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"I'm Sure"

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Gerard climbed into bed, trying not to create too much noise or motion as he settled in next to Bennie.
“What are you doing?” She demanded before he was even fully settled.
“I was hoping you’d be up. I just wanted to talk.”
“You’re not going to touch me?” Bennie asked.
“Scout’s honor.” Gerard replied. Bennie laughed.
“So what do you want to talk about?” Bennie asked as she turned to face Gerard. Gerard winced a little before replying.
“I remembered something tonight.”
“I’ll assume this is going to be a painful memory for me to relive, then.” Bennie stated, poking his cheek . Gerard nodded, and opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly found himself choking back a sob. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Bennie asked as she sat up. Gerard covered his face with his hands.
“I’m such a terrible fucking person, Bennie.” He whispered. Bennie grabbed Gerard’s arms, pulled him up, and hugged him.
“You’re not Gerard. You’re a good person. You did some shitty things in the past, but that doesn’t make you a bad person. We all make bad decisions sometimes, Gerard.” She whispered as she held him and rocked side to side.
“No, Bennie. I am a bad person.” Gerard whispered between sobs.
“No, you’re not Gerard. You made some bad choices. But you’re a good fucking person.”
“I’m so sorry Bennie. I’m sorry I lied to you. I’m so sorry!”
“Gerard, you don’t have to apologize. I realized a long time ago that it had nothing to do with me. And… And I think…” Bennie began, her voice breaking as she struggled to hold back tears. “I think that’s why it hurt so much. Because you didn’t think about me at all.”
“I do have to apologize, Bennie. I ruined the best thing that was ever in my life because I was selfish.”
“Please don’t Gerard. Please just stop.” Bennie whispered.
“I can’t, I’m sorry. You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me, Bennie, and I threw it all away for some… some ugly… Forget her. Bennie, I threw it all away because I couldn’t think of you. I’m so sorry.” Gerard replied. They both sat there crying for a moment before Bennie looked up at Gerard.
“I love you.” She whispered, barely audible to herself. Gerard stared at her in shock for a minute before Bennie pulled him into a kiss. Bennie’s hands moved down and undid Gerard‘s belt. She threw her head back and started laughing hysterically as Gerard‘s hands moved to untie her pajama pants. Gerard smiled.
“Do you remember the first time we had sex I couldn’t undo your belt?” Gerard asked. Bennie smiled.
“Like it was yesterday.” Bennie whispered. She closed her eyes and smiled, running her hands softly over his back as Gerard pulled her pants off.
“Are you sure this is what you want?” Gerard asked as his hands hovered over her panties. Bennie nodded.
“I’m sure.” She replied, wrapping her arms around Gerard’s neck and kissing his neck.

Gerard woke up and smiled as he wrapped his arms more tightly around Bennie.
“Good morning.” She groggily whispered.
“Good morning. I didn’t know you were up.”
“I wasn’t.” She quietly replied as the bedroom door flew open.
“Mommy, Are you up? It’s pancake day!” Jared shouted as he ran into the room. Bennie sat up.
“I’m up now. I’m going to shower, then I’ll make pancakes. Go ask Samantha to put on cartoons until I come down.” Bennie replied as she jumped out of bed. Jared clapped and ran back out of the room. “Let’s go. You need to shower too.” Bennie said as she grabbed Gerard’s arm and attempted to drag him out of bed. Gerard grabbed onto her arm and pulled her back into bed.
“I think we should just lay here for a while.” He replied. Bennie smiled and rested her head on Gerard’s shoulder and Gerard wrapped his arms around her.
“I missed this.” Bennie whispered. Gerard nodded.
“I think I have too.” They laughed and fell back asleep, smiling.
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