned them.” I whispered chewing the inside of my lip.
“Well that’s ok, you can do them later on today yeah?” He looked at me and kissed my forehead “you’ll do them I know you will.” He smiled getting out of bed and getting dressed.
“I will.” I said texting Lydia to meet me at the dress shop whilst I too got myself presentable for the day. “Lydia is sorting the cake out for us by the way so it’s going to be a surprise.” I told him whilst he nodded.
“Ok well I’ll meet you here at 6 for tea, I’ll cook tonight.” He smiled kissing me softly as we both walked out at the same time to our cars.

“You ready?” I shouted out to Lydia and Gerard who was sat outside of the cubicle at the dress shop.
“Bring it on!” Lydia shouted out as I opened the curtain to show them my dress and veil for the first time. I looked at them nervously as Gerard sat forward a little.
“W-wow.” Lyds motioned at me, her eyes glistening with a little tear getting ready to spill out. The pregnancy playing havoc with her emotions.
“You look amazing.” Gerard stood up smiling to look at the back of the dress. “He’s a lucky guy.” He smiled hugging me softly.
“Hello, your pregnant girlfriend sat here.” Lydia waved giggling. “He’s right though Eves, the dress fits your figure perfectly. It’s beautiful.” She smiled. “But what you doing for your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?” She looked up at me.
“Oh I don’t know.” I sat on the chair that the assistant brought over to me. “I’ve forgot to do my wedding vows as well, I keep forgetting everything.” I looked at them moving the veil from my face. “I’m just so nervous about whether this is the right thing to do or if it’s too soon or not and all these doubts are swimming around in my mind and I’m just.” I paused wiping my stray tear away “I’m just so scared.” I whispered looking down at my lip.
“As is the twenty million brides that get married each week.” Lydia spoke smiling “and that’s why you have me and Lola to help you so stop worrying and lets all decide what your something’s can be.” She smiled holding Gerard’s hand.
“My something old I’m wearing my great grandmother’s cameo like I always wear it.” I stroked the necklace that never leaves my neck.
“Well I’ve got you your something new.” Gerard stood up slowly “if you want it that is.” He walked over pulling out a box from his blazer inside pocket and gave it to me. “It’s just a little thank you present for making my best friend happy. I’ve never seen him like this and you’ve really changed his whole mood. When he was with Stacey she made him feel like shit but when he met you he was just so happy and smiley and without you I wouldn’t have met Lydia and I wouldn’t be having a family of my own.” He smiled as I cried a little more opening the box to reveal a stunning bracelet, that was the same kind of chain as my necklace. He helped me put it on and it fitted perfectly and completed the look.
“You’re so sentimental G.” Lydia smiled walking over to join us with her hand on his shoulder looking at the bracelet. “I have your something borrowed.” She looked at me slowly and gave me a little handbag that I’d always admired of hers. “I got a sneak peak of your dress, I saw the picture in the magazine and I knew it would go and you’ve always loved this lace bag.” She hugged me “and put a blue flower into your bouquet.” She suggested and I nodded not believing I hadn’t thought of it.
“I want a blue Chrysanthemum.” I looked at them and they looked at me with a confused expression on their faces. “My granddad gave my grandma a Chrysanthemum, it was his and hers favourite flower and he gave her one on the first date and she had one in her bouquet. Kind of traditional you know?” I smiled looking at them and they nodded smiling.
“Well I’ll ring the company up now whilst you get that beautiful dress off and we can carry on with the rest of the jobs we need to do yeah?” Gerard smiled and Lydia nodded her agreement and I walked back into the changing room to get ready and compose myself.

By the end of the day; the hotels were booked, the vows were handed to the vicar, the dress was safe in the room that we’d paid for for four days and I had even done my speech on my little cards. The only thing I had left to do was get Frank a present then all I could do was turn up at the church and marry the man I love.
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