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“I was just remembering something.”

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Gerard tiptoed into the house, a sleeping child resting on either shoulder with Mikey and Delilah trailing behind him.
“Let me go put them in bed.” Delilah whispered as she took the kids from Gerard.
“I’ll look for Bennie upstairs, you check down here, Mikey whispered as he followed Delilah. Gerard nodded and headed toward the living room where he could see a faint light.
“Yeah?” She replied, holding back a sob. Gerard looked around the room and quickly found her laying on the couch, face covered in running mascara.
“What’s wrong? Where did you go? Are you okay?” He fired off as he ran over to the couch.
“Everything. Here, obviously. And no.”
“What happened?”
“After my set Georg grabbed me by my arm and pulled me out to our car and we came home and he spent the entire ride just mad. So mad, I’ve never seen anybody so mad. And when we got home he started screaming at me about… About you and… and how I was giggling and flirting with you down the red carpet. And then he went upstairs and took his clothes and left.”
“He… He left? For good?”
Of course for good! Why would he come back?! He was already leaving and now he thinks I fucked you!” Bennie screeched as she stood up.
“But you… We didn’t”
“Well, he won’t believe me when I tell him that!”
“Bennie if he wanted out of this marriage so bad why are you trying to hold onto it so hard? He doesn’t love you and he probably never will. Stop crying, throw his shit out, and move on with your life!” Gerard screamed. Bennie glared at him, more hatred in her eyes than she had ever harbored in her life. The pair glared at each other for a few moments and neither noticed when Delilah and Mikey came into the room.
“Are you two okay?” Delilah quietly asked.
“I’m fine.” Bennie and Gerard both shouted.
“You should go to bed.” Delilah suggested. Bennie nodded and headed for the stairs, grabbing Delilah’s hand and bringing her along with her.
“What happened?” Mikey asked. Gerard continued staring at where Bennie had just been standing. Mikey stood in front of him and waved his hands in Gerard’s face. “Gerard! Hello?”

Four Years Earlier

”Gerard!” Bennie shrieked as she ran out of the kitchen into the living room. Gerard looked away from the tv and saw Bennie waving a paper around. “What the fuck is this all about?” She demanded as she threw the paper at him. Mikey, Delilah, Ray, Frank, and Ember all looked away from the tv and stared at Bennie. Gerard read the paper, his face unchanging.
“Bennie, what is that?” Delilah asked.
“Ask him!”
“Oh, Bennie, calm down.” Gerard stated. Bennie smacked Gerard across his face with such force that he fell back.
“Don’t you dare talk to me like that! How could you?!”
“Bennie, stop it! We’ll talk about this upstairs.”
“No! It’s going to be all over the news in a week anyway. Why not talk about it in front of your friends so at least they know what the fuck is going on.”
“Bennie, cut the shit!” Gerard shouted as he stood up.
“Sit down and listen to me.” Bennie screamed.
“Bennie, calm down, please hun.” Ember said as she stood up and walked toward Bennie.
“No! This is bullshit.” Bennie shouted.
“What’s bullshit?” Ember asked. Bennie ripped the paper out of Gerard’s hands and shoved it into Ember’s hands. Ember read it, her face falling as she lowered the paper from in front of her face.
“What is it?” Frank asked as he stood up. Ember handed it to him, everyone watching to gauge his reaction.
“Gerard, is this for real?” Frank asked, still staring at the piece of paper.
“No, it’s not for fuckin’ real.”
“Gerard, don’t you dare fucking lie to me! She said that she left after you asked her to leave you alone after you fucked her. And she quit two months ago and said she was ‘moving for love’ but I had no idea it was because she loved you!” Bennie shouted. Everyone stared at Gerard, waiting for him to reply.
“Are you done?” He finally asked. Bennie shoved him.
“Am I done?!”
Yes! Are you finished?! It’s not fucking true! I’ve never even spent time with her alone. And the only time I ever have spent time with her was when you made me let her cut my fucking hair that one time. I never, ever fucked her.” Bennie stared at Gerard for a few minutes before starting to cry. Delilah walked over to Bennie.
“Let’s go upstairs, hun. You should lay down.” Delilah said as she and Ember lead Bennie, who began sobbing, up the stairs.
“Did you do it?” Frank asked after a few moments of silence. Gerard stared at the floor for a moment before looking up.
“I’m done talking about this.” He quietly said. Frank’s face fell.
“You did, didn’t you?” Frank asked. Gerard ripped the paper out of Frank’s hands and stormed upstairs.

“Hello?! Gerard!” Mikey shouted as he waved his hands in Gerard’s face. Gerard blinked a few times.
“What? Sorry.”
“What’s wrong with you?” Mikey asked. Gerard shrugged.
“I was just remembering something.”
“What did you remember?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
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