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Saviour of the Broken

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**FERARD**Gerard is returning home after 2 years with his abusive father, reuniting with his brother and mother. Then he meets Mikey's neighbourhood friend, Frank.. **FERARD**Rated for language

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Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance and this story isn't true(:

The blinking street lights barely lightened my path leading me away from my living nightmare of a Father. I Replayed tonights events in my mind, sending shivers down my spine:

"Hey B-Boy, 'um dow 'er" I heard my Dad slur from downstairs. Knowing the outcome that will come of me if I ignore him, I stood up from my desk and trudged down the old stairs and into the lounge .
"Wha' ya think ya doin'!?!"
"Erm, I was just d-drawing in my room.."
He moved colser to me so that we were only inches apart, I felt his hot breath on my face. It reaked of alcohol. "Ya drawin' pictures of yer boyfend, are ya?"
"Goooood, why did you hav to like drawin'?"
I blinked at him
"Drawin' s'nt what real men do"
"I'm going to bed" I said sharply, trying to avoid another disagreement.
"Li' Hell you are, com'er n' show meh ya can be a m-man" He said, taking a few stumbles back with his fists bawled.
"Dad, no, not again, can I please just go to be-" I was cut off by a strong fist striking my in my jaw.
"Fuck!" I screamed and stumbled backwards landing on the couch.
"Gerup!" he slurred.

Lights sparked up infront of me, blurring my vision as I slowly and carefully stood up.
He kicked me hard in the gut. All the oxygen left my lungs as I fell over on my knees. Taking in short, sharp gasps of breath I coughed, spitting up blood. I crawled towards the door and started climbing the stairs on all fours, letting small sobs escape my throat.
"STOP! I'M NOT DONE" He screamed and grabbed my ankel, causing my to flip around so i was sitting on the step near the top of the stairs. He started to drag me back down, each step i would fall on made my tailbone ache. I kicked him hard in the face. He released his brusing grip on my ankle and stumbled backwards, tripping and rolling down the rest of the stairs.
Taking the advantage, I quickly stood up and ran to my room, slamming the door behind me.
The house turned silent, only my heavy breathing could be heard. I still wouldn't risk looking outside my door to see if my Dad was still there.

After 10 minutes of complete silence I went with my intuition and presumed that he had left, But like always, I was wrong.

I creaked my door open only to reveil my Father standing close to the door, having previously had his ear on it to listen to my every movement. A devilish grin spread over his frightening face as he lifted up a blade of which he held in his hand.
"NO!" I shouted, attempting to slam the door but he pushed it open with his other hand.
I grabbed the nearest object; my lamp and slammed it against his hand that held the door.
He yelped and withdrew it. I quickly shut the door and pulled my chest of draws infront of it so my Father couldn't get axcess inside.
I tried to block out the hysteric screams from the opposite side of the door from my mind as I rushed to my closet and pulled out my backpack. I dumped all my school books on my bed and filled it with the clothes nearest to me, not really thinking about what I was doing. I had no where to go, I could be out on the streets for days. As the thought came to my head I put my drawing pad into my bag, I needed something to keep me sane.

Hearing my dad getting madder at the second and violently thrashing the door with the kitchen knife he held I decided to leave right away. Bits of wood chipped off the door as he hacked at it. I knew that it couldn't hold much longer so I pocketed my cell phone and climbed out my window. The drop was quite far but I would rather get sore limbs than be sliced by my dad so i jumped.

The ground was further from my window than I had thought and when i landed on my feet i stumbled forwards, grazing my hands and knees on the concrete. I didn't care, I just needed to get out of here...

My head still hurt and I stil had to pause to cough up the occasional blood, It wasn't as bad as I usually got though so it wasn't anything my body couldn't handle.
I kept telling myself that i had no where to go, but in the back of my mind and the pit of my heart i knew there was one place I could go. There was nothing stopping me (apart from finding my way there.) I just didn't know what to say or how to even begin to explain what has been happening since I left. Would they accept me? Do they still love me and miss me like i miss them?
Theyre all I have left, I'm sure they could forgive me for the mistake i made by leaving them in the first place.

After debating with myself, I finally convinced myself that it was do or die. I
started my way to my mother and brother's house, praying for forgiveness..

It will get better soon, i promise!! Ferard starts very soooon(: please review, this is my first story ive written on here so sorry if its not the best(:
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