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The Awakening

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Gee wakes up in the hospital.

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Frankie’s P.O.V
I sat there and stared at this boy. This beautiful, sleeping boy. His pointy, little nose and his soft lips gave him a hint of femininity. His messy, black hair framed his face perfectly. He was asleep and his eyelashes twitched lightly like he was having a nightmare and wanted to wake up but couldn’t. I knew how that felt… Suddenly I noticed I stroked his hair and pulled my hand back immediately. What the fuck was going on?! I was behaving like I was in love with this boy. But I didn’t even know him! Hell, I wasn’t even gay! I forced my mind to think of something else and took a seat at the other side of the room. His brother Mikey had been really upset when we were taken to hospital and he didn’t stop crying till I intermixed some sleeping pills into his coffee and he fell asleep. He really cared about his brother and he was fucking afraid Gerard wouldn’t wake up again. Gerard Way. That was the boy’s name.
Suddenly Gerard groaned and slowly opened his eyes. I jumped up from my seat and went to one side of the bed he was laying in.

“What… what happened? Where am I?” he asked.

His voice sounded so beautiful it gave me chills.

“You’re awake! Hell yeah!” He looked at me confused and I giggled.

“Oh sorry. I’m Frankie. You’re in hospital ‘cause you got hit by a car. I tried to push you aside but I kinda failed."

“You didn’t get hurt?”

“Apart from a broken arm and some scratches I’m fine” I said and waved aside.

“Thanks for saving me” he said and took my hand.

When his fingers touched mine I had butterflies in my stomach.

“I didn’t really save you…”

“You did. I’m sure it would have been worse if you hadn’t jumped in between the car and me.”

I blushed lightly and couldn’t stop myself from kissing his forehead. I was surprised when he didn’t shy away. I wanted to say something but I was speechless. The door flew open and a sigh of relief escaped my lips when Mikey broke the awkward silence.

“Gee!” he yelled and tackle hugged Gerard.

“Hey little brother” Gerard said and groaned. A little smile appeared on his face and I could feel my heart beating faster.

“Are you okay?” Mikey asked.

“My leg hurts, I feel dizzy and you’re breaking my ribs but apart from that I’m great” he said and chuckled.

“Actually your ribs are already broken”, Mikey joked but then he looked unhappily at his brother. He kissed Gerard’s cheek and hugged him again.

“I was so scared!” he whispered and one tear ran down his cheek.

“N’aww. Don’t cry, Mikes.” Gerard wiped away the tear and stroked Mikey’s hair. “I’m fine you don’t have to worry, okay?”


“Err, should I leave you two alone?” I asked feeling awkward.

“I’d be very thankful if you could get me some coffee”, Gerard said and smiled at me.

“Oh okay”, I said and blushed.

I rushed out of the room and tried to calm down. Was it possible that I fell in love with this guy? Shit, I couldn’t. I wasn’t a homophobe or something I just had lost someone I loved a short time ago and I couldn’t start loving someone again. Not yet, it was too early. And there was this other thing that had happened too… Suddenly I felt sick and the room began spinning. I needed to sit down before I collapsed but I rushed into the restroom and puked. I felt dizzy and lay on the floor when I had finished and then I tried to block out the past. All the bad things that had happened. But I failed. My stomach convulsed and I closed my eyes. I just wanted to stop this pain. Forever. I pulled up my sleeve and exposed lots and lots of bruises on my upper arm. I searched a patch that was still unhurt and bit till it bled. A wave of sweet relief and satisfaction washed over me and I fell down onto the ground again. Hot tears ran down my cheeks.

“Frankie? Are you here?” I heard Mikey’s voice from outside the toilet cubicle.

“Shit”, I muttered.

Mikey’s P.O.V
I entered the restroom when Frankie left the toilet cubicle. He seemed sick and when he gazed at me I could feel he was upset.

“Are you okay?” I asked worriedly.

“Yeah sure”, he replied and smiled. A fake smile.

“Okay... Gerard’s asleep now and I thought maybe we could go somewhere and grab some food.”

“But… if Gerard wakes up and we aren’t there…” he said and looked worried.

“It’s okay. The doctors said he won’t wake up till tomorrow morning.”

“But maybe…”

“Come on. We won’t be away for long.”

It was weird that Frank cared about Gee so much though he had only just met him. But I knew how he felt. I was fucking scared though I knew Gerard would be okay again. But he had always been the one who was there for me and he had always been the one who understood me when no-one else could. He had always been the strong one of us two and my heart ached when I saw him like that. Helpless, weak. I just couldn’t lose him.

“Let’s go.”

Gerard P.O.V
I woke up and the pain returned immediately. I turned sideways and threw up. Shit, I felt so fucking sick I could barely move. I hoped to see Mikey or Frank standing next to me but I was alone in the room. Frank, this small cute boy who had saved my life. He was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen and I hoped he wasn’t just here because he felt guilty. It was a pity we had met under these circumstances but I wanted to get to know him better when I could go home. Suddenly the pain got worse and I screamed for help. I just wanted something to ease the pain. The doctors and nurses came running and I heard their voices but they were far away. I think they talked to me but I couldn’t understand a single word they said. It seemed like they spoke a different language. Well, i guess my talk with Frank still had to wait for a little while.
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