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Enemies to Allies

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To get Frank back, Gerard must join forces with the person who hates him most. Can the two enemies forget their past and become allies before time runs out? Also, Frankie makes some friends and ...

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/]Frank's POV.

I was back in my cell. Raindrops fell against the barred windows and echoed around the dark room. I didn't kill Jack, I managed to drag myself away from doing it, but that didn't stop me from beating the crap outta him whilst I was at it. I was eventually dragged of him, then there was a pinch, like a pin-prick and then I woke up here again.

I traced the tattoos along my knuckles. I remembered my first tattoo. Gerard came with me and sat by my side as they started to spell out HALLOWEEN on my hands. Poor Gee, he was so terrified of needles. Yeah, I figured out his phobia of them when the tattoo artist clipped the needle onto the nozzle and Gee passed out. Oh my God, I had never laughed so much in my life!

I started giggling out load as I remembered the fond memory, when a voice interrupted my thoughts.
"Hey! Hey vamp!"
I turned around and shuffled over to the cell door way, using the hall lighting to see who it was. A teenage girl, around my age, sat inside the cell opposite me, propping herself up on the bars. She was taller than me and much taller than Ray was- if that were possible. She had tanned skin and sharp little features that stood out against her dark brown hair. But it was her eyes that struck me the most; they were electric blue and they glittered brightly, albiet the dim lights. She stared at me, probing me with those brilliant eyes.

"So," she whispered. "Is it true? Are you a vampire? Because I only heard so little an amount of information about you from the guards. Oh! And that was amazing! I had never seen anyone stand up to Jack like that before! Me and James laughed so much when you were brought back to your cell, Jack was trying not to cry! You got him pretty well didn't you? Oh, I'm Alexia by the way! And-"

I cut in.
"Woah, woah, woah! Calm down, Alexia! Jeez! And yeah, I am a vampire. It is true. My name's Frank Iero, glad to meet you, Alexia." I surpressed a chuckle. She laughed,
"I'm sorry." she snickered. "I'm such a chatter box!" I smiled a warm grin at her.

[/She talks far too much, my deepest apologies, Frank Iero.

I froze. That voice was in my head! Alexia saw my reaction,
"James! Cut it out, you're scaring the poor guy!" A giggle came from the back of her cell. A boy stepped into my line of vision. He was ten a least, with short, black hair and emerald green eyes. His skin was pale and he had a small nose, that upturned slightly at the tip. He sat next to Alexia.

Many apologies, Frank Iero. His voice came again into my head, I didn't mean to scare you.

That's okay...James? I replied, unsure if I could speak back in my mind. James smiled at me.
"It appears that you have more talents than you could imagine, Frankie."
Alexia looked at James,
"You mean...he answered you back? Using his thoughts?"
"Yes," James said, excited now. "he has many gifts at his fingertips, Alexia. Many gifts indeed."
"What do you mean? What talent?" I was so confused.
James just smiled,
"Have you ever done something peculiar? Something that you couldn't explain when you are angry or scared?"
"What? How am I supposed to know?" I retorted.
"Frank, think! Have you ever thought that someone should do something like ask you out, or buy you something that you have always wanted and then they do it?"
I thought and then it struck me. I remembered the times Gee wanted me to feed and I kept thinking that I didn't want to and I always went home thirsty.
"Yeah, I managed to stop other vampires feeding when I thought they went too far. I-I just thought they shouuld stop and usually they would."
James went to say something when a guard came down the hallway. We all ran back to our cots, James' whispering to me,
So much talent, Frank Iero. Do not waste it...

Gerard's POV.

I cannot believe that I'm doing this.

I stood by the door to his house.
"Mikey..." I whined,"You cannot be serious about this! He hates me now!"
"Well, I wasn't the one who stuck his head down the toilet!" Mikey snapped back. He knocked the door, "Billie?!" He shouted,"You home?.....BILLIE?!"
I heard footsteps,
"Oh whaddya know? I'm ill!" I said and turned to leave. Mikey dragged me back just as the door opened. Billie's mum stood in the doorway. "Oh, hello Mikey dear!" she smiled. "Billie's upstairs, head on straight up. You too Gerard." She trotted off into the kitchen as Mikey half dragged, half carried me upstairs as my legs suddenly decided that they couldn't walk.
"Stop being so childish, Gerard!" he scolded as he pulled me by the wrist to Billie's door. He walked in and was grabbed into a hug by a shock of black hair, eye-liner and grebo clothes.
"MIKEY WAY!" Billie laughed.
"BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!" Mikey shouted back as they high-fived. "Oh, Billie, my brother has something to say to you! GERARD!"

I slunk into the room, head down and looked at my converse sneakers. Billie bristled at the sight of me.
"What's he doin' here?!" He growled. Mikey stepped between us,
"My brother is here to apologise and has a favour to ask of you. Don't you Gerard?"
I nodded, forcing myself to make eye contact with Billie.
"I-I'm sorry, Billie. I shouldn't have put your face in the toilet last year. And I want you to know that even though I was laughing, it was in no way funny or amusing." I bit my lip, desperate to force down the smile. "I was mean and cruel. I hope we can put this behind us and start again, because I need your talents right now." I held out my hand to him. "I'm sorry Billie."

Billie looked at me, his chocolate brown eyes searching my face for any hint of a lie. To my surprise, he took my hand and shook it.
"I'm sorry too, Gerard." He pulled me into a tight hug, almost cracking my ribs and he patted my back. I gasped for air as he let me go, coughing. Mikey laughed,
"Told you he had completed the wolf stage."
Billie chuckled but it was more like a bark,
"Yep, fully werewolf now." he winked then turned to Mikey."I guess this is what you want me for?"
Mikey nodded as we all sat on Billie's bed.
" can I help?" he asked, turning his head to one side quizzingly. Me and Mikey explained how Frank was captured and if we could use him to pick up on Frankie's scent. Billie was more than happy to oblige to our plan.

It was agreed we would search for Frank tomorrow and the me and Mikey had to leave.
"See ya tomorrow, Billie!" Mikey called, waving as we walked off down the driveway. "Gerard, I honestly thought that I'd never see the day any of your enemies become your allies."

We laughed and joked all the way home and seperated to our rooms, Mikey off to text Bob and Ray no doubt. I sprawled out on my bed, smiling as I thought of Frank finally coming home.


A voice whispered in my head. I froze.

Frank's POV.

Gerard... I thought, trying to link my mind with him. I doubt he heard it but it was some type of reassurance.

I just want to go home.
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