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Party At The End of The World.

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One of the killjoys is captured, but will they get him back?

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The car slowed to a stop and the music was silenced. The group of men, all got out, their leader taking the hand of the girl. Her large chocolate brown hair, blowing gently in the evening desert wind.

The 2nd youngest, also the shortest, pushed the door open, the hinges creaking deafeningly loud in the silence of the outer zone.

He poked his head in, the room was dark, abandoned records lay scattered and broken on the floor.
"Doc?" He took a step in shattered glass crushing noisily under the sole of his boot.
A floor board creaked behind him and the door slammed shut, locking out all light from the room. His hand instinctively reached for his gun by his side. His slow shaky breathing all the only sound in the room, apart from the loud crashing of his pulse in his ears. The man slowly took the gun out and poised his finger of the trigger ready to shoot.

"Don't move." The gravely, deep voice came form in front of him, he fired, the blast lighting up the room momentarily, bringing to light, 6 Draculoids and their frightful leader Korse.

Frank went to shoot again but his mouth and nose was cover with a thick piece of cloth, that smelt really bad, his eyes began to close and his legs gave out, falling back into the arms of the BL/ind. soldier that stood behind him.


As he opened his eye, the white light was so blinding it hurt to look around, everything was blurred and stinging tears came to his eyes. Bringing up his right hand to rub it eyes, he sat up slowly, coughing the last of the knock out gas from his lungs.

A warm tickle of blood ran down from his forehead, the large gash was still bleeding. His eyes focused and he was in a small white cell, with only the electric chain around his ankle.

He found out it was an electric chain when he tried to break it off, the surge of pain that swept through his body knocked him out instantly.


The next time he opened his eyes he was in a different room, the chain had been removed and replaced by a pair of silver handcuffs, the room was walled with metal, he lifted his head from the plain metal desk he was sat at. Leaving a stain of dried blood.

The door swung open, in walked two soldiers and then followed by Korse.

"Wakey Wakey Ghoul boy." he said coldly.

"You better let me out of these, or-"

"Or what. It's not like you are going anywhere fast. No gun. No Car. No mask. No... clothes." Frank looked down and noticed his top had been removed and his trousers had been replaced with plain white draculoid ones. "What a killjoy you've made."

"Fuck off. You prick." Frank spat.

The cocking of guns behind him made him freeze. As much as he want to get out, dying wasn't on his list of things to do right now.

So first chapter is up, and I will write more later, I'm on holiday next week so i can't upload soon, hopefully will be more by next weekend. :) Luna
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