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I want to leave now

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Bennie was in the kitchen making pancakes when the front door opened. She tensed up and stiffly continued to flip pancakes.
“Bennie?” Georg called out as he walked in. Bennie’s shoulders fell.
“In the kitchen.” She called out. She waited for him, dreading talking to him.
“Hey.” He quietly said , hovering in the doorway. Bennie looked up at him and noticed his eyes were red and swollen.
“You’ve been crying.”
“I… Uh… I fucked up Bennie. I don’t want to leave. I’ve spent three years waiting for you to put more effort into keeping me around, but I realized last night that I’m the one that never put in any effort. I… I do love you.”
“That’s all well and good, but… You didn’t think twice about packing up your shit and leaving last night. I think you are going to miss the convenience and the normality of coming home to me, but… I don’t want to work on ‘us’ any more. I spent the last three years thinking that if you would just pay attention to me, and if we could just work our marriage out that my life would just become perfect. But you know what? Last night after you left I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t upset. I was happy. For the first time in a long, long time, I was really truly happy. And I don’t think I’m ever going to be happy with you.” Bennie harshly stated. Georg nodded and swallowed hard.
“He stayed in our room last night, didn’t he? You fucked him.” He quietly asked. Bennie threw the spatula she had in her hand across the kitchen.
“You haven’t been in that room in two years. It is my mother fucking room, and since you left, if I want to fuck someone in my bed, I will! And I didn‘t fuck him! We had sex. There‘s a difference. Fucking is what you do with those whores you meet on tour. Sex is more intimate. So obviously you and I have never had sex.”
Gerard walked quietly through the hallway leading to the kitchen, stopping in his tracks when he heard Georg scream:
“No, Bennie we didn’t because you never got over him! You will never love anybody else, but you can be fucking sure that as soon as he gets his memories back he’ll go right back to his fucking wife. You’re no better than her. You know he’s married and you’re keeping him here, and you fucked him last night.”
“Number one, they’re in the middle of getting a divorce, and news flash, the three times I went to the hospital was three more times than that bitch went to see him.”
“It doesn’t fucking matter! He could go back to her and decide he doesn’t want a divorce. ‘Getting divorced is much, much different than being divorced’. You made that abundantly clear when you were in the middle of your divorce hearings and I wanted to start going on dates with you.”
“I’m not a bad person, stop trying to make me out to be one!”
“But you are, Bennie. You put up this saintly façade for the public, but behind closed doors, you’ve never stopped drinking or doing drugs, you’re in love with your ex husband, and you fucked him to get back at his wife for fucking him while you were married to him.”
“You don’t know me, you can’t say those things about me.”
“Bennie, denying that you’re a piece of shit won’t make you a fucking saint. You can polish a turd, but all it will ever be is a shiny piece of shit.”
“So what if I fucked him even though he’s married? So. What! She fucked him while he was married. Maybe it’s karma. Maybe that fucking bitch deserves to feel the way I felt when I found out he was cheating on me. Did you ever think of that?!”
Gerard suddenly became dizzy as his memories came flooding to him. He stumbled backwards as he remembered the past three years of his life: Marrying Eliza three weeks after his divorce with Bennie became final. Raising their daughter practically alone because Eliza was always doing the hair and makeup of some celebrity and tagging along to the party. Bennie refusing to let Samantha and Jared stay at Gerard and Eliza’s apartment overnight. Bennie eventually refusing to let him see the kids at all. Bennie telling Samantha that Gerard is not her real father at her fourth birthday party in front of everyone.
“I’m going home today.” Gerard loudly announced as he ran into the kitchen. Bennie jumped and turned to face him.
“What!? Gerard, you’re supposed to stay until you remember everything.”
“I remember enough. I’ll even tell you how to get to my apartment. I’m going to go put my bags in your car. I want to leave now.”
“Gerard, no, you have to stay.” Bennie pleaded as she grabbed his arm.
“You know, Bennie, I should desperately want to stay because this is the first time I’ve seen Samantha and Jared in almost two years, but I can’t stay in this fucking house any more. You are a spiteful bitch. Eliza is a good fucking person, and she doesn’t deserve to feel the way this is going to make her feel to hear that I had sex with you.”
“I… You…”
“Yeah, I remember everything.”
“So if Eliza is such a good person, why are you getting a divorce? Hmm? Gerard, obviously you don’t remember anything.”
“Shut the fuck up, Bennie. You spent the last week lying to me about how you’ve spent the last four years miserable over how I treated you. Fuck you. You are a miserable person because you’d rather try and ruin Eliza’s life than to enjoy the life you have. You are a spiteful little bitch, and I’m leaving. I’ll drive myself home, and your husband can bring you to my apartment in an hour to come get your car back. Give me the keys.”

(Not thecnically the Author) Author's note:
The girl who has been writint this fic is my best friend. She passed away almost two weeks ago. I was beta reading her fics for her. I'll be posting the remaining chapters that have been written of this over the next week. There are two more.
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