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The Legendary Ho-Oh

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Having been seen flying across the globe for centuries, recent rumors say that Ho-Oh currently resides on top of the Bell Tower in Ecruteak City. Officials deny all rumors regarding this, but the f...

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Ecruteak City

This rural town is famous throughout all of Johto for its two giant towers that can be seen from miles away. Legend has it that both Lugia and Ho-Oh were once perched atop these massive creations, scattering across the globe as a great fire claimed what would become known as 'the burned tower'. The remaining tower is being watched over with only a few people in the world have permission to climb to the top. The burned tower is housed by wild Pokémon, and is said to once have been the habitat for Entei, Suicune and Raikou. However, so many years having passed since Lugia disappeared, explorers will rarely find anything but soot and ash in this condemned building.

"Well… That was a big disappointment" the Gallade said, throwing away the tour guide and putting his elongated arms behind his head as they exited the tower.
"We went to a burned tower, we found a burned tower…" Kabutops sighed while shaking his head, "… Finding anything but a burned tower would have been the disappointment."
"I guess we'll only find the roaming legendaries by roaming" the Gallade snickered, "Which, might I add, we've been doing a lot of lately."
"Who cares?" Pikablu said while wiping some ash from his face, "We've still got the main attraction left!"
"Calling it now - Another disappointment" the Gallade quickly said, "We just went to the bottom of a tower and found nothing. Do you know what we'll find at the top of the other one? NOTHING!"
"It's been documented several times that the legendary Ho-Oh resides on top of that tower!" Pikablu shouted as they approached the entrance to the second tower, "What, do you have a better suggestion?"
"Yeah! There's a dance… Something… Somewhere!" the Gallade said while struggling to remember, "I heard 'dance' and was sold!"
"… Why?" Kabutops sneered, "Because you like dancing, or like looking at humans…?"
"Honestly, I wouldn't say no to either!" the Gallade said, before quickly trying to change the subject.

"So, uh, Pikablu!" he said flustered, "You sure you want to start with such a powerful legendary? Can't we go for Manaphy and work our way up?"
"At this point, I'll take anything I can find" Pikablu said with a look of determination, "Don't worry, my legendary-killing techniques will be more than enough."
"Oh yeah…" the Gallade said while looking impressed, "25% and all that. That's a pretty sweet technique! Maybe I should try to trace it…"
"Learning that technique took me 5 years, and had me risking becoming a cripple at every moment" Pikablu said with a depressing tone, "Not to mention all the physical pain and mental anguish, of course. You do NOT want to trace it."
"Still, to become the strongest Pokémon in the world…" the Gallade said with a dreamy expression, "Surely it was worth it?"
"BWAHAHA!" Pikablu suddenly burst out laughing in an awkward moment, "Oh, hell! Not even remotely! My only goal in life is to get those legendaries, and to do so I needed to become stronger. I didn't have a choice. Besides, forcing all that electricity through me has got to put a lot of strain on my body, I won't live long if I keep using it."
"What!? Seriously!?" the Gallade yelled startled, "Calm down with it, then! Let us help you fight the next time!"
"Uh… I mean… " Pikablu mumbled while looking surprised, "25% isn't THAT bad… Didn't think you'd care. Even if I go all out I have plenty of time to finish this quest, you know."
"What about afterwards…?" Kabutops asked, "… Are you not willing to live on?"
"Not really, no" Pikablu sighed, but then for a short moment a ray of light shone through his pitch black demeanor, "Well… OK, maybe a little… See, there's this girl back home…"
"Oh?" the Gallade said with an interested tone, "Is she hot?"
"Dude, if you so much as look at her funny…!" Pikablu shouted angrily before calming down, "Eh, she's not your type, anyway. She's a Bug-Type."
"… Mandibles?" Kabutops asked quietly.
"Will you shut up about the mandibles, already!?" the Gallade shouted, remembering Ilex Forest, "If I can't tell whether a girl is kissing my lips or eating them, then I'm not interested! Not to mention what kind of blo-"

Suddenly, the Gallade went quiet and stopped dead in his tracks.
"That is rather…" Kabutops said, but silenced himself as the Gallade raised a hand at him.
"This is bad…" the Gallade said with a troubled tone as he gritted his teeth.
"What?" Pikablu asked with a confused look, "You sense a legendary?"
"Worse…" the Gallade mumbled, "… Repel." They had reached the entrance to the second tower, and looked over at the entrance in silence. There was a very thin cloud of something leaking from it and hanging in the air.
"So what? Be a man!" Pikablu said before resuming his walk.
"No, you idiot!" the Gallade shouted as he grabbed a hold of Pikablu and pulled him back, "This isn't the normal stuff! This stuff'll paralyze us if we inhale it, and someone'll capture us!"
"Whatever, if there's a legendary up there, some piddly Repel won't stop me!" Pikablu said as he twisted free from the Gallade, "I'll hold my breath and-"
"No you won't!" the Gallade yelled as he grabbed a hold of Pikablu again, "Are you going to hold your breath while climbing an infinity-story building and then fighting a legendary!?"
"Eh, it's probably just at the entrance!" Pikablu laughed as he looked up at the taller Gallade, "There shouldn't be any Repel on top, unless they'd want to scare away Ho-Oh."

"... If I may break up your hug, perhaps I should mention…" Kabutops said wryly "… I am most likely immune to this."
"What? How?" the Gallade asked, before pushing Pikablu away from him with a disgusted look.
"I don't smell." Kabutops said bluntly.
"Like hell, you don't!" the Gallade laughed before getting a concerned look, "I mean, uh, that's really sad. How does food taste?"
"… Not much." Kabutops replied.
"… Wait!" Pikablu suddenly burst out, "I just got an incredible idea!"
"Screw this, get dance lessons, tour the world, be a god to every woman alive?" the Gallade asked hopefully.
"Actually, it's almost as stupid as that" Pikablu as he ran up to the bag Kabutops was carrying and rummaged through it, "But at least we get a nice view with my idea!" After a while, he pulled out a rope.
"See all those indents?" Pikablu said while looking at the tower, "We can climb the side of the building!"
"… Screw YOU!" the Gallade yelled angrily while sharply pointing at the tower, "Do you see how tall that thing is!? I'm not climbing shit!"
"You won't have to!" Pikablu exclaimed before tying the rope around himself, "Kabutops, now it's your turn to shine!"
"… I see." Kabutops sighed as Pikablu tied the rope around him as well.
"Whoa, wait, what?" the Gallade stammered, thinking that he was witnessing some weird bondage ritual.
"Kabutops is unaffected by the Repel, right?" Pikablu said while handing the rope over to the Gallade, "He'll climb the side of the building and carry us with him."
"What the… But it's so tall!" the Gallade gasped, "How is he going to carry us all the way up there!?"
"I don't mind." Kabutops said slowly.
"OK, so maybe my dance suggestion isn't top-notch, but anything's better than this!" the Gallade said as he reluctantly tied the rope around his waist, "Come on Kabutops, there must be something you'd rather be doing!"
"Not really, no." Kabutops said.
"Alright!" Pikablu said as he started inhaling and exhaling deeply, "Take a deep breath! Kabutops, you know what to do!"

They ran around the tower and inhaled deeply as they approached its side. Kabutops ran his sickles into the wall, and gave his two companions a nod. Pikablu and the Gallade holding their breaths as Kabutops put his feet on the wall, and started climbing it. Even as they were pulled up by the rope and left the ground, Kabutops remained completely unaffected by the whole ordeal as they quietly went along their way.

After climbing for a while, Kabutops could hear Pikablu mumble something, still keeping his face covered.
"… Something to get your mind off it?" Kabutops said out loud, trying to interpret what he were saying. Pikablu nodded before mumbling something.
"… Talk? You want me to talk?" Kabutops asked before sighing,"… I have nothing to say." Both Pikablu and the Gallade started mumbling in a pleading way.
"… Hmpf" Kabutops huffed, "You two would not understand, anyway"
"TALK, DAMN YOU!" Pikablu shouted, before quickly covering his face once more and has a quick spasm from the Repel surrounding them.
"… Fine" Kabutops finally said, "… As you two know, I am not from this era of time. I lived in a land long gone, something you would refer to as pre-history. There I had a family, friends and a life. On my eleventh birthday, I was frozen deep underwater by an unknown assailant where I remained for hundreds of years before I was resurrected in a laboratory on Cinnabar Island."
"… They ran many tests on me" he continued, "Every day, with needles and potions. Although confused and frightened, my greatest dream was to one day escape and resume my normal life. And after a few years, I managed to escape that prison…"
"… It was then I realized that my prison stretched quite a bit further than just a laboratory" he continued as he shook his head and driving another sickle into the wall in front of him, "Trying to adapt to these new times proved to be difficult. My appearance frightens people. My demeanor confuses friends. I have tried to fit in, but it is impossible. In these times, I shall be an outcast forevermore. However much I want to go back to my life, I cannot. What has been can never be again. I am destined to remain in this world until I die."
"I lived as a hermit for a few years, trying to learn as much of this world as possible in an attempt to be accepted" he said as the Gallade mumbled something while turning blue in the face, "During that time, there was that broadcast on a TV that I caught. The elite four tournament of the Kanto region, last year. There it was, one of the participants… An Aerodactyl."
"A Pokémon from my times" he said as his voice got a rare, happy tone, "Another lost soul left behind in this world, searching for acceptance. I knew we had to unite. However, she left the tournament after winning, and I was unable to locate her destination. All I got was her name - Astrid."

Suddenly, the Gallade started breathing heavily.
"I-I think it's O-OK to breathe now!" the Gallade stuttered between breaths, "T-Thought I was g-gonna die!" Hearing this, Pikablu exhaled calmly.
"Oh yeah, A-Astrid's a c-common name for Rock-Types!" the Gallade continued, "A-Actually, that Onix I dated once…"
"Riveting tale, chap" Pikablu said in a clear voice, interrupting him, "So you have a specific ancient Pokémon in mind? What makes you think she will be looking for someone like you?"
"She most likely will not…" Kabutops sighed and started climbing a bit faster, "… Her kind were predators, and my kind were its prey."
"Huh… Really?" Pikablu said with a confused look on his face, "Then… What if you find her, and she decides to eat you?"
"She most likely will, or at the very least we will fight. Possibly to the death…" Kabutops sighed very deeply as he climbed even faster, "… Even so, she is all I have left from my world in this world."
"That's…" Pikablu started, before stopping himself as he thought about his own mission, "Yeah, I see where you're coming from. Don't worry, stick with me and I'll help you find those ancient Pokemon!"
"That is what I am counting on…" Kabutops said quietly.

"Uh… Guys?" the Gallade finally said, having calmed down his breathing, "Just so you know, I sense something powerful on top of the tower."
"Really!?" Pikablu exclaimed happily, "You think it might actually be-"
"It's not a regular Pokemon, that's for sure" the Gallade said, looking up at the tower. They were only a few floors away from the top.
"Hehe!" Pikablu giggled, "OK, quiet down, you guys! I want to make a good first impression!" They all nodded as Kabutops kept climbing towards the top.

As they got closer, they heard the sound of someone talking from the top. Then suddenly, two Dratini appeared right above them, flying away into the distance. Pikablu remained unaffected, but as Kabutops flinched a bit he became worried that they would be tumbling down where they came from. Looking down, he saw that they were hundreds of meters up in the sky, but what interested him more was the fact that he could see the brightly shining Goldenrod from there. The sun was setting and the evening was creeping up, so he knew that soon Goldenrod's lights would be illuminating the darkness. A fitting crowning for his soon legendary status.

He was forced to stop enjoying the view as he suddenly heard a thud above him, and both he and the Gallade were thrown up on the very top of the tower. Pikablu landed gracefully on his feet, while the Gallade tripped. They were on a simple platform with no walls, railings or ceiling, and at the other side of the tower was a very large Pokémon. It stood on two legs yet had small wings, and its body was covered by thick orange scales.

"I-Is that Ho-Oh…!?" the Gallade gasped in surprise as he scrambled to get to his feet while the giant Pokémon stared at him.
"Idiot, that's a Dragonite…" Kabutops said as he stretched his arms and legs, "… Even I know that."
"Ahh… Not quite as legendary as I had hoped…" Pikablu muttered disappointedly before he raised his voice, "Hey, you! Where's Ho-Oh?"
"She has left this place." the Dragonite suddenly responded with a booming yet somehow serene voice.
"Yes, I can see that…" Pikablu said with annoyance, "Where to?"
"That is a secret that must be kept" the Dragonite said, not blinking or moving an inch.
"Ah, so you do know where it went!" Pikablu shouted happily as he pointed at the Dragonite, "Tell me where!"
"I see no reason why I should" the Dragonite boomed, "I suggest you turn back from whence you came and forget about this place."

"Hey, what does your internal scouter say about its power level?" Pikablu asked while looking back at the Gallade.
"Somewhere around Level 60, I'd say…" the Gallade replied slowly, "… But look at it! It's huge! How are we supposed to fight it!?"
"I am female, and prefer to be called as such" the Dragonite said calmly but with an intimidating glare, "And I do not take kindly to threats."
"What a coincidence! I'm the same way, and that sounded a lot like a threat to me!" Pikablu said loudly before starting to mumble, "You know, the taking kindly to threats part, not the female part…"
"I do not know what your business with Ho-Oh is…" the Dragonite said slowly, "But attacking me would be a severe mistake."
"My mission with Ho-Oh is the same as my mission with you…" Pikablu responded, "To beat you up! At least unless you tell me where Ho-Oh is!"
"A mistake, indeed!" the Dragonite replied quickly, "Shall you two take knowledge of this fool?"
"Gallade! Barrier! Now!" Pikablu shouted quickly.
"You've got it!" the Gallade responded, before moving his arms around in a circle. As they moved, a pink glow emanated from his body, which culminated in a bright light. Several transparent pink walls suddenly shot out from him, and extended swiftly until they had enclosed the top floor of the tower.

"There's no escape now!" Pikablu laughed as he prepared himself with a battle pose, "Either tell me what you know, or you're in a lot of trouble!"
"Do not worry, little ones" the Dragonite said with a lowered voice, "Even if that barrier is in place, I will not kill you and allow you to flee."
"Hmpf… Level 60, and a Dragonite to boot?" Pikablu said in a disappointed way, "I'd imagine you haven't gotten your ass handed to you in a while. No wonder you're so cocky!"
"Never from tiny electric Pokémon like you." the Dragonite said with a hint of disdain in her voice.
"Aw come on, you're putting down Electric-Types?" "Electricity is the best element! It's fast, strong and full of energy! Just as easily as I can give you a relaxing massage, I can amp it up to lethal levels.
"In my younger days, I was able to generate electricity as well" the Dragonite said, thinking back to her days as a Dragonair, "But it was nearly useless, so I discarded that ability."
"Well, of course, you're a Dragon-Type, YOUR electricity is going to suck!" Pikablu laughed while shaking his head, "See, I don't generate anything, my electricity is stored right here in my cheeks… And as such, there's never any electricity actually flowing through my body."
"If you truly wish to talk instead of fight, I would be-" the Dragonite started, but stopped as Pikablu held up a paw to silence her.

"25%..." Pikablu said in a mysterious way while running the other paw through the hair on his head, "… If I were to fill my body up to 25% with electricity, what do you think would happen?"
"Not much, I would imagine…" the Dragonite replied, "It would hit you just like any other Pokémon."
"Oh, yes, quite so…" Pikablu said with a smile before leaning forward and firmly planting his paws on the floor, "Unless you were able to control every surge manually, that is. Then you'd get this."

Lightning stemmed from the ground with a loud crash, and surrounded Pikablu in an aura of flashes and whirling electricity. The next instant, Pikablu was right in front of the Dragonite. She prepared a lounge forward, but then she felt something ram into the back of her head. Her thick skin was highly resistant to physical attacks, but before she could react Pikablu was stuck to her head and started sending wave after wave of electricity directly into her brain. Her thick skin that was normally resistant against electricity did little to weaken this attack. She winced in pain as she reached out to pull off her assailant, but now Pikablu was right in front of her again, with his paws to the ground and electricity shooting out of him.

"That's one attack…" Pikablu said confidently in a voice that sounded of discord, as the Dragonite wobbled. The shock to her brain had messed up her senses and bodily functions, and she was trying to get used to the change. However, suddenly Pikablu turned into a blur, and the Dragonite barely had time to feel something attached to her face before her vision was completely filled with yellow. Another surge of numbing pain ran through her as she tried shooting a Hyper Beam out of her mouth, but the instant she started charging it Pikablu was once again a few feet in front of her.

"OK, that was two attacks" Pikablu laughed shakily, "But how could I pass on an opening like that?" As Pikablu once again put his hands down on the wooden floor, a pulse of voltage filled the room and pressed against everyone, making them feel uneasy.
"W-What are you…!?" the Dragonite asked. At her advanced level, nothing short of a legendary Pokémon or veteran trainer should be able to pose a threat, yet barely half a minute into this fight and she was already having trouble standing upright.
"Just a normal Pokémon!" Pikablu said triumphantly, a particularly strong line of electricity leaking out of him, "Don't act so surprised, I'm just the same as you, and all those 'legendaries'!"
"Hah! You are nothing like a legendary!" the Dragonite shouted as she hurled herself at Pikablu with surprising speed. Focusing her eyes sharply on him, she was ready to react at his slightest twitch.

He jumped. Predicting his movement, the Dragonite threw a fiery punch diagonally upward in front of her. She felt it connect with something, but noticed that Pikablu had grabbed on to her arm instead of getting hit by it. Not wasting a moment, she fired a dragon pulse at her arm through her mouth, but now felt a creeping sensation on top of her head instead. In a last ditch effort, she quickly spun around and created a small twister surrounding herself, ripping up pieces of the floor and throwing them off the side of the tower.

"Finally taking me seriously, are you?" Pikablu said with a smile from behind her as the twister disappeared, "Or are you still playing around? Seriously, I can't tell…"
"Have it your way. Allow me to render your precious speed useless!" the Dragonite yelled before extending her wings and flying up into the sky, "Learn some manners!" Focusing all her strength for a few seconds, the Dragonite started glowing white and shot her most powerful Hyper Beam straight down at the tower.
"Take cover!" the Gallade yelled as he was pushed off the side of the building by Kabutops who then followed. Pikablu was completely immobile, still holding on to the ground. The Hyper Beam struck, causing a massive explosion that engulfed the entire upper section of the tower. The top floor was reduced to rubble and a loud noise resounded through Ecruteak City, making onlookers gasp as large pieces of debris scattered from the top of the tower.

"Foolish Pikachu…" the Dragonite said to herself as she looked down at the destruction she had caused, "Someone like you could never defeat me, or meet the legendary…"
"How 'bout I do both right now?" a Pikablu said, hanging on to the Dragonite's back. Then, he swiftly shifted up to her head and grabbed a tight hold before using his most powerful electric attack. The Dragonite's body rocked violently in pain as he heard her scream, but as Pikablu saw one of her large hands approach he threw caution to the wind and tried increasing the power just a little more, pushing it to the limit.

That did it. The wings of the Dragonite went numb as she remained still in mid-air for half a second, before falling down into the remains of the tower below her. Her sheer size and weight destroyed yet another floor in the massive impact.

"I'm the foolish one!?" Pikablu laughed as he jumped off the head of the Dragonite, "If you hadn't blown up the tower, that fall would've been much less painful!"
"Ugh…" the Dragonite whimpered, staring with hate at Pikablu while not being able to move a muscle.
"Out of the four stages my legendary-killing technique, 25% is the weakest one…" Pikablu snickered as the lightning aura surrounding him slowly dissipated, "Yet I suppose it's still enough for a quasi-legendary such as yourself. Had I used 50%, it would've been over in one attack."
"H-How…?" the Dragonite stammered in disbelief, "W-What are you…?"
"You asked me that before" Pikablu said with a disappointed tone, "Like I said, I'm just a normal Pokémon. If you're asking for a name… Oh wait, you did that too, didn't you?" The Dragonite could not believe she had just been defeated and was being chastised by a yellow rat, the shame burning her worse than the earlier jolts to her brain.
"Why…?" she asked, her weakened state showing, "What have the legendaries done to you…?"
"Oh, nothing…" Pikablu lied, "… For me, or anyone else. They have the power to make this world a better place, but they don't do anything but lie around and occasionally show themselves to the rare human for entertainment. Still, we treat them like gods of our world. Either they'd better start acting like them, or I shall give the people the legendary Pokémon they deserve."

The Dragonite was still dazed from the battle, and had trouble following his reasoning.
"Now, how about you give me some answers for exchange?" Pikablu said with a big smile as he moved close to her.
"N-Never!" the Dragonite weakly shouted. The location of the legendaries was her most guarded secret. And if Pikablu truly was as strong as he claimed and were to fight them, she knew even they wouldn't survive.
"No, see, you have me confused with someone else" Pikablu said happily as his smile turned sinister, "My goal in life is to find the legendaries. I will start paralyzing parts of your body permanently, and then maybe start eating you or something until you tell me what I want to hear."
"Screw you!" the Dragonite said defiantly.
"Haaah…" Pikablu sighed, "Acting all high and mighty until someone like me comes and knocks you off your pedestal, and then you stumble around all confused, not wanting to accept the truth…" The Dragonite yelped as a flash of lightning filled struck her left arm, making it fill up with searing pain. Then, nothing.

"That's one arm…" Pikablu muttered quietly, "Shouldn't prevent you from talking, although hugs are going to be out of the question from now on…"
"M-My arm…!" the Dragonite stuttered. She couldn't feel it anymore. A noise was heard behind her and the Gallade jumped up from the side of the building, followed by Kabutops.
"Nice restrictive barrier, dipshit!" Pikablu shouted with indignation at the Gallade, who looked at the giant Dragonite before him.
"Sorry!" he said, "Who'd have thought something so big could fly with those wimpy wings?"
"Never seen a Dragonite before…?" Kabutops asked with exhaustion resonating in his voice.
"How about you make one now before I have to commit genocide?" Pikablu said angrily as he saw a trainer riding a Pidegot getting closer to the tower.
"On it!" the Gallade said, spinning his arms in a strange fashion as the building was completely surrounded by a teal light. The approaching Pidegot quickly halted itself, almost causing the trainer to fall off.

"So…" Kabutops said, looking at the hulking beast in front of him, "… Is she talking?"
"… Are you?" Pikablu asked, walking up to the Dragonite's head and staring into her eyes.
"I…" she whimpered as she thought about her paralyzed left arm. A tear ran down her face as gathered up all her courage.
"Y-You will not intimidate me!" she wailed, "Cripple me, kill me, you will get nothing!"
"Well… Even if that's true…" Pikablu said sadly as he sent a shock at the Dragonite's left leg, "I don't really mind crippling you for life, so I'm going to keep going just to make sure."
"N… No…" the Dragonite said in protest as her left leg left her. She felt like crying, but remembered the importance of the promise she had made and braced herself for what was about to come.

In only a few minutes, the once mighty warrior was lying in a heap of herself, completely immobile from the neck down. She had become a paraplegic. A force of various Pokémon and trainers had gathered to try and reach the upper parts of the tower, but had all been repelled by the Gallade's barrier. The Gallade suddenly gave Pikablu a stern look, signaling that he wouldn't be able to keep it up much longer.

"… Pikablu, I don't think she is going to talk." Kabutops sighed sadly.
"Damn it!" Pikablu bellowed as he grabbed a hold of the Dragonite's face, "Now, you listen here! Either you talk, or I'll have to abandon my search for the legendaries, and instead adapt it to finding out where you sent your children!" The Dragonite's already weak heart stopped completely in fear.
"M-My… Children…?" she wheezed quietly.
"Oh yes, I'm going there! You think I didn't see them fly off when we scaled this thing!?" Pikablu shouted menacingly, "Talk now, and Snakeboy and little miss Slither will get to experience life without ever having to worry about defending their innards from me and a pair of scisso-"
"N-No! S-Stop!" the Dragonite screamed as she broke down crying, "I'll tell you! Just… Don't…"
"TALK NOW!" Pikablu interrupted with fury. He knew the barrier wouldn't hold any longer.
"T-Twenty days from now… P-Peak of h-hilltop mountain… S-She'll be there…" the Dragonite stammered frightfully, feeling the sensation of her tears flow past her cheeks and then disappearing.
"More info!" Pikablu shouted, preparing a double slap.
"I-I don't know!" the Dragonite weakly said, "I-I was just t-told to be there…"
"10 seconds!" the Gallade shouted, his face contorted in panic.
"Are you sure this is true!?" Pikablu screamed, "Because if it isn't I won't be looking up you for answers, but your children…!"
"I s-swear!" the Dragonite cried, simply wishing for it all to end. She was too frightened to even think about the future. She knew her life was already over, but the children she loved more than anything had to be kept safe at all costs, even if it meant betraying her friends and giving away her most treasured secret.

"OK!" Pikablu said with a beaming smile as he instantly became completely relaxed, "Thank you for your cooperation!"
"Phew, finally…" the Gallade sighed, lowering the barrier. Hardly a moment had passed before the screams of all the trainers and Pokémon below them filled the sky. Kabutops and Pikablu calmly walked up to the Gallade.
"Oh hey, by the way!" Pikablu said happily as he turned around to face the Dragonite one last time, "Your paralyzation is only temporary and I wouldn't have killed your children just for being born by a moron like you. Thanks for the information, though!"
The Dragonite lay there in confusion, realizing that the numbness in her left arm was slowly starting to go away. Mentally she cursed herself for having given in, but took relief in that at the very least she had sent them to face the one legendary that they would never be able to defeat. Then, she passed out.

"So, where do you want to teleport?" the Gallade said as he held out his arms, "That river, or…"
"Anywhere that's not here suits me fine!" Pikachu shouted as a swarm of flying Pokémon were closing in on them, a particularly fast and menacing one right in the front. He didn't see what kind of Pokémon it was, but it had a grey tough skin with wingspan quite a bit larger than its body…

"ASTRID!" Kabutops shouted with fear in his voice as he threw himself away from the Gallade.
"Idiot, don't-" the Gallade yelled as both he and Pikablu vanished. Kabutops stumbled forward, facing the approaching Pokémon.
"ASTRID!" he repeated, "I FOUND YOU! I-"

He was interrupted as an Energy Ball hit him square in the chest, sending him flying back from the impact. The grass element of the attack began soaking up his inner fluids, and he immediately started to get woozy. A swarm of seemingly endless Pokémon were approaching his weakened form as he tried to move and looked up. The last thing he saw was the one thing he had been looking for all this time, ramming him in the head with a heavy impact. Then, everything faded away...


Deep within the Cerulean Cave, a clash between two insanely powerful psychic forces was taking place. Distant psychic type could feel that something was wrong, and the few nearby Pokémon were being rendered unconscious. In the very heart of the cave, several leagues under both ground and water, these two beings finally meet in physical form.

"Mewtwo…" Celebi said with an accusing voice, "How could you let it happen!?"

Mewtwo remained silent, sitting in the darkness with his eyes closed.

"My sister… My only sister…" Celebi whispered sadly, "Dead. Killed, not far from this cave."

Begone, a voice echoed in her head.

"I happened right under your nose…!" Celebi suddenly screamed in anguish, "And you did nothing!"

"Matters of the outside do not interest me…" Mewtwo said as he finally opened his eyes and fixed a frightening stare into her, "Nor do they concern me."

"What do you mean, they don't concern you!" Celebi shouted angrily, "You are one of us, now!"

"I am perplexed as to what Mew has divulged about me…" Mewtwo said deeply as he let his psychic energy swirl around him, "But know that I am quite willing to end your life right now should it provide me with solitude once more."

"Fine! Be that way!" Celebi said in a huff. She knew that while less than ten beings in the world could actually pose a threat to her, angering one of the few that could was not a good idea.

She stared at him for a while, before turning around and flying back towards the surface.

"Forgive me, my poor little sister…" Celebi whispered to herself as she left with a tear running down her cheek.

"… Zerobi…"
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