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Big day, big letter.

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Dear Evie
I am so sorry for the hurt this may cause but I want you to know I am simply doing this because I love you that much and I realise that going through with this is undoubtedly unfair of me. I cannot expect you to put your whole life on hold for me and my job, my career. I assume that like most females; you, from a very young age, have imagined your future, played weddings with your Barbie’s, dreamt of your ‘perfect’ family and even named your children. Although there is nothing medically stopping me giving you that, my head and heart is. (Cliché I know)

I cannot expect you to wait around every time I go on tour to not have your well planned out family of 3 kids and a dog (I remembered you don’t like cats unless it is Lydia’s cat.)

I love you so much that I cannot expect you to settle for second best, you are worth and deserve so much more than that and it would be selfish of me not to let you go and have what you deserve.

I want you to know that you’re the love of my life, even at times where I felt I should have been crying you made me laugh. To think that I helped you and fell in love with the greatest girl I ever had the honour of meeting fills me with great satisfaction,
I am sorry I don’t have the heart to tell you this face to face and I am telling you on the day of our wedding, but as selfish and cowardly as it is I couldn’t face seeing you hurt.

Good luck with the future. I hope it brings you happiness and the life you deserve. I have paid for everything, the apartment and furnishing are yours. I have only taken my clothes, guitars and the CD and DVD your mother gave us of you singing I Have Nothing that is all.

All my love always,
Frank x

I read the letter Gerard had just handed to me shaking. “Eves what is it?” Lydia walked over to me quickly noticing how pale I had gotten this had to be a wind up, any moment Gerard was going to burst out laughing and say how ‘priceless’ my face was. But that didn’t happen. “Is it your sugar level again?” Lydia asked taking the letter out of my hand and handing it to Gerard and sitting me down; as Gerard started to read the letter stopping when he realised
“Shit” he said before running out and presumably to the room they was in to get ready.
“Lydia you have to get me out of this dress.” I said quickly standing up just as Gerard ran back in panting.
“He’s not there.” He said holding his thigh’s whilst trying to get his breath back.
“Of course he’s not there! He’s running away! He’s not going to stick around for a goodbye is he?” I screamed getting the dress off quickly, “Gerard car keys. Now.” I snapped looking at him, stood in just my corseted underdress and shoes.
“Evie I don’t think you should drive in this -” I didn’t give him chance to finish as I walked up to him and got the car keys from his pants pockets myself and ran down, past the wedding guests that were filling in and into the car park searching for Gerard’s car.

When I finally found it, Gerard - who had Lydia on his back due to her given state of pregnancy – had caught up and was screaming at me to wait for them. No sooner had Gerard just sat down and was putting his foot in I had sped off.
“Evie how do you possibly know where he is?” Gerard asked trying to appear calm despite his white knuckled grip on the car door handle.
“We have a spot, he goes there when he’s upset and I just know he will be there.” I screamed speeding easily down the country road before slamming on the breaks once we’d got there sure enough his car was there.

It seemed like forever since I’d been waiting on his car bonnet before he returned. “Evie?” he questioned before getting closer and recognising me. “Evie what are you doing here? Please don’t do this it’s only going to make this harder.” He said biting his lip.

I tried to remain calm but I couldn’t, “Havisham” I spat out looking at him. “She was jilted at the altar, made to look like a fool.” I got up off the car bonnet, the adrenaline kicking in now that I hardly felt the cold, “she spent her life from then on hating men and in her wedding dress, cake still untouched, one shoe on, one shoe off.” I looked up at him. “I’ve always liked that poem, Carol Ann Duffy the poet a bit scary, but that poem made me realise even at the age of 15 and 16, that men were nothing but cold, self-centred, pigs!” I spat out, surprised that no tears had come out “but then I met you.” I paused watching him “charming, caring, funny Frank whom I love and thought would never hurt me. Thought he felt the same.” I shook my head “shows how bad of a character reader I am when it comes to my own love life.” I whispered walking back to the car. “You’re wrong you know.” I looked at him a lot calmer now, “about what you put in your letter. I never dressed my Barbie’s up in wedding dresses and played wedding with them. I dressed up when I was younger you have the photo but that was when I believed in marriage. I also wanted children, a boy and girl, Thomas and Kimmy and a posh house with a picket fence.” I looked at him the tears finally coming “I was 6. Since I was 14 I never wanted marriage, I believed it only dampened a relationship, that was made stronger but my line of work, I never wanted biological because the world is going to shit, I’d rather show love to a poor innocent child already in the world. I vowed to myself I would never marry and never have kids. The tears wouldn’t stop, “but then I met you. You made me feel that maybe I was wrong on marriage that we wouldn’t end up dam and soggy but stronger and in for the long haul. I don’t want kids I’m happy to get dogs. I’m happy to wait for you to come home every day from tour.” I walked over to him slowly “unless there is another reason you wish not to marry me then what you are saying is you will never find true happiness, commitment in a partner,” I held his cheeks stroking them softly as he leaned into my touch softly, his eyes glistening as they filled to replace the fallen ones. “Frank Iero I am willing to pine like a dog for your return from the country you travelled to to carry out your other passion, I’m willing to buy as many dogs as you want and I’m willing to run after you in the freezing cold in my underwear to convince you to marry me because I love you.” I looked up at him before getting down on my knees holding his hands. “Frank Iero, even though I shouldn’t be doing this it is you who should be grovelling, will you please marry me today at the place where we have booked and all our friends and family are waiting and in the outfits we already have purchased?” I looked up at him with hopeful eyes waiting for his response.
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