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Run, Bunny, Run

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Mikey attempts to talk things out with Gerard. Gerard takes consolation in his new habit.

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A/N: Okay so I kinda goofed. The preview for this chapter that I put at the end of the last one isn’t until next chapter. See I was writing that chapter until I realized that I left out a bunch of stuff, so I had to go back and write this one in between the chapters. So yeah. My bad.

Chapter Seven: Run, Bunny, Run

Gerard dropped the shard. He could hear someone coming. He had hidden himself in the bathroom, and had only made a few cuts around his upper arm. And man did they feel good. But he wasn't about to let anyone else find out about this. He didn't need to look weaker than he already seemed. Quickly, he put his shirt back on, thanking heavens it was black, lest any blood seep through the material. There was a knock.

"Gerard, are you in there?" It was Mikey. Gerard felt a surge of annoyance. He was still feeling a bit angry with Mikey for being so rude to Frank. He decided to try to make conversation short. "Yeah.", he replied.

"When you're done could you get out here, I need to talk to you."

Gerard sighed. Well, there was no point in putting it off. He got up and opened the door to come face to face with his troubled looking brother. He walked past him and went over to a beds, sitting on one and waiting for Mikey to continue.
Mikey sat next to him.

"How're you feeling?" Mikey asked.


"You know that's not true."

"Why not?"

Mikey gave Gerard a look, "Please just talk to me."

"There's nothing to talk about."

"You were raped."

Gerard cringed. While he knew it was what they were talking about, he hadn't expected Mikey to say it so bluntly, if at all. Really no one had said anything about it until now. He didn't know how to respond. Mikey spoke instead.

"We should report it."


"You're just going to let him get away with this?"

"It was my fault Mikey..."

"HOW? HOW could this POSSIBLY be your fault?"

"Would you stop yelling? I snuck out with him, alright, I took his alcohol, I let him touch me. Its not Bert's fault, it's not Frank's fault, it's no ones fault but my own. And I'm sorry, Mikey, I'm so fucking sorry I had to put you through this." Gerard sounded extremely bitter.

"None of that is true and you know it. This is Bert's fucking fault and if we don't let the police get him, next chance I get, I'm going to fucking hunt him down and rip his fucking entrails out."

"No one is going to do anything!" Gerard said sternly, "My family is dead! I have enough shit to deal with without the public finding out, or needing to get examined, or going on trial! Bert and I are both fucking famous, we take this to authorities, and anything is done about it, its going to be really fucking hard keeping it a secret!"

"Okay Gerard."

"And speaking of having enough to deal with, what the fuck is your problem with Frank?"

"I'm --- I'm just scared for you Gerard. I don't want you to get hurt again."

"Stop worrying about me Mikey, I'll be okay. The best thing you can do for me right now is just help me try to get everything back the way it was. Can you do that for me?"

"I'll try. But I can't make any promises."

"I guess that's all I can ask for." Gerard turned to Mikey and smiled. Mikey planted a kiss on Gerard's forehead.

"I love you Gee."

"I love you too Mikes."

"C'mon, we have to get off guys.", came the sound of Ray's voice.

They leapt off the bus and walked over to the hotel. Some fans were already outside waiting for autographs. They had surrounded the door making it impossible not to oblige at least a few of them. Before they finally got to go in the hotel, Gerard spotted two men in the far distance. They looked vaguely familiar. The men were staring at Gerard, and one of them leaned in and whispered to the other. Suddenly Gerard remembered. Those men had been at the party. Bert's friends. Gerard's heart started pumping ten times faster. Choosing to ignore it, Gerard rushed inside, hoping the run in was merely a coincidence.


A few hours later the phone to their room rang. It was the front desk informing them that they had some packages to pick up. This wasn't unusual, many times they would get packages from fans that they asked to be delivered to the band's room. So Ray volunteered to be the one to go pick them up.

As they scrounged absentmindedly through the letters and gifts of love and admiration, Gerard frowned as he saw the pile of gifts that belonged to Frank, which sat there untouched on the table. He was starting to get worried. He made a note to give Frank's phone a call and coax him into coming back once he was through.

Mikey was wincing at a "Frikey" collage someone had put together when he heard a horrible scream. Instantly, he turned to look at Gerard. His brother was wide eyed, and had his hands over his mouth, staring down at an open box in front of him. Both he and Ray rushed over immediately and looked in it. There was a turned over dead rabbit lying inside it, its abdomen having been sliced open, with its intestines pouring out slightly. It was covered in blood and maggots, which were crawling around the rabbit's corpse. There was a blood stained note by the side of it.

It read, 'Message from Bert. Don't blab if you don't wanna end up like this bunny rabbit. We're watching you.'

"Oh god!" Mikey exclaimed, pulling Gerard away from where he was sitting. "Get that thing out of here!", he yelled at Ray.

Ray nodded, immediately closing and grabbing the package, running out of the room with it in his arms.

Gerard was trembling, hyperventilating. Mikey was trying to soothe him but he couldn't think of a way as to how, as he felt very shaken himself. Mikey heard him gasping out something about wanting Lindsey, and it made him even more at a loss for words. Gerard wrestled himself out of Mikey's grasp, and Mikey was still in too much shock to react quick enough to stop him. Gerard had run into the bathroom again. He locked the door so Mikey wouldn't go in. He needed his little glass shard. He sat on edge of the bathtub, pulled off his shirt, took the shard out of his pocket and resumed slicing up his arm again. As soon as the glass started digging into his skin, slicing through it, he felt better. His breathing slowed.

"Gerard?", came Mikey's voice from the other side of the door. It sounded scared and panicked. Gerard felt guilty for leaving Mikey out there after what he just saw. "Gerard, what are you doing in there?"

Just a few more cuts.

"Gerard? Please answer me!"

Mikey was getting extremely nervous. He pounded on the door. "Gerard!" he shrieked. The room was spinning. He was never prepared to handle this.

Next chapter: The stuff I said was going to happen in this chapter lol.
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