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Gerard and Mikey go out to drink a coffee with unexpected consequences.

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Authors note: This is the first fanfic i've ever written, so please don't be disappointed if it's not that good xD And english is not my mother tongue and i apologize for all the mistakes. Thanks for reading anyways!

Gerard’s P.O.V
„Wake up!“, Mikey yelled.

I opened one eye but the bright light hurt, so I closed it again.

“Come on, Gee!”

I sat up and opened my eyes again. Mikey was standing in front of me. He wore his skinny black jeans, a neon green shirt and classical converse.

“You promised me we’d go to the new Starbucks today”, he said.

“It’s 10 am”, I protested.

“I don’t care. If we don’t go now it will be too crowded to get a seat. Please, you promised me!” He looked at me with his puppy eyes and I couldn’t resist.

“Fine!” I said. “But you’ll pay for the coffee.”

“Thanks Gee.” He hugged me and rushed out of the room. Then he stuck his head in again. “And please hurry the fuck up!”

I murmured curse words sleepily and got out of bed. I went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. My black, long hair was a mess and I had dark rings under my eyes. I had a headache and swallowed some pills to ease the pain. I guess I shouldn’t have got drunk last night. I put on some black eyeliner and went into my room again. I picked some black jeans and a Misfits shirt from the floor and sniffed at them. I decided they still smelled clean enough and got dressed.

“Gerard, come on!”

I went downstairs and Mikey bumped into me.

“I just wanted to come and get you”, he said and took my hand. “Now come on!”

He dragged me out of the house and I just followed him till I saw the huge Starbucks sign in front of us. We both started running and I suddenly thought I could smell the coffee. It smelled delicious. When we reached the doors we both panted for air. I opened the door and my mind got flooded by the aroma of the tastiest coffee in this whole fucking world. I stepped in and I suddenly realized how much I needed the coffee right now. I was fucking exhausted and I had a hangover.

“Mikey, you were right! We’re almost the only ones here. Now let’s buy some fucking coffee before I collapse!” I said and went to the counter.

“One big cappuccino and one hot chocolate please”, Mikey ordered.

“You came here to drink a hot chocolate?! What the fuck?”

Mikey giggled. “Gee, I’m not such a caffeine addict. I already drank coffee at home.”

“But this is the coffee paradise!” I replied and got strange looks from some people.

“Then enjoy it!” The waitress handed me my coffee and Mikey his hot chocolate.

“There’s this comic book store on the other side of the street. Let’s go there”, I said and took a sip. It tasted heavenly. “Seriously this is the best fucking coffee I’ve ever drank!”

We giggled and went outside. I took another sip and walked onto the street.

“Gee! Stop!”

I heard loud car noises and turned around to see what it was when someone grabbed me by the waist and I fell onto the ground. The last thing I remember was a beautiful, angel-like face. Then I fainted.
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