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And You Can't Keep My Brother!

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Gerard is kidnapped. Or rescued. All depends on how you look at it.

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A/N: I know it might seem Mikey is ridiculously angry throughout this fanfic. My apologizes, I felt it was the only way I could make this work. I promise this should be the last chapter with him like that until... well, you'll see.

Chapter Eight: And You Can’t Keep My Brother!

It was the next day and Gerard was finally feeling better once more. Never mind the fact that he now had several self inflicted wounds all over his upper arms. It had taken a while to assure Mikey that everything was fine, and that they didn’t need to worry about the threat as they had agreed not to say anything anyway. Or so he hoped. Gerard had called Franks phone a thousand times shortly after the rabbit incident, all of which went unanswered, but Frank had returned for the show, although he hadn't spoken to anyone, including Gerard, since the fight. Now he was at his make up stand, they were getting ready for the performance, and he couldn't help but notice everyone throwing nervous glances in his direction. But he tried not to let that faze him. He was finally going to be on stage again, he was excited, and that's all that mattered.

"Five minutes till show time.", he heard someone announce. That was their cue to go line up by the stage and be ready to start off the show. He leapt up and went to go stand next to Frank, behind his band mates. He could already feel the immense amount of tension between Frank and Mikey. In what Gerard would have liked to say was an attempt to make things better, he grabbed Frank's hand sneakily, giving it a small squeeze. Frank looked up at him and they exchanged small smiles before "Look Alive Sunshine" bursted through the stadium. They could hear the audience explode into screams. All the band members one by one leapt up to the stage. Frank returned Gerard's squeeze and kept a hold of Gee's hand until he had gone as well. Finally, the only one left to go was Gerard. He took a deep breath and stepped out into the light.

As they blasted through "Na Na Na", Gerard looked around. There was an unusual amount of signs being held up bearing his name. Word and statements of love and support such as "Gerard Way saved our lives!" and "Stay strong Gerard, we love you!" . As Gerard had hardly been online or watched tv recently, he had forgotten that the news of Lindsey and Bandit would have spread amongst the public. Gerard let a huge grin spread across his face as they burst into "Thank You For The Venom". The crowd roared with enthusiasm and it fueled him more, as he looked upon hopeful and admiring faces, some of them incredibly young, that looked as though they had died and gone to heaven. Gerard wondered how they would feel about their idol if they knew how dirty, how pathetic, how much of a hassle he had become off the stage. But no, he was not going to think of that now. For now, he felt amazing, and at least for these next two hours, nothing was going to stop him.

Mikey watched Gerard bounce around all over the stage. Currently they were on "Planetary (Go!)", and Gerard couldn't be more into it. Mikey was dumbfounded at first --- where had this Gerard come from all of a sudden? He had been gone for so long now, Mikey hadn't recognized him at first. But then he took one, real good look at the audience and understood. It was the fans. It was the music. They were the other half of Gerard's life that wasn't Lindsey and Bandit. It was as close to going home as he could ever get now. And Mikey was happy again, because he brother was happy again. Yet what was unsettling to him was that he could see Frank out of the corner of his eye just as awed as he was.

They were playing Helena. Frank just could not stop staring at their singer. There had always been an immense beauty to Gerard's performances, but tonight it was truly beyond words. Gerard's movements were fierce, his screams gripping, and his singing full of emotion and passion. Frank was possibly the most captivated he had ever been by Gerard in his entire life. He looked at the other guys, and he could tell Gerard was blowing them away too. They reach the bridge, and Frank thinks he hears Gerard choke a little when he belts out the lyrics, "...when both our cars collide!", but it is easily unnoticed. Later, they begin to play Vampire Money, which had always been one of his favorite songs to play. It was just such a fun song, and had a lot of room for bouncing and jumping around on stage. Gerard hops over to Frank and Frank leans in and licks Gerard’s face. The crowd explodes into screams, Gerard doesn’t seem to mind, but Mikey sends him the dirtiest look he’s ever seen. Frank rolls his eyes and keeps playing.

"Cancer" was up. Gerard felt incredibly sad that the show was at it's end. The past two or so hours had been so therapeutic, he never wanted it to be over. His heart felt so much lighter now that he had let all its ache bleed out into his music.
"'Cause the hardest part of this, is leaving you..."
Gerard felt tears well up in his eyes once again. No truer words had ever been spoken.


A big after party was being thrown. Most everyone was incredibly happy with themselves, feeling accomplished and victorious. They all had been so worried that the show would blow up in their faces, that Gerard would have some sort of mental breakdown halfway through the set, that all the fighting and tension would show, but no -- the show had been absolutely amazing. It just went to show that nothing could break apart My Chemical Romance, because they could overcome anything. Or at least, that's how they felt. Everyone was intent on congratulating Gerard especially, expressing their awe and admiration. So naturally, Gerard retired to their hotel room early, though he was still feeling the rush of the performance. He had been laying in bed, drawing up a new song in his head, one he had been working on for a while now, when he heard the door open and close. It was Frank. Gerard stared as Frank walked over and sat beside him.

"Hey.", Frank said with a goofy smile. Gerard could smell a very strong amount of liquor on him, he must have gotten trashed at the party and came back early. He had an inkling as to why. Gerard sat up and looked directly at Frank. "Hey.", he responded.

Now, Frank was drunk. Not that he had meant to, but as a small guy, it didn't take him a lot to get wasted. Perhaps he had simply let himself have one shot too many. Could you blame him? Even amongst all the celebration, he could tell that Mikey was still mad at him, and Ray was still uneasy about it. He wanted to enjoy tonight, he should enjoy tonight. After he had managed to shake off sobriety, there had only been one thing missing -- Gerard. And that wasn't any good. So he tracked Gerard down and here he was, face to face with their singer once more. Looking again into those beautiful, sad eyes that held so much depth to them. God, he was beautiful.

"Why are you so fucking pretty?", Frank slurred out and burst out laughing immediately after. Did he seriously just say that out loud? Gerard wasn't laughing, and Frank feared he might have made the boy uncomfortable. He tried to stop his giggling, and eventually got them to slow down, although he still felt himself grinning. He was about to say something to deviate away from the awkward question he asked, but he had no time to, as Gerard had closed the space between their faces and had kissed him hard.


Mikey was enjoying himself. He had had a few to drink, and he was definitely buzzing it. He was surrounded by all his crew, co workers, and friends. From what he heard, Gerard had gone to bed early, but he understood. He had already done way more than was expected of him tonight, and he took down a mental note that he would give his brother the biggest hug ever when he saw him next. He was conversing with someone when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He spun around. It was Chantal Euringer.

"Chantal!", he exclaimed happily, and they exchanged a hug. Behind her he could see Jimmy and

Steve grinning at him too.

"What on earth are you guys doing in Utah?", he asked.

"Oh well, we heard about the big show and we came out here and thought we'd surprise you after!", Chantal explained. "You guys did SO great tonight!"

"Where's GeeGee?", Jimmy asked.

"He went to the room early, probably didn't want to deal with all the people.", Mikey said, "But I'm sure he'd love to see you guys! I'll take you to the room in a bit."


Frank was mentally panicking. This was wrong. This was so fucking wrong. But fuck, this felt good. He and Gerard's tongues were still wrestling in each other's mouths, their mouths gripping at each other tightly. Gerard's hands were fumbling at Frank's shirt. Frank's were doing the same with Gerard's. Gerard finally managed to peel Frank's off, and he ran his hand's all over Frank's muscular body. Gerard then wasted no time in undoing Frank's belt and removing his pants until he was just in boxers. Frank took this as a good time to remove Gerard's shirt. Frank opened his eyes and broke the kiss.

"Woah, woah wait --- what the fuck is this?"

He was running his fingers over Gerard's cuts on his upper arms. Fuck, Gerard had forgotten about those.

"I'm sorry.", was all Gerard could think to say.

"You did these? Gerard, why?", Frank frowned. Any sort of erection he had died instantly and he felt suddenly very sober.

"I'm sorry...", Gerard repeated and he looked like he was about to cry again. Frank sighed and pulled Gerard into his arms as Gerard let the tears fall from his eyes silently.

"Fuck Gerard, please don't do shit like this. I'm already so worried about you."

Frank began to wonder if maybe they couldn't handle Gerard themselves after all. He felt Gerard push off him and Gerard went in to kiss him again. Frank gently pushed Gerard's tear streaked face away.

"No, Gerard -- I don't think this is a good idea..."

"Please, Frankie, I need you right now...", Gerard said softly before resuming kissing Frank. Frank didn't know what to do. It was obvious Gerard was in a very confused point in his life. He didn't want to confuse him even more. Yet he wanted more than anything to make Gerard feel better, and if this is what would do it, then why shouldn't he? It is what he wanted for so long, after all. Frank reluctantly put his hands around Gerard's naked waist, and Gerard rubbed his hand over Frank's thigh. Frank moaned, his cock returning to its erect state. Frank placed his hands, putting them slightly down Gerard's pants. Gerard tensed a little, and Frank pulled his hands away immediately, but Gerard grabbed his hands and thrust them back in, groaning at the touch.

Frank was getting heated at the noises Gerard was emitting. He removed Gerard’s pants rather quickly, and pushed Gerard onto the bed, so that Frank was now lying on top of him, both of them in only their underwear. He was running his hands all over Gerards body. Both of them were breathing extremely fast. Frank stuffed his hand into Gerard’s boxers, feeling around his junk. Gerard was whimpering.

"OH MY GOD.", someone shrieked.

They both snapped their heads to the door, where the scream had come from. Mikey, Chantal, Jimmy, and Steve were all standing by the doorway, looking disbelievingly at what they just walked in on.

Mikey was expressionless. Frank immediately put his pants back on, and was the first to stand.

"Mikey, I can explain."

Then things happened very quickly. Mikey sped over to Frank and punched him hard in the face. Having not had enough, he grabbed Frank by the throat and squeezed down, screaming "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!". Jimmy was trying his best to pull Mikey off Frank. Gerard was shrieking at Mikey to stop, and had started hysterically bawling again. Mikey was throwing Frank into various things, and Frank was too shocked by the sudden outburst to do much about it. Gerard decided to take action. Running into the brawl, he put himself in front of Frank, who was just about to get another swing in the face by Mikey, but Gerard felt the blow instead. Frank screams Gerard’s name. There was a moment where everyone froze in shock before the blood came flowing out of Gerard’s nose. Gerard stared at Mikey and Mikey stared at Gerard, horrified at what he’d done. Then to everyone’s horror, Gerard passed out on the floor. Finally, Steve dove in and held back Mikey while Jimmy pulled Frank away.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?”, Chantal screamed.

Simultaneously both Mikey and Frank started explaining frantically.


Frank took a few deep breaths and went ahead, “Gerard was raped a few weeks ago and this fucking asshole seriously fucking thinks I’m taking this opportunity to get in Gerard’s pants!”

“Well if I’m fucking wrong, then what the fuck did we just walk in on?!?”



As they continued to scream at each other, Frank saw Chantal whisper something to Steve, who nodded. Steve bent down and picked up Gerard and Chantal motioned at Jimmy that they were leaving. Steve lead them out the door with Gerard still in his arms.

“What the fuck are you doing?”, both Frank and Mikey had stopped arguing and were staring perplexed.

“We’re taking him.” Chantal said bluntly. “He just lost his family for God sakes. He doesn’t need this right now.”

“You can’t fucking do that!”, Mikey objected, “That’s fucking kidnapping!”

“We’re his friends too fucktard.”, Jimmy crossed his arms looking as though he were daring Mikey to say otherwise. Mikey looked at Frank for support but Frank had just started staring at the floor.

“FUCK YOU!”, Mikey shrieked hysterically before attempting to make the same dive at Jimmy that he had at Frank. Suddenly, he felt blinded --- Chantal had sprayed pepper spray in his eyes.

“You can have him back when you stop acting like immature children!”, and with one last ‘hmph!’, Chantal led her boys, and Gerard, out of the room.

Next chapter: A light at the end of the tunnel? Something like that. And Mikey apologizes.
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