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Finale chapter

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Dear Mr, Mrs and Miss Way!
How are you all? I have to say we are so excited about coming down for the weekend, are you sure it’s ok we stay with you? Because we can always go to a hotel nearby or stop at my mother’s? I can’t wait to see baby Audrey in her little outfit, well she’s not really a baby anymore but a toddler but that’s beside the point. The photo’s you sent us are all over the house in cute little frames and the neighbour’s came round and saw the photo’s and was like ‘oh you have a child? Where is she?’ in which me and Frank had the awkward we’re not one for children just yet discussion. Anyway Frank wants to write so here he is.

Hello to the Way’s! Not going to bother asking how you are cause Evie’s done that. Gerard how’s the comic coming on? I keep winding Evie up because I keep getting little bits of song lyrics popping into my head and I have to write them down and it’s normally in the middle of the night so she wakes up. The other night I must of woke up every hour, to the point on the fifth time she threw a pillow at me and told me to take my pad and go sleep in the spare room. Anyway we need to meet up soon, with the others so that we can talk more about albums? While Leathermouth fills the gap it’s never going to the same as the buzz I get with My Chemical Romance and you’re a much better singer than I will ever be.

How’s the terrible two’s treating you both? I have to say Lydia the shop here is really coming along, I don’t know if that’s because Evie’s down their barking her orders for you or if it’s because it’s generally coming along. It’ll look even better when you get your stock in there of course. Oh here comes Evie again she’s already packed you know, she’s been packed since Monday last week – she’s that excited, bless her. She keeps waking up going “only 8 more sleeps”.

Me again, we have some really big exciting news to tell you! But that will have to wait until we are at yours. I’ll give you a little teaser (see the envelope inside this envelope) because by the time you get this letter we will be/ be on our way at your house. Anyway, I hope Audrey is excited to see me, I have got my god daughter lots and lots of presents, even though Frank will claim the credit! We have you stuff too of course it’s just your both not as cute as Audrey! (no offence, I love you both really.)

Anyway we best go, we will see you in about less than 24 hours! Eee I’m so excited.
Love all three of you so very much, almost as much as we miss you!
Evie xxx
Frank xxx

We read the letter out and Audrey got rather excited at the prospect of presents. She is slowly running out of room, because every time her god parents visit, (since they moved away after Audrey was one because Evie had to take control of a failing counselling centre – which she did successfully – and since the band was on a well-deserved brake both he and she decided to rent a cute little cottage out in the country, where they could get away from city life) they always bring her presents, and they visit every month!
“What do you think they need to tell us?” I looked at Gerard who was sat frantically drawing for another comic that he was contemplating putting out.
“Hmm I don’t know, maybe they’re moving back? Or maybe they’re living their permanently?” he answered still drawing.
I went and sat behind him, massaging his shoulders a little as he was so tense, “what if it’s that their getting a divorce? Or that they are never coming back? I don’t want that to happen, it’s hard enough now!” I whined at him resting my chin on his shoulder whilst looking at the drawing he had of some misfit heroes.
“I don’t think they will be getting a divorce, you know that they’re in love; I don’t think Frank will give up the second chance she gave him on that day. And if they do move there for ever than maybe we can look into finding a little house near their so we can live near them?” he said pulling me to him before kissing me softly. Since we got married, a year ago, the spark never has left but Gerard has changed, the way he dresses for one, he has a geekier look to him now; you know the shirt, tie and waistcoats or little pull over jumpers with a shirt. He has also turned into a typical dad, going round making sure Audrey doesn’t smack her head on anything, or mess with our paints or attempt to climb the stairs. When she was first born, he went and got everything that could soften any falls she might have when she was learning to walk. He is also, the best dad I’ve ever seen, he takes care of her in the morning so that I can have a lie over, he most if not all the night visits when she wakes up screaming, he insists that we have no phones turned on on a Sunday and we go out for the day as family, normally to a park or to feed the ducks. Once we went to where there was a lake and we got a little peddle boat and we was both peddling and Audrey was shouting and pointed at everything, she really had enjoyed herself. He also, even though he thinks I don’t hear him, sings to her and reads her the bed time stories and checks the wardrobe, under the bed and behind her curtains for any monsters she says might be there, and with the knowledge that she is safe she goes soundly to sleep.
“Ok you’re right, we should just look in the envelope before I lose my mind.” We laughed and I got the white card size envelope and sat on his knee. “Ready?” I looked at him like it was a big deal, it was in a way.
“Ready ready ready.” He said nuzzling my neck gently as I opened to envelop as two pieces of photo cards dropped out with writing on the back. I picked them up slowly and they were baby scans! “Oh” he said, I could feel his big smile on my neck, “what do they say?” he said taking my hands in his and turning the over.
“There’s not just one in that belly of mine, there’s two! Guess this means we’ll be needing already parents with us so looks like we’re moving back.” The cards also had the sexes on the back, a boy and a girl.
“They’re moving back?” I looked at Gerard smiling “Four of them moving back?” I screeched hugging him dead tight before running off to tell Audrey that she soon will be getting two new friends and none blood related family members.
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